Yahoo’s Pat Forde on Indiana’s opening practice

  • 10/14/2012 8:25 pm in

Yahoo! Sports: Hoosiers aim for first national title since ’87

At another point during a full-court four-on-three drill, when the Hoosiers were hitting shot after shot, Crean blew the whistle and sought outside input.

“Darrin,” Crean yelled to Darrin Horn, his former Marquette assistant and the former head coach at South Carolina and Western Kentucky. “What’s missing from the defense?”

“Talk,” Horn responded quickly.

“That and?” Crean asked.


“Hands! The hands are down! The offense is good, but it’s not that good!”

When the practice was over, Crean sent the entire team into the Assembly Hall stands to say hello to family, introduce themselves to strangers and thank everyone for coming. It was humorous to hear No. 40 extend a hand and say, “I’m Cody Zeller.” As if anyone in the gym didn’t know.

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