Big Ten Power Rankings: Week 3

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Our third installment of the Big Ten power rankings are ready for your consumption and the movement this week comes in the middle of the pack as every team besides Michigan State now has a loss:

12. Nebraska (8-7, 0-4) (LAST WEEK: 11)…Welcome to the Big Ten, Cornhuskers. They have competed with both Michigan State and Illinois, but got hammered by Ohio State and Wisconsin. If they can’t beat Penn State at home on Wednesday, it could be a while before they get a conference win.

11. Minnesota (12-5, 0-4) (LAST WEEK: 9)…The Golden Gophers have competed, but they haven’t been able to finish. A home game against Iowa was one they needed to get.

10. Penn State (9-8, 1-3) (LAST WEEK: 12)…The Nittany Lions are pretty good at home, but they have yet to win on the road. A 20-point home win against Purdue was impressive, and they gave Indiana everything it could handle on Sunday.

9. Northwestern (11-4, 1-2) (LAST WEEK: 9)…A one-point loss to Illinois was only the Wildcats’ second home loss of the season. The Wildcats have a brutal upcoming schedule, with Michigan, Michigan State and Wisconsin over the next week and a half.

8. Wisconsin (12-5, 1-3) (LAST WEEK: 7)…Two home losses in a row? This must not be a normal Wisconsin team. Jordan Taylor is good, but he can’t do it alone. The Badgers are plenty capable of getting on a winning streak, especially with a relatively weak upcoming schedule.

7. Iowa (10-7, 2-2) (LAST WEEK: 6)…They don’t necessarily play pretty basketball, but the Hawkeyes have already earned road wins at Wisconsin and Minnesota.

6. Purdue (13-4, 3-1) (LAST WEEK: 4)…The Boilermakers struggled mightily at Penn State, but the Nittany Lions have been playing good basketball at home. A road win at Minnesota was a good redemption victory.

5. Illinois (14-3, 3-1) (LAST WEEK: 8)…They have yet to win in dominating fashion, but the Fighting Illini have taken care of the teams they were supposed to beat. A home showdown with Ohio State on Tuesday should tell us a lot about the Illini.

4. Michigan (13-3, 3-1) (LAST WEEK: 5)…The Wolverines are a legitimate top-15 team, and solid performances at Indiana and against Wisconsin only confirmed that fact. As the year goes on, Michigan should get better and better.

3. Michigan State (14-2, 3-0) (LAST WEEK: 3)…Wisconsin is never an easy place to win, but the Spartans nearly blew a late lead against the Badgers. Again, a good case could be made for Michigan State in either of the top two spots as well.

2. Ohio State (15-2, 3-1) (LAST WEEK: 2)…The Buckeyes are still probably the best team in the conference, but since Indiana beat them, I will keep the Hoosiers in the top spot this week. Ohio State won its two games by a combined 60 points this week — one at home (Nebraska) and one on the road (Iowa).

1. Indiana (15-1, 3-1) (LAST WEEK: 1)…A home win against Michigan was the Hoosiers’ third versus an opponent ranked in the top 15 this year. No team in the country boasts three better wins than Indiana’s against Kentucky, Ohio State and the Wolverines.

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  • Anonymous

    You know what?  I actually disagree.  Not so much because it feels right to declare IU #1 in the big ten at this point (power ranking-wise, not record-wise), but because it doesn’t necessarily feel wrong.  If you look at it from a “who would win the best of ten on a neutral court” standpoint, I don’t know that IU wouldn’t split with both MSU and OSU.  Why not?  Especially if we have Will back in the line-up.  I agree that if we TCOB on Thursday and beat OSU in Columbus, it’s cut and dried.  For now, like everyone else here I’m still getting used to the idea that we’re as good as we are.  We need to get over the disbelief factor and accept that we belong.  Bring it!!

  • Frank

    Is there a MIkan type drill for Jordys free throw shooting? What happened there? Was he trying harder when he was setting a record or is there a technique problem all of a sudden? What’s Up?

  • We are in the top 4…that was Dakich’s opinion 3 wks ago before we were ranked.  I think that’s fair since the top 4 are in the top 15 nationally.  We are still young and the upside is there.  Not one of us would have predicted this at the beginning of the yr and I think CTC deserves a great deal of credit..

    Still amazes me to think about next yr!

  • Frank

    Back when I was in short pants there was no I65. It was just US31 and the Ky’s were always riding north to find work. We hoosiers said that the kentucks knew there 3 R’s well. Reading and Righting and Route 31 North.
    I had also always heard that the toothbrush was invented in KY. Otherwise it would be known as a Teethbrush.

  • Anonymous

    What would a Badger fan know about unfurling a banner.

  • Anonymous

    What would a Badger fan know about unfurling a banner.

  • MikeinNC

    I love where we are at this year, but it ain’t at #1 in the conference. We are probably #3 behind OSU and MSU. Which is still an absolutely dandy place to be this year.

  • Devout Hoosier

    Absolutely agree.  This ranking is simply wrong and a single opinion.  At least the regular top 25 is a poll of many opinions, so you weed out the outliers. Fact:  Michigan St. is the only undefeated B10 team in conference play.  Fact:  Michigan St. beat Indiana and Indiana beat Ohio St.  So for at least this week, Fact:  Michigan St. is #1 in the conference and that should be undisputed.  Granted, I hope that changes next week.