Hoosiers talk rematch with Hawkeyes

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No. 18 Indiana returns to action tonight in a road meeting with the Iowa Hawkeyes. Here’s what the Hoosiers are saying about tonight’s game in Iowa City:

Tom Crean

On what IU needs to improve on from the first meeting:

“We know when we get to Iowa, we’ve got to be way better defensively. That’s the bottom line. We allowed them to shoot too high of a percentage. There were times they really earned shots, especially Oglesby, who had people in his face. But there were times we let their team get way to to comfortable in the game, whether it was in the post or on the perimeter. So we’ve got to make sure that we understand that our defensive mindset and our defensive energy, and most importantly, starting with defensive transition, have got to be really really high in that game. I’m sure it will be a fast-paced game, but we can’t be in the situation where we go on the road and try to trade baskets with a high-powered team like Iowa.”

On the last meeting:

“They really did a great job of getting out and running and getting some easy baskets, but our guys continued to respond. We didn’t want to get into a situation where we were trading baskets and there were a couple of times that happened, but overall, it was a solid effort for us.”

On IU in the last meeting:

“We had a very solid game from a lot of people, but the bottom line was that the ball moved. And when the ball moves on offense and when you’re active on defense and we kept understanding the pace of the game, it worked out well for us. I was very excited about the 20 offensive rebounds and the 20 assists.”

On playing Iowa at home:

“I don’t care who it is, it takes a focused, 40-minute effort to win anywhere in this league. There is a toughness about the Big Ten, whether it be the players, coaches or that make each possession of each game critical.”

Tom Pritchard

“Every road game in the Big Ten is a tough test. We have had some success this year on the road and we just have to build on that. We need to try and get the crowd out of the game and rely on our own energy.”

“We know they are very good in transition, and we have to get back, protect the rim and we have to take that part of their game away.”

Jordan Hulls

“When you are on the road, I think its important to get some shots to fall down early. I just look to see what the defensive will give us. I do like to be more aggressive (on the road) because I think it can help my teammates as well.”

“Playing on the road is no easy task for sure. We need to be prepared for a dogfight. We have to play a lot better defense than we did last time and not give them easy buckets. We can’t give them any easy touches.”

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  • HoosierTrav

    I’m looking for a big game from jordy!

  • 888

    a Winnable game but gotta do more than just show up. Theyll come after Cody so hope he gets help from his teamates. I think we win but barely. Its Iowa on the road and theyve owned us except for the game at IU earlier. If Jordy isnt hitting I hope Remy gets some minutes.

  • Davidfeigel

    I’d like to see Vic use his quickness to tear this team apart. There are practically no athletes on this Iowa team.

    This isn’t necessarily the best place for this, but I gotta get it out instead of just thinking it over. Next years B1G standings:
    1 Indiana
    2 Michigan
    3 Michigan St
    4 Ohio St
    5 Wisconsin
    6 Purdue
    7 Minnesota
    8 Iowa
    9 Illinois
    10 Northwestern
    11 penn st
    12 Nebraska

    I wouldn’t have put Wisconsin so high, but Bo Ryan always seems to do a lot with a little. I honestly think that top 8 or 9 can play with anyone. Most B1G teams had really good classes

  • SCHoosier

    I was stunned when Iowa tried to run with IU in the first half of the first game. Anybody who can force IU into a half court game has a shot given Hoosiers inconsistent offense in that scheme. That said..Hawks have to find a way to stop Zeller..and NW was so effective with the 1-3-1..maybe IU will see some of that today. Whatever happens…if IU doesn’t play better defense against the Hawks…a major upset is possible….cause “them farm boys can shoot the orange.”. Or something like that. Go Hoosiers..with the right effort we can lock this one into the win column.

  • Stlbam

    I know this is off topic but does anyone else think Illinois free fall is humorous? The way the presented themselves during and after the Nebraska game was pathetic. Yeah, B1G basketball is really hard but to be balling your eyes out during a game just shows how mentally fragile the players and coach are. IU players and fans had to endure 3 of the worst seasons in IU history but I don’t recall anyone crying in public about it. If I were an Illini fan I would be embarrassed. Toughen up!

  • Sniderdoug1


  • marcusgresham

    Iowa has to run with IU because it doesn’t have an answer for Zeller/Watford down low.

