• Casey B.

    In the first video, the one on the left needs to step it up, and the one on the right needs to start the game on the bench.

    In the second video, the guy in the red jacket needs to make sure those things happen.

    NOTE: These opinions are my own and DO reflect those of most of the fan base. Thank you for reading.

  • Anonymous

    A little off topic…

    Is anyone else hearing the hate spew from Boiler fans regarding what happened today?

    Isn’t this the same school that swears every time they get a first down?  I believe  Kelsay Barlow was giving our guys a choke sign a few years ago.  In that same game I think Kramer was stomping on our logo at half court. 

    My point is that any team can have a player cross the line, and any school can have a fan making classless comments about another player (I guess some fan said they hope Hummell tears his ACL again).  I don’t think that they should enjoy what happened by any means, but they should probably look in the mirror a little bit.  If Dawson was talking trash to Painter then I’m sure Izzo will handle it. 

    I’m probably looking into this far more than I should or need to, but I think it pertains to my distaste for most Purdue fans.  They get upset about things like this when they can be plenty classless themselves, they want to be called an elite program but haven’t done anything significant since I have been alive, and they want to rip us for celebrating championships from long ago but claim a title for themselves that was awarded years later.

  • Anonymous

    Because the ball is in the hands of the guards better than 50% of the time, their responsibility in taking care of the ball is critical. Lately they haven’t done very well in this area. Because they handle the ball more, their turnovers stand out. Yes JH tries to make a pass that isn’t there; and VJIII attempts to drive the lane and make a play when it’s not there too often. However, the turnovers aren’t just coming from them. Cody probably has the surest hands on the team, yet he has had his share of TOs recently. In watching the games, there are too many times when the spacing is poor, front court players don’t give the guards a good passing angle, or don’t come to the ball, especially when the guards are in trouble. There’s inconsistency in setting good screens; and guys often don’t properly rub their defender off the screener. Defensively, pressure on the ball out front is decent, but needs to be maintained. No one plays the passing lanes well; and guys whose men are two passes away from the ball don’t open up to give weakside help. Nor do they recover quick enough when they do give help. If I had a dollar for every time they left their feet on a ball fake I’d be rich. Then there’s the lack of blocking out on off. and def. rebounds. How many times have we had a rebound in our hands and let the opponent take it from us? Finally, and this is as key as anything, is we don’t maintain a high degree of mental toughness. This is the nail in the coffin because without it we lose focus and confidence. These are things that can be corrected. I believe the coaching staff has worked on them repeatedly. But they don’t play the game. The players have to perform on the court. While I’m disappointed in our play, I still love them and stand behind every last one of them. The success we’ve had so far this season is greater than I anticipated. It has made me a little too greedy and perhaps expecting more than I should.