Film Session: Steals into scores

  • 11/28/2012 3:25 pm in

Indiana recorded a season-high nine steals against Ball State in its 101-53 win on Sunday evening.

A look at three steals the Hoosiers quickly turned into scores — a large point of emphasis for a defense now ranked No. 6 in adjusted defensive efficiency according to KenPom — in the latest edition of Film Session.

I. Jauwan Scaife is guarded by Maurice Creek up top:

Majok Majok comes to set a ball screen for Scaife as Zeller hedges:

As Scaife looks to split the defenders, Zeller gets a hand in and pops the ball loose:

Christian Watford snatches it up, looks ahead and passes up to Zeller:

Zeller is off to the races. Notice Victor Oladipo and Creek also ahead of the Ball State defense:

Zeller dunks it home, his deflection rewarded:


II. This one starts all Sheeladipo. Will Sheehey fronts Chris Bond down in the post:

Bond comes up to set a balls screen for Scaife and Victor Oladipo and Sheehey switch:

Scaife drives on Sheehey and is met by Oladipo:

Sheehey then gets a hand in and steals the ball as Scaife tries passing to a seemingly open Bond:

Sheehey brings the ball down the court as Ball State is actually able to recover back on defense:

Sheehey swings the ball to Jordan Hulls, who swings to Christian Watford. Watford draws the defense to the free throw line, which frees Hulls:

He hits the 3-pointer:


III. Majok sets a screen for Scaife on the left wing:

Bond throws a bit of a lazy pass:

Which Oladipo gets a hand on and deflects:

He eventually corrals the ball and gets fouled going up for a lay-up:

He made both free throws.


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