Film Session: Georgetown’s final minute

  • 11/27/2012 4:17 pm in

After two Cody Zeller free throws, the Hoosiers found themselves up seven (63-56) with 1:18 to go in regulation in their 72-62 overtime win against Georgetown last week.

From there, the Hoosiers went man-to-man against the Hoyas. Georgetown went on to score on three straight possessions to tie the game and force overtime.

A look at those three possessions in the latest edition of Film Session:

I. Otto Porter initiates the action towards the right wing:

Porter hands the ball off to Markel Starks:

Porter also sets a screen on Yogi Ferrell, which frees Starks:

Ferrell tumbles as he tries to fight through and get a hand up. Will Sheehey doesn’t switch. It’s a 3-ball for Starks:


II. Nate Lubick takes the ball to the right wing with Christian Watford guarding him:

In a nearly identical set, Lubick hands the ball off to Porter as he sets a screen on Victor Oladipo:

Watford is at least able to get a hand up, but he didn’t step up right into Porter, and it’s another 3-pointer to bring Georgetown to within a point:

On the call, Dick Vitale  said this of the defense: “You got to get over the top on that baby.  You’ve got to get over the top. Or if you’re going to switch, you’ve got to step out, man, and switch aggressively.”


III. On Georgetown’s last play of regulation, we see more action off the right wing. Starks passes the ball to Porter:

Instead of a look for a 3-pointer, though, Porter stays out top. Ferrell and Victor Oladipo are on top of each other:

Ferrell opts to switch onto Porter, and he begins to drive on the smaller player:

Ferrell does stay in front of Porter, but he uses his size and strength to muscle the ball in and tie the game:


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  • JerryCT

    For 3 years I have “ranted” about attacking the screen. I have said that players need to anticipate it then attack either the ball handler to move him away from the screen or get over the top BEFORE the screen is set ( ie feet still moving ).

    Congratulations Ryan. You found the rare time Yogi has failed to get over the top to feature here. If all our players consistently got over the top as Yogi does we would be terrific on D. Isolate on Yogi sometime during a game and watch his attack of the screen ………… it is one of his great strengths

  • Yogi actually did pretty well recovering through the screen, but the screener took another step as he was breaking through, and knocked him off balance.

    I’m a homer and I say…Moving screen. No bucket. Indiana wins in regulation.”

  • JohnFromBeyond

    I was thinking the same thing, the screener grabbed him. Oh well, those little fouls often get missed, gotta just be tougher. Good lesson.

  • wesmont

    I watched the replay of the gtown game.It looked like they were running plays where the man with the ball passed to the cutter and then he,the passer picked the other guys man.I saw this play 3 times and when they did it they had their forearms up like a blocker,and moved during the pick.It looked completely illegal.anybody else see this?