Film Session: Gatens from beyond the arc

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Matt Gatens hit a career-high seven 3-pointers in Iowa’s 78-66 win against Indiana on Sunday night. Gatens connected on four in a row during a crucial stretch in the second half, which put the game out of reach and extended Iowa’s lead from 10 to 19 points with 4:35 to go. Gatens was able to break free on three of these looks later in the shot clock due to screens Indiana was unable to effectively counter.

Here’s a look at all four 3-pointers in the latest edition of Film Session.


After the 8-minute media timeout, Iowa had a baseline inbounds and a fresh 35. The Hawkeyes run the clock down to 18 as Roy Marble has the ball up top. Gatens, marked by Will Sheehey, has moved from the left block to the right:

Marble comes to the right wing as Gatens sets a pick on Cody Zeller in the paint:

Marble looks inside as Gatens begins to cut up to the top of the key:

Andrew Brommer sets a pick on Sheehey, one he seems to run right into as he was looking at Marble with the ball:

Gatens receives and hits:



Indiana doesn’t allow much for Iowa, and there are just nine seconds left on the shot clock as Gatens receives the ball near the left wing:

Gatens goes right:

He pulls up a few feet beyond the arc, so Watford plays the 3-point line:

In a bit of a heat check and with limited options, Gatens decides to rise and fire from that distance. He connects:

Not much Watford can do here. That’s a guy starting to heat up, bombing and hitting.



Indiana plays good enough defense to knock 21 seconds off the shot clock, as Marble has the ball up top with Gatens down near the baseline of the strong side:

Melsahn Basabe sets a pick for Gatens on Victor Oladipo:

Oladipo chooses to  go over the top of the screen which allows 1) Gatens to get down into the corner unmarked and 2) Brommer to get some body on Oladipo:

Gatens gets the shot off with ease and connects:



Again, decent D to start, as 22 seconds are left in this possession as Marble and Gatens are together on the strong side:

Gatens gets a handoff and swings the ball:

He moves towards the bucket:

But he cuts back up top as Sheehey again meets hard with an Iowa pick:

This gives Gatens room to get the ball beyond the arc and hit his fourth 3-pointer:


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  • Can I get a moving screen set by White on Oladipo for that 3rd trey?

  • And another moving screen Basabe puts on Sheehey for the 4th? No wonder it looks like our guys are running into the screens … It’s because the screens are shifting as we are trying to go around. Easy calls the refs decided to just let play on. Hm.

  • haha, this is hilarious… On the first three White also moves right to left as Sheehey tries to go around… Is anyone else seeing this?

  • ChiHoosier

    That 3rd video was a prime example of a moving screen.  The guy took like 3 steps to his right to block VO from getting to Gatens. 

  • HoosierDadE

    At about Gaten’s 5th 3 pointer my television remote “magically” flew outta my hand.  Only gone through 2 this year…not bad.

  • Remy Willing and Abell

    Good job Ryan , did you by chance E-mail this to coach so he can plan something , anything for Matt Roth or Jordy ?

  • MillaRed

    Uhhh Ryan, why would we want to re-live this nightmare???? j/k

  • Hairy Ball Screen

    Terrible help D. That’s just not smart defense. You’ve got to have better instincts than that.

  • Hairy Ball Screen

    Terrible help D. That’s just not smart defense. You’ve got to have better instincts than that.

  • KingoftheCourt

    I understand that there may have been moving screens set that helped get Gatens open, but I still blame our players for attempting to run around the screen.  If you continue to go under the screen the screener will adjust and the shooter will flare to the corner for the wide open three…

    Get in their hip pocket and ride them around the screen and don’t give them space to set their feet for the shot. 

  • MillaRed

    I was thinking the same thing.

    First of all, if that was Pritch setting those screens Gatens would have scored 18 points.

    Secondly, I really think two of those were easy calls to make. Totally moving and extending arms.

    But to your point, if you stay closer to your man and fight hard the contact is easier to see and the call is usually made. We totally were not fighting hard enough through these screens.

  • KingoftheCourt

    I think its about defensive positioning, anticipation, a willingness to play defense, and most importantly an understanding of the game itself. 

    Think about when we got the game back to 10 points late in the second half.  I think Sheehey should’ve been prepared for Iowa to run a play for Gatens given his hot shooting and playmaking abilities.  The situation called for Sheehey to be right up in Gatens, instead, Sheehey gave him space and Gatens made us pay for it.

  • 888

    I agree it should be a foul but if the refs aint calln it we should have been doing it to Iowa. We got more shooters than they do but instead of setting screens for our shooters we stick with this dribble drive. WE DONT HAVE A TRUE POINT GUARD TO MAKE IT EFFECTIVE! Needs to be a little gameplanning that takes into account how the officials are calln it. 

  • SCHoosier

    “Due to screens IU was unable to effectively counter” Wow…stating the obvious….anybody on the coaching staff reading this? We have a couple pretty good 3pt shooters too if the  play schemes would give them the kind of screening help Gatens got.

  • MillaRed

     I would like to think we have the players and the coaching to force someone else to beat us. Whether it be a double team, a hedge or whatever it takes. Overplaying the 3 point shot to force him into the lane.

    I mean, anything but what went down!

  • CH

    moving screens happen all the time in college basketball. Good defensive teams get in good position and fight through screens. You think Mich St. or Duke give Gatens 5 wide open threes? No way and good defense is 90% effort and 10% talent. The 1989 big ten champ Hoosiers had way less talent but alot more heart than than the current Hoosier  team and they were outstanding defensively. Our guys need to develop some pride about the name on the uniform.

  • Gasmall

    I watched Craft last night aggressively cover over the top of screens.  I do not recall anyone from IU doing that all year.  Hulls has went under every screen for 3 years now.