Notebook: 2012 Hall of Fame class, Hysteria visitors, more

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IU Athletics announced seven inductees for the 2012 Hall of Fame class on Monday, highlighted by former basketball standout Landon Turner and football star Antwaan Randle El.

Turner, who played three seasons at IU from 1979-1981 and was a starter on the 1981 championship team, averaged 7.5 points and 3.8 rebounds while shooting 53.3% for his career.

Joining Turner and Randle El on Nov. 2 as inductees will be Michelle Venturella (Softball, 1991-95), Dave Martin (Varsity Club Director, football 1959-61), Leanne Grotke (Coordinator of Women’s Athletics, 1972-79), Bobby Robertson (football, 1949-52, baseball, 1954) and Lary Schulhof (swimming, 1962-64).

“These individuals embody the spirit for which administrators, coaches and student-athletes are best known at Indiana University.  IU Athletics has long been a benchmark of excellence — both in the classroom and in competition—and these Hoosier greats certainly are responsible for helping establish that,” IU Athletics Director Fred Glass said in a release. “We have great strengths and traditions because of their efforts, and it is with much gratitude that we recognize them for their service to IU.”

Hysteria visitor list beginning to take shape

The decision to shift Hoosier Hysteria to Saturday, Oct. 20 should only benefit IU in terms of recruits in attendance and thus far, the early list of visitors is impressive.

Each of the 2013 commitments are expected to attend, as is 2013 DeMatha, Maryland big man BeeJay Anya. 2014 Park Tudor wing Trevon Bluiett and 2015 Ft. Wayne Carroll guard Chandler White are also expected to be in attendance.

Staff active in fall recruiting period

The fall recruiting period which began on Sept. 9 has led to a flurry of activity from the IU staff, including an in-home visit and also several visits to open gyms and workouts across the country.

Here’s a list (although surely not a complete one) of some of the prospects Indiana has visited or watched in the nine days since the period began:

· 2013: Collin Hartman, Luke Fischer, Troy Williams
· 2014: Ahmed Hill, Dwayne Morgan, James Blackmon Jr., Noah Vonleh, Phil Booth
· 2015: Hyron Edwards, Jalen Coleman
· 2016: Eron Gordon

Indiana is expected to see Trevon Bluiett on Wednesday. In-home visits with Kennedy Meeks and BeeJay Anya are also scheduled to take place soon.

Creek showing progress?

Tom Crean tweeted two pictures of guard Maurice Creek on Monday which showed the redshirt junior shooing around in Cook Hall.

One of Crean’s tweets said “It is GREAT to have this guy back.”

At his speech at the IU Auditorium earlier this month, Crean said he’s been bringing Creek along slowly because he doesn’t want to see him go through another major injury.

“I’ve been so excited watching him the last couple weeks because he’s getting better. He’s not where he was and his body may never get to that,” Crean told the crowd at the IU Auditorium. “He’s gotta get a lot stronger. His legs are not where they need to be. He’s gonna have some moments that aren’t going to be so good, and I’m going to have to live with it.”

BTN no longer available on DISH Network

After failing to reach an agreement on Friday, DISH Network decided to drop BTN as of Saturday, Sept. 15. Here’s a statement from the Big Ten Network that was released over the weekend:

Despite Big Ten Network’s efforts to finalize an agreement, we are disappointed to tell you that Dish Network has decided to drop the Big Ten Network. As you know, BTN has been working around the clock for weeks to try and reach a deal with Dish. They are now unwilling to sign a contract.

Dish customers will miss the rest of the football season on BTN and over 400 Big Ten sporting events. Not only are you missing eight Big Ten games today, but several dozen more this season and over a hundred men’s basketball games. It is unfortunate that Dish does not value BTN in the same way that so many of their customers do, including Big Ten students, parents, alumni and fans across the country. Furthermore, DISH customers will continue to pay Dish for a channel they no longer receive.

If Dish won’t give you the games you want, others will. To find another BTN provider, go to or call 1-855-WANT-B10 (1-855-926-8210) for more information. Stay up to date on the latest developments on BTN’s Facebook page and on Twitter. Thank you for your support.

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  • I like Creek’s courage reminds me of the situation they had with Myers from the 87 Squad.

  • What would be the situation with Creek? Would he redshirt? Does bringing him along slowly mean playing time this year? How far along is he in school?

  • SCHoosier

    Hoping for the best for Mo..but his legs look like toothpicks in those pics…I believe TC when he says he likely won’t get back to where he was. If he can catch a few minutes in relief of somebody..great..but expecting more would be a miracle…(though I’d sure like to see it) He is/was a great shooter..but the shot begins with the’s just hope for the best. Kid deserves it for sure.

  • marcusgresham

    He used his redshirt last season

  • marcusgresham

    Landon Turner would have been a star in the NBA. Had a chance to meet him at a Pacers game when I was in high school and he was a funny guy.
    If I remember correctly, Antwaan Randle El played 3 sports at IU (and it almost seems like he may have made an appearance on the track team a few times.) NOBODY does that stuff any more!
    Glad I have DirecTV! Hey, if you wanna switch to it give them my name and account # and we’ll both get a discount on our bill. lol

  • INUnivHoosier

    BeeJay Anya happens to be a name that is perfect for chanting. I expect it will be heard at Hoosier Hysteria. Then I expect him to sign on the dotted line.

  • jqwest

    Anyone going to HH this year please don’t let people make the same mistake as last year. People kept chanting Gary Harris the whole time, but never showed love to the guys who had already pledged their love to us. Please Please Please don’t waste the whole night chanting for BeeJay Anya.
    I want him to be a Hoosier, but I am extremely happy for the players we already have.

  • HoosierDadE

    Ha you beat me to it Marcus…but I will also take one for the team and provide my account # so there can be discounts for all!

  • Daburns0

    BTN is a bunch of scum bags. They have increased the rate they are charging DISH and are using the popularity of football season as leverage. I called DISH and complained to them, but couldn’t contact the BTN, the phone number they have is just a recording telling you to switch providers. The BIG Ten conference needs to get a handle on this. If you switch to ATT or Comcast, you may be in the same situation in a couple months. We need to start complaining to the IU athletic department and they can deal with the back lash as well.
    Thanks for listening 🙂

  • HoosierTrav

    I wouldn’t expect Trey to sign/commit until late in 2014. He will relish this limelight till he can no more.

  • HoosierTrav

    I see him being our replacement for Roth. Sad considering the potential this kid had.

  • HoosierTrav

    Wish i could remember that team! I was only 1 year old though. haha. sorry if that stings some.

  • SCHoosier

    Program producers have a right to charge a FAIR price for their product which for years Cable took for freewith no compensation to the content people…then charged you. Those content providers now have the right to negotiate. I have personal experience with the DISH management..and anything more I say would be I’ll shut up.

  • SCHoosier

    Yep..the fans really need to show anya…Robinson and others there they love they’ll feel at IU

  • napleshoosier

    Anybody heard anything on Blackmon Jr. coming to HH?

  • Bobby

    DISH Network is a crooked organization, they’ve been trying to steal $500 from me for over 4 years now. I constantly defeat their collections goons through my credit protection agency, but they keep trying. I hope they lose a ton of subscribers and go under.

  • Daburns0

    My point is BTN needs to sell more advertising. Direct TV gave me way more problems than DISH has. They were always saying they were going to fix things and then when I would call back, they acted like I never called. I think all these satellite companies and cable companies are crooked, but it doesn’t give BTN the right to extort its fans.

  • N71

    Wouldn’t it be apropos for us to celebrate James Blackman Jr. at HH who has committed and stayed committed? Make the guy that says he’s coming to IU feel like a rockstar and make the others on the fence want to commit in order to feel the love. Just a thought.

  • Dee McDonald

    Will HH be aired on BTN or what is the viewing plan. My wife is dragging me to a ND Football game that day and I want to get home and watch it if possible. Any info would be appreciated!

  • HAHA why would I do that? I WANT MEEKS!

  • Oldguyy

    Content providers should sell their content over the Internet directly to consumers, and eliminate the cable and satellite middlemen.

  • Andrew

    Myers? Do you mean Todd Meier?

  • DarkSouth

    If this were happening across multiple platforms that’d be one thing. BTN was setting a price they thought was appropriate, and would help member schools. DISH couldn’t make that price work in their business model. Either or both parties may or may not be scum bags but this was just two companies who disagreed on what BTN is worth.

    I do agree with Oldguyy below in that at some point there will be options for direct subscription to content providers. Some media companies are making steps but thought it’d be further along by now. I think some mass market options that handle some of the techinical aspects of image creation will really help. Regardless, at some point the revenue from satelite/cable will be less than revenue from direct subscriptions and these deals will go away.

    Long term the content providers will always win. The distributors are merely middle men, they don’t exist without the content to sell. Blogs like this are the perfect example.

  • Daburns0

    I understand that, the problem is, as you state, there is no place to access these games/channels outside of the providers. I am aggitated with the BTN because they aren’t just using AMC or Fox Business to do this, these are games we used to have mostly free access to. Now with a flip of a switch fans can’t watch a majority of their schools games. It would be different if this was available with a web subscription too, but its not.

  • DarkSouth

    I understand what you mean, if I were in your situation I’d be mad as hell as well. I’m just amazed that something like this is still an issue.

  • I would not expect Lyles or Lyle to attend, no.

  • dtfreed

    Dish has a reputation for this to sign people up with a schedule of channels and then drop several and THEY never give in, nor compromise in negotiations. Two words NO CONTRACT with other providers

  • dtfreed

    How ’bout Pat Graham

  • dtfreed

    stick around Jr. you might learn something lol

  • Pritch24

    ESPN always has a special where they go around to all the Midnight Madnesses (plural for madness?). Us being the preseason number, I feel like we will at least be in there a couple times. However, I’m not sure how that will work in that ours is on Saturday and most are that Friday.

  • Remy Willing and Abell

    Good job , that REALLY needed to be posted .

  • Only reason i signed up for dish is to watch Chi Cubs on comcast sports net Chicago. Ive Watched IU games for 25 yrs and now i cant. Im getting ticked off,while dish says there still working on it. And to get out of contract i have to pay 260$. Only thing they did is give me the sports package for 6 months free, and 30$ off for AMC bc i had to buy all the Breaking bad episodes. But Still no IU and thats the only thing that matters.

  • Kelin Blab

    I think the issue was fall break again. The first official practice is the week prior I believe. HH vs ND game….HH all day. Sell the ND tickets

  • b_side

    Some do. It’s called Hulu + and Netflix (bought the rights to Arrested Development).

    Problem is, who wants to watch IU on a tiny little monitor?
    I want surround sound, an HD quality picture and the ability to DVR, pause, rewind, etc.

    Not enough people own a Smart TV either.

  • marcusgresham

    Not everyone has a good enough internet connection to be able to use that. Don’t go screwing up my DirecTV!

  • InTheMtns

    Most actually will be on Friday, Oct 12 – a week and a day before ours. IU is on break that weekend when practice officially can begin.

  • “Internet directly”, I like that idea. I hope it’s not restricted internationally. I’m in Australia, and ESPN Australia chose to show the thugfest game between Cincinnati and Xavier over UK- IU. Monitoring the game on game tracker was painfull.

  • Oldguyy

    HDMI cables are very easy to use. And direct sales would not preclude sales through middlemen for those who perceive value in their middlemen.

  • Dee McDonald

    Gotcha, thanks. If anyone hear anything about where it can be watched, even if that’s online, I would be eternally grateful! I kinda just want to see Hanner in the dunk contest and let the craziness continue from there! ha

  • esapata

    Maybe I’m biased because over the 10+ years my family had Dish, we saw varying degrees of drama between them and several of the Viacom networks such as MTV, Nickelodeon and VH1, and most recently with AMC. I’m used to Dish being stubborn in negotiations with networks, and I appreciate it keeping prices down for the consumers, but its hard to keep paying for a service when you’re not getting the channels you want. We recently switched to AT&T Uverse due to losing some channels recently. We got a better monthly price for more HD channels and no loss of signal during a storm. Some of their practices need to evolve if they plan on keeping up and not simply being relegated to a niche service.

  • InTheMtns

    I hope it’s on btn(dot)com this year too. Their published schedule right now only goes through Oct 6 so too soon to tell, but here’s hoping.

  • Remy Willing and Abell

    Gee , Thanks for the help ????????


    no one wants to give their plans to boost their chances of getting in. hope you can make it, I am in a wedding that weekend otherwise I would love to go.

  • Don’t think you’ll have a problem getting a seat if you are there a hour before the doors open. It hasn’t been completely full the past few years. This year could be different, but I would think you’ll get some sort of seat if you’re there a hour before the doors open.

  • jqwest

    That’s who my pick would be as well.

  • My flight arrives in Indy around noon and I’ll drive straight from the airport to Assembly Hall. I have no problem waiting in line to chat with fellow Hoosier fans for ~6 hours.

    Last year, I showed up about two hours early and was the ~400th person in line; the year before, I arrived about one hour early and was something like the 150th person. This year, I almost hope there are at least 50-100 people already waiting when I get there six hours early.