Will Sheehey suffers left lower leg injury

  • 12/22/2011 12:36 am in

From an IU Athletics release:

Sophomore Will Sheehey has a left lower leg injury that he sustained in practice Wednesday and his status will be evaluated each day.

With Sheehey likely out for Thursday’s game with UMBC, the Hoosiers will have just five scholarship bench players available — Austin Etherington, Daniel Moore, Matt Roth, Remy Abell and Tom Pritchard.

Derek Elston is also sidelined following surgery to repair a fracture in his nose.

Sheehey is averaging 10.7 points and 3.3 rebounds in 20 minutes per game.

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  • WALT

    Over the past few years have seen injured noses fitted with masks. Wonder if that has been looked into for DE. ?

  • WALT

    Forgot to mention, if the mask is possible, could it be a William Shatner/Jason mask like movie Halloween. An intimidation factor perhaps. 

  • Creek is out for the season.

  • Creek is out for the season.

  • Anonymous

    Mo tweeted what a few others have mentioned:  there was a mistake in a box score that said he scored 8 points vs. Howard.

  • Anonymous

    Picking up Will’s points can be done..replacing his defense and rebounding just isn’t going to happen easily. Nobody on the bench has that kind of athleticism. Get well Will!

  • Anonymous

    “Step up”..yes..my concern is that Wat and Jones will start to force their offense again which means the ball will head the opposite direction in a