Video: Jeremy Hollowell, Ron Patterson square off

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They’ve been friends for many years off the court, but future teammates Jeremy Hollowell and Ron Patterson were foes on Feb. 20 when Broad Ripple visited Lawrence Central.

Patterson finished with a game-high 23 points, but it was Hollowell’s 18 points and career-high 20 rebounds that led Lawrence Central to a 60-55 win.

Inside the Hall was there and we’ve compiled highlight of both players in the embedded media players below:

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  • mdtiu88

    They way Jordy and Cwat are playing now, and looking at these guys plus yogi, not sure they would start…..with Will and Vic, it crazy how athletic we are going to be next year….if you can’t dunk you will be in the minority.

  • SCHoosier

    Really liked both players efforts on the boards..Crean said on his show Friday that Patterson needs work on his shot.form/selection…but has unlimited potential and that Hollowell is still growing. What I like about these two and Yogi..based on the tape that I’ve seen is that 1) they hit the open shot 2) not afraid to penetrate and 3 )appear to be “money” from the FT line. What’s not to like here?

  • Evansville_Hoosier

    Looking at those highlights, both players played really hard. Good to see from the future Hoosiers. From the looks of it Patterson should have had a good number of assists too, but his teammate’s shots just didn’t fall.

    Can’t wait to see these two in candy stripes!

  • 323SGrant

    Nice to see a 6’8″ guy playing inside a lot and not just shooting mostly three’s.

  • inadvertentelbows_stillhurt

    We will make teams pay next season and will be able to defend all positions

  • N71

    What was that shot by Hollowell at the :46 mark of the first video?  He makes things look easy.  I agree with Tom Crean, Ron’s shot selection is suspect at times.  A few shots have got to have a less than 15% chance of going in when he’s fading away from 30′, not sure why Coach Hicks supports that but Broad Ripple doesn’t seem to be hurting too bad from it. For whatever reason watching Ron made me think of the Syracuse defensive scheme.  Imagine Ron at the top of a zone with his reach and quick twitch, the other team wouldn’t be able to pass or shoot the ball from his area of a zone.  You’d just be stuck with the ball and no where to go.  Eventually Ron would have you wondering if you’ll ever  get your offense set up and into process.  He is going to be so disruptive, like Victor and Will.

  • Ball sCrean

    I LOVE Buss. I think you’re right about his ability to disrupt. I actually like his shot, but he’s got to learn not to chuck up bad shots. Hollowell is going to be good and it really does seem like he’s still growing, he seems taller in this video than I remember.

  • 11th and Done (Dunn)

    I have a feeling that by the end of Ron’s career at IU we will have the rename our student section “The Buss Stop”.

  • Kelin Blab

    You are going to have to copyright that immediately. I can see T Shirt sales going through the roof

  • IU1972

    Gee, I wonder which current IU player prompted that? 

  • MillaRed

    The more I see of The Buss the more I like. He has a body that can handle the B1G right now.

    He’s a prime example of what coaching staff’s are seeing and what the recruit ranking systems are seeing. Every school that is anything in the NCAA offered him a scholarship. And the boards barely have him scratching the Top 100.

  • HoosierPat

    That is one thing I’ve seen about Patterson both times I’ve seen him play. He chucks up a lot of shots. I think it mostly has to do with his role on the team. I think that will change once he gets to Indiana because he won’t be relied on so heavily to score. Also, he will be able to play on the wing rather than he point whih is where he is forced to play at times. When he is set, he has a highly effective shot, but when he is off balance, his shot is not pretty. I’m excited for Buss and I think he could be a pleasant surprise next year.

  • Guest2

    Not sure it’s “supported” by the coach, but when a poor-shooting Patterson is still heads-and-shoulders above anyone you would bring off the bench to replace him, you’re just punishing yourself if you sit him.  Won’t be in that situation next year, and I think you’ll see Ron forced to take better shots.