  • Todzilla Cape Coral FL

    We need to play much better defense tonight, and I believe we’ll meet the challenge.  I love Jordy and VJIII, but if they can’t stop their man off the dribble (and Iowa isn’t very athletic), or recover to contest 3’s I would like some of their minutes to go to Remy.  I’ll sacrifice offense for better defense any day, especially after Iowa hung 89 on us last time.  GO HOOSIERS!

  • Todzilla Cape Coral FL

     It hilarious to see Leonard bawling on the bench.  Road games will be hell for him the rest of his career, Illinois truly reflects the personality of their crybaby leader BW…Only bad thing is after Weber gets fired they’ll hire a better coach….

  • IUJeff

    That’s why we lovingly call them the Iwhini coached by Bruce Whiner. 

    I also prefer Illannoy. 

    I think we can safely assume NIT at best for the Iwhini and PUke this year. 

  • IUJeff

    IU is still average to slightly above average on D so this will be a real test. If we get to the line more  than Iowa, we win.   

    That will have meant that we were the more aggressive team. You hear that Vic, Verdell and Cody? Attack the rim and feed the Z plain and simple.   

    I am expecting a nail biter but a top 20 team looking squarely at a 3 seed, finds as way to win this one, even on the road.  

  • Bleeding Crimson

    I kinda like the lwhini better because Weber is a cry baby…he is always bit#h’in about something.  And to top it off I hope he doesn’t go anywhere.  I like him being the coach of Iwhini…it fits them perfectly.  I used to not dislike them so much but after his crying about Gordon and then saying IU will suck this year two years ago have put them up behind pUKe and in front of PUke as my favorite teams to dislike.

  • Bleeding Crimson

    I can’t agree more…this game scares me.  If they score 89 points tonight they win.  I don’t think the rim will be some friendly with us at Iowa.  Is Teddy V one of the Zerbra’s tonight?

    But as far as getting to the line will be key…IU should be winning all of its game at the line.  We are such a great FT shooting team I think it is more important than looking for the three…as a higher percentage of winning the game.  IU has really been better at feeding the post as of late than hitting the three.  Feed the post, dribble drive and create the fouls should be 2nd behind D.

  • Evansville Hoosier

    I actually think Purdue is pretty much in at this point… Just looks even better on our resume.

  • Evansville Hoosier

    I feel like we haven’t won any games from behind the 3 point line in quite awhile. Maybe we are just progressing as an offense?

  • WatchingYogi_atYogis

    Talking about one of our rivals having an epic meltdown is never off topic.  And yes, it’s been good for a few laughs.

  • Bobbyd

     Couldn’t agree more.  We got to have Remy in the game if we are getting beat off the dribble.  Our secret is out… you score on us by taking it to the hole or driving and dishing.  Gets our bigs in foul trouble and gives you wide open threes.  Remy needs more PT.

  • Bobbyd

     Couldn’t agree more.  We got to have Remy in the game if we are getting beat off the dribble.  Our secret is out… you score on us by taking it to the hole or driving and dishing.  Gets our bigs in foul trouble and gives you wide open threes.  Remy needs more PT.

  • 888

    Thats pretty much the way I see things going next year. IU and Michigan are getting ready to explode. We will both be national players in both the top 5 and recruiting for the next decade. IU and Michigan are the two schools in the BIG that can traditionaly recruit well. This will be a very heated rivalry the way it was in the 80s and early 90s. There coach is very good. Dakich loves him. As he adds the talent he needs LOOK OUT. Hes the only coach whos recruited Indiana as well as CTC and thats important cause HOOSIER boys can BALL. OSU and MSUs run of dominance is over after this year that real big boys on the block are back so get back on the portch.

  • Sniderdoug1

     PLAY DEFENSE!!!!!!

  • SCHoosier

    Need to come out Stoked. Last year at Iowa was one of the worst performances by IU all season…need to come out with a different atitude and ability today..which they certainly are capable of doing. I think Wat was out last year..wasn’t he?

  • SCHoosier

    I get that..but watching IU’s half court offense vs. their transiton game..I believe I owuld have taken my chances..as they did in the second half in B-town.

  • WatchingYogi_atYogis

    It kind of reminds me of the game Purdue lost in the NCAA tournament last year.  I was just about to click over to a different game with the result all but certain.  My less than sharp tournament shuffle skills were rewarded with a shot of Robbie “He’s so tough” Hummel crying on the end of the bench, unable to get it done with his recruiting class.  The game became one of my personal Instant Classics.