• DannerPerea

    Turned away at the door just after 5pm:( Place was packed!!

  • Hoosier4life67

    the audio on full acces was just horrible. Couldn’t hear alot of what was going on. Was disappointed in not being able to hear alot of what was happening. Hoping it will be better when i rewatch it later in the archives.

  • chumhoosier

    What is wrong with Sheehey? Why didn’t he participate? And im guessing hanner had a setback?

  • Does anyone know if video shown at Hoosier Hysteria will be shown elsewhere?

  • He tweaked his ankle and Perea was ill.

  • Geoff_85

    Good God it was bad. The video was choppy at times too. You would think that BTN would have made sure there were no hiccups this time after screwing IU fans last year, but no. They continue to disappoint.