  • WatchingYogi_atYogis

    I was more impressed with Buss in the videos above (against the rankings trend).  While they both were a little bit off with their touch and happy with the trigger, Hollowell seemed to get a lot of unopposed baskets inside off of second chances.  Those won’t be so easy at the next level. 

    Buss on the other hand looked like he has a game that would translate well to college and right in with our team needs.  He was slashing from the perimeter and dishing like someone we could use right now.  Reminds me of VO. 

    Not going on much obviously… 

  • WatchingYogi_atYogis

    Obviously, we’ve all gone over and over how the recruiting rankings are fatally flawed.  And we’ve seen that it doesn’t take a top rated recruit to contribute to a team and make a significant impact.  VO and Sheehey are prime example of high character guys/personalities that do a lot for our team- whatever is asked and lead with energy.  Crean is going to continue to build on the model.

    But seriously, how in the hell are we ESPN’s 9th best recruiting classes?  I know it appears to be a straight assignment based on the number of “their” top 100 talents that have committed.  Arizona looks like they have a strong class.  But we have 5 guys that have all touched the top 100 in the major recruiting rankers at one point and either stuck or fell based on a combination of factors including injury.

    I guarantee our five guys could beat any other recruiting class in a game of basketball.  They have all five positions filled- 

    PG Yogi
    SG Buss
    SF Hollowell
    PF Perea
    C Jurkin

    are unbelievably athletic, probably better at defense than offense, have played together and apparently like eachother.  Can we even imagine this senior class? 

  • WatchingYogi_atYogis

    Get on the Buss for the Movement!

  • Geoff_85

    I wonder how high the Hoosiers will be ranked to start the 2012-2013 season..

  • Guest

    Problem with that theory is they won’t all be here by their senior year.  And you’re wrong in your observation above.  Hollowell is considered one of the most versatile players in his class.  He’s 6’8″ (and still growing), can nail threes already from NBA range, can handle the ball well and penetrate, and has a solid post game.  Imo, he’s going to really challenge CW for playing time if he’s still here and possibly be starting by Big Ten play.  I also believe he’s our second best commitment behind Trey Lyles.  I think Yogi is the most important since he fills our most immediate need, but Hollowell has finally realized his true potential and has dominated high school ball for the past month or so.  Buss will more than likely need more time to develop as he only started playing competitive basketball in 7th or 8th grade, and still needs to develop his handles and shot form/selection.  However, we have so many talented commitments in the future classes, that even with some players leaving, we’ll still be loaded.

  • Bucky

    Actually, I first thought of Richard Mandeville and Robbie Eggers. 

    They were so afraid of being near the basket, they hid during Easter.

  • Bucky

    Actually, I first thought of Richard Mandeville and Robbie Eggers. 

    They were so afraid of being near the basket, they hid during Easter.

  • Ball sCrean

    I think IU is in the Top 15 next year.

    Starting 5:

    6th man: Hollowell/Sheehey
    3 pt Assassins: Hulls, Roth, AE

    Obviosly if that lineup struggles to shoot (I hop not with Yogi and CWAT) then pop in Jordy. But this team seems to play well with length and speed.

  • yimyames

    JH reminds me of Durant, Buss reminds me of Joe Dumars.
    Hope Jeremy likes school cuz he’s headed for the league!

  • Kelin Blab

    Hollowell really has it going now. Will see what type of leader he is in the state tourney if he can carry his team. I am a big fan of Devin Davis as well. Does not have the eye popping numbers but is a really really good player.

  • MillaRed

    ESPN in general just doesn’t give IU love. Not sure what the politics are but I’m just not feeling it.

    I think mid-way through next season, these 5 freshmen maybe could not win a tough B1G game. But I think they could hold their own on the home floor vs. the lesser opponents. That’s how good they are. And as soph’s, I think they each could start on many B1G teams.

  • Ric Jones

    Well  you may want  to ask the ESPN resident “expert” Mr. Gottlieb
    about that…..I mean learned so much about the game while at Okrahoma St. that hotbed of Basketball lore…..”THE” Kauaian Coconut