Film Session: Watford and Hulls get back into the action

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In Indiana’s 69-50 win against the Golden Gophers on Sunday afternoon, both Christian Watford and Jordan Hulls arose from their offensive slumber to lead the Hoosiers in scoring with 12 a piece.

A look at two of Watford’s buckets and three of Hulls’ in the latest edition of Film Session.



Watford has the ball out near the timeline:

Pritchard sets a high ball screen for him:

Which gives Watford enough room to get off a midrange jumper:

As you’ll hear on the audio of the video, Tom Crean and his staff have been working with Watford on his mechanics and form, part of which was on display on his first bucket of the game here.



After a Minnesota bucket, Verdell Jones pushes the ball up the court:

Watford is trailing and open so he passes to him:

Watford has enough room to step into this shot and exhibit some good follow through, as Dan Dakich notes on the call:




Will Sheehey comes off the left wing:

He hands off to Hulls:

This creates a small bit of confusion between Minnesota’s defenders. Andre Hollins motions Joe Coleman over to Hulls, as to say “we aren’t switching, stay with him!”:

This allows Hulls to get a step and keep Coleman on his right hip:

Hulls rises and hits:

Nice aggression here from the Bloomington native, which had been lacking of late.



Hulls has the ball on the right wing and is guarded by Julian Welch:

Hulls looks at a possible entry pass to Watford, which has Welch leaning left and slightly away from Hulls with his hands down:

He takes the sliver of space, shoots and scores:



Hulls cuts across the court and receives a pass from Jones:

Hulls gets a ball screen from Watford:

He shot fakes and gets Hollins moving up in the air:

Hollins has to double back to try and get a hand up, and Hulls has a pretty clear look he connects on:

Again, Hulls looked for a shot here with some aggression, and it paid off.


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  • JerryCT

    Those of us who want open shots from Hulls, Roth must also want TP in the game. He is a screening machine which often goes unused and unappreciated.

    Against MSU I would put him in the game anytime Nix is on the floor. He is our only post defender , for 4 years now, who can hold position w/o a chest bump from behind ……………. all with the legs

  • iujunebug

    Everytime I see Pritchard set a screen I think of you Jerry (or at least the pretty dog you use as your avatar). 

  • iujunebug

    Thanks for the another great film session.  ITH is the champ!!!!

  • JerryCT

     I will tell Peaches you said that ……….. she is a Clumber Spaniel , not many around

  • Thanks again for the film session, I really enjoy these.

    Yet, I wouldn’t really say Watford was back in action.  Not the way I’d like to see him.  Taking the ball, way out from the top of the key?  I like the open look he got, but that was just bad defense by TP’s defender. Also, he’s not our best 3 point shooter….why does he feel the need to take a 3 with 4 seconds off the shot clock??  He’s forcing it and I screamed yet again at the tv. 

    Hulls, aggressive, what?  Ya, that was nice to see.  Those elbow (mid-range) jump shots are such a major help to the team.  They open things up on the defense constantly, particularly for entry passes or kick outs, because  the D has to collapse a bit.  That, and Hulls seems to make every one he takes. Just doesn’t go after it all that much.  I definitely liked the confident Hulls over the pouty one.  This teams going to upset some people in the tourney!!