Film Session: The Yogi Effect

  • 11/12/2012 12:46 pm in

Freshman point guard Yogi Ferrell racked up seven assists in his Hoosier debut — a blowout victory over the Bryant Bulldogs.

Here’s a deeper look at three such assists in the latest edition of Film Session:


Off a Ben Francis missed three, FerrellĀ corralsĀ the rebound. Cody Zeller, who got a hand up on Francis in the corner, is off to the races:

Ferrell takes but one dribble … :

Before he throw a long pass to Zeller:

He catches in stride:

And puts it in for two points:

Nothing complicated here. It’s just a combination of a big man who relentlessly runs the floor and a point guard adept at finding his teammates.



Victor Oladipo passes out of the right block to Ferrell:

Oladipo shows a ball screen on Frankie Dobbs. Ferrell fakes right, gets Dobbs leaning, and takes the advantage left:

From there, Vlad Kondratyev comes to stop the ball, and Ferrell throws a slick one-handed pass to Zeller:

Who dunks it home:

Here it’s as easy as Yogi drawing attention in the lane and finding the open man for a high-percentage look near the rim.



Ferrell throws an entry pass to Zeller:

Zeller dribbles out of the post and hands it back to Ferrell:

Zeller puts a bit of a brush screen on Dyami Starks, which allows Ferrell to make a line for the hoop :

With two defenders on Ferrell, Will Sheehey finds himself open. Ferrell delivers him a pass:


Again: Yogi draw the D on the strong side and dumps it off for a dunk to a teammate on the weak side. The action is just initiated off the opposite wing here.


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