Film Session: Craft’s turnovers

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In Saturday’s win over the Buckeyes, Ohio State point guard Aaron Craft turned the ball over six times. Such a mark was a season-high, and tied his career-high. (He had six just once before in a loss to Purdue in West Lafayette last season.)

A few of Craft’s turnovers came on key possessions, allowing the Hoosiers to capitalize and escape with the W.

An inspection of his six miscues in the lastest edition of Film Session:

Craft’s first turnover came in the midst of Indiana’s 23-13 run to close out the fist half. Here, Cody Zeller continues to slide and move with Craft as he looks to get a body into Zeller and pass around him, creating a travel:

Verdell Jones hit two free throw on the ensuing Indiana possession.

Craft’s second and third miscues also came during Indiana’s first half run and allowed the Hoosiers to go up by a point at half, 33-32. Victor Oladipo played some ahem, crafty on-ball defense, picking Craft’s pocket on back-to-back Ohio State possessions:

Another offensive foul for Craft on his fourth miscue. Derek Elston slides over to cut him off baseline, and Craft lowers his shoulder:

In the closing minute of the game, Craft turned the ball over twice. His first occurred as Jordan Hulls slides over to give Jones some help defense. Craft decides to go airborn between the two of them, turn around and try and pass the ball to Sam Thompson. Hulls is able to recover back and get his hands up, deflecting the pass. From there, Jones gets possession of the ball and finds Oladipo for two and the lead:

On Ohio State’s next possession, Elston does strong defensive work on Sullinger and the Buckeyes don’t get it into him. Craft drives into the right block and attempts a tough one-handed pass around Hulls to Thompson. Thompson is unable to corral it and it goes out of bounds. Hulls is subsequently fouled and hit one of two free throws, extending Indiana’s lead to 72-70:

As Dan Dakich says on the call, Craft got “sped up” here, and it lead to a turnover.

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