• Anyone know if there’s anyway to listen to the game online anywhere?  I have Sirius, but the online player doesn’t include the play by play.  

  • Shane

    You can watch it on your smartphone with the btn2go app

  • Iumatt10

    anyone know where to WATCH it online? espn3 streaming it?

  • Iumatt10

    no cell reception in my office….needs to be a website…any suggestions?

  • deedubbadoo
  • Wilmont’s Kissy Face

    CTC chocking up big time in the post game interview…

  • Bryan

    Poor Verdell. If Coach Crean’s demeanor postgame is any indication, his season is over.  Not a fair shake for a kid that helped this program rise from the ashes.

  • millzy32

    Sad to hear about Verdell.  People are speculating ACL?  Does anyone know for sure?  Just when he was starting to feel out his role and become a solid contributor he gets this bad luck.  Hopefully it’s not as serious as some think.  GL Verdell.

  • DannerPerea

    To Verdell Jones: THANK YOU for what I can only imagine was the most challenging four years of your athletic career thus far. We would not be celebrating the return of IU Bball if you hadn’t put forth the relentless effort outside of each season. Thanks also for being a role model that fathers want their kids to admire – rather than the gifted athletes who show up on police blotters and talk about their “gangsta” teammates. I wish I could give you my knees so you could play in the NCAA tournament that you deserve.