With in-home visits underway, Meeks enjoying the process

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The grind of the recruiting process can be burdensome, but for Kennedy Meeks, a class of 2013 center from Charlotte, North Carolina, the opposite is true.

At 6-foot-9 and 297 pounds with soft hands and a reputation for being one of the nation’s best passing big men, Meeks is highly coveted.¬†And it’s a position he’s having fun with as his final year of high school begins.

“I enjoy it. Some people don’t, but I do,” Meeks told Inside the Hall. “It just feels good to know that a school is really after you and really sees something in you and just really has a lot of interest. And it’s kind of cool that they give you a full ride. I like it.”

While he hasn’t trimmed his list of schools officially, Meeks is hosting five schools on in-home visits. Georgetown got the first crack on Sunday as the NCAA’s recruiting period got underway. North Carolina State will be in to visit with Meeks and his family today.

North Carolina, Kentucky and Indiana will follow next week. A sixth school, Ohio State, isn’t making an in-home visit, but ESPN.com’s No. 17 player nationally said the Buckeyes are recruiting him hard.

As for what he’s looking to get out of the visits, Meeks, who hopes to major in communications or sports broadcasting, said getting a better feel for each of the schools is important.

“I’m basically just looking for the right fit for me,” he said. “Not a school that just tells me what I want to hear, but one that tells me the truth about where I would stand in their program and how they feel I can help them as a player. Also, the education part of it, graduation rates and if I were to go to the NBA before graduation, if my grades would come back (later).”

Indiana began recruiting Meeks over the summer and tracked him at the Nike Global Challenge and the EYBL Finals at the Nike Peach Jam, where he averaged 12.0 points, 8.5 rebounds, 2.7 assists and 1.2 blocks in 26.7 minutes per game.

At the Peach Jam, Meeks said that Indiana was a school he hoped to see and he acknowledged Sunday that a visit could happen.

“It’s still a possibility,” he said of a visit to Bloomington. “I just think I have to take my time and on their home visit, I’m just really going to hone in on what they’re about and see if that’s a school that I really want to visit.”

Meeks, who said he was using water aerobics to lose weight over the summer, said conditioning and fitness is still a priority for him before he arrives at the next level.

“I’m just trying to work on conditioning and trying to get my body in even better shape,” Meeks said. “I feel like I can help a college win a championship by playing together, being the best I can be, making my surroundings even better and just keep working hard.”

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  • inLinE6

    I have a feel that we’re not on his top3 list. After a long and hectic summer, I’m back to where I was before all these – I’m just hoping Beejay Anya give the pledge soon.

  • HoosierRyno

    It’s too early (IMO) to gauge what school he is leaning towards, but it looks like his philosophy on what is important does fit Indiana well. He mentioned that the NBA is a possibility but it isn’t the only thing he is focused on. Also seems to have a good work ethic.

  • marcusgresham

    The passing, the pleasant, carefree attitude, & the intelligence give me the impression that this kid is kind of a Kevin Love-type player. You could do a lot worse than Kevin Love.

  • Now that is a list of schools interested in you that every player wants to have. Indiana will always be the #1 though.


    I believe if it were to come down to Meeks or Anya I would take Meeks and that is a change from where I was not too long ago. Pretty sure I’d will be happy with either one so I guess when Coach calls me to ask which one he should take I’ll just tell him I’m gonna let him decide which one this time.

    I’m kinda like marcusgresham in that I kinda get a Kevin Love type vibe from Meeks, in that he would be able to play the 4 spot easier than Anya if we had a better option at the 5.

  • IUeconAlum

    Somebody has got to replace Cody.

  • cdog

    If the #1 team in the country can’t land a replacement for Cody (Meeks, Lee, or Anya), then we have serious problems. Jurkin is the only true center on the team after Cody goes to the NBA. Jurkin at the least is a big question mark and at best may improve over time. I know it will be difficult to replace Cody with anyone, but you need to reload equal tallent if you are going to be an annual contender for B10 titles. I would prefer either Meeks or Anya just because they are space eaters. Lee is thinner and reminds be more of Hanner than Cody.

  • marcusgresham

    I think the replacement for Cody is going to be Luke Fischer. That’s not a knock on Meeks at all, I just think he’s going to play a totally different role.

  • looks good in blue. #winwhenitmatters

  • Are you serious? Are you bragging about IU being #1 in the country before the first game has been played? Do you think being ranked #1 pre season by a couple of people makes you a dynasty again? You IU people are one zany fan base.. You made it to the sweet 16 last year and had a winning season for the first time in 3 years and now you think people are going to be knocking down your door.. Funny stuff.. I mean, the IU position has improved, but for crying out loud..

  • DannerPerea

    Thanks for your unsupported generalization. You must be one of those cerebrally vapid fans of the Blue nation south of here. Go home. Stay there and wait for the investigators. Hey, if Duke is being scrutinized for a player’s actions, Calipanty has to be sweating bullets.

  • Arch_Puddington

    Any post that has the word “vapid” is a winner, and if it is directed at a Kentucky fan, so much the better.

  • nobody looks good in blue! Blue is the worst color in the entire spectrum