Video: Matt Roth discusses his future

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Here are some of Roth’s comments:

On not having a scholarship available:

“Things went really well at Indiana and we had a great class come in of freshmen and they were probably banking on a few people to leave early or transfer and it just didn’t happen. It’s a unique situation and it just happens to be one that I’ve fallen in.”

On potentially playing for another school for one season:

“I know there’s a lot of opportunities out there, but it’s hard to leave what we built at IU and go play anywhere else. I don’t think it’s necessarily something that I would want to do. I want to always be a Hoosier.”

On turning around the program:

“It took us a few more years than we would have liked, but being able to get back to an NCAA Tournament and make a run to the Sweet 16 and play one of our better games, just we played it on Kentucky’s best night. It’s a great feeling, even if it is time to move on, to know that we brought Indiana back.”

On how good Indiana could be in 2012-2013:

“The sky’s the limit. I was down there working camp and obviously know all of the guys, know all of the recruits and saw how hard they’re working in the offseason. The sky’s the limit. I’m excited to either be a part of it or watch first hand and see how far they take things. Hopefully they get a couple rings out of it.”

On whether there is a drop dead date for determining his plans for the fall:

“It’s getting to that point in time where I’ve gotta start making sure that I’m prepared for whatever is next. If that means looking in and interviewing for jobs, that’s something I’m going to have to do and know in the back of my mind that if I get that phone call that says ‘hey, we’ve got an opportunity for you to play again,’ it’d be pretty hard to ever pass that up.”

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  • DannerPerea

    Is there any rule about athletes writing a book and getting publishing advances against future sales?

  • FanoftheProgram

    In no way am I disrespecting Matt Roth with this comment, the kid is a class act. BUT, as much as I, and many of you would like to see him return for his sake, Matt Roth-like players are going to be expendable in this elite IU program, starting in 012-13 and in the future. Matt had his role, served his purpose, and was fundamental in rebuilding us to this point. Moving on though, if Roth was leaving HS in 2013, he would not be recruited by CTC.
    Roth was a perfect blue collar guy to help rebuild, but Roth is not talented enough to play significant minutes in 2012-13, and any minutes he takes from the players of our future, he stands in the way of progress.
    Think about it, if Yogi plays a major role, and Remy can be the back up PG, then Jordy becomes the stealth assassin from 3. Where does Roth play? When? Why? Etherington, Creek, Holowell, etc. should get Roth’s 5 minutes.
    Zeller, Watford, Yogi, Vic, Willy Will, Hanner, Elston, Holowell, Jordy, Creek, Remy…where does Roth fit in? ANSWER: He doesn’t…and that’s too bad, because I love his heart and integrity.

  • dtfreed

    maybe Matt heard what he wanted to hear, it happens.

  • MisterSlippery

    I expect our players to have absolute loyalty to IU and I expect our coaches to have absolute loyalty to our players. I don’t want to hear the “we don’t owe him anything” garbage anymore. Everyone knows he was on scholarship – it takes a fool to keep repeating what he got over and over. I don’t care about who owes who. It’s not about that. This is a sad ending with a great Hoosier twisting in the wind. Figure it out and finalize it. This isn’t the kind of crap way for a truly loyal Hoosier’s career to end.

  • marcusgresham

    I seriously doubt that would be within NCAA rules. Not sure exactly what the infraction would be, but it seems like it would be something that could pretty easily become sketchy. I could see a lot of internships at horse farms if this became doable.

  • dtfreed

    really, internships are open season for, no rules at all. . .

  • Let’s not forget, Roth was a Sampson recruit. His commitment to Indiana basketball goes above and beyond what most recruits ever exhibit. I’d love to see him back with the program in some capacity. He’s been through a lot as a college athlete, from a coaching change prior to arriving to injuries and reduced playing time. One of the best shooters I’ve seen. It’s been great having him, and I’m sure if it’s possible, he’ll be a part of the program again in some way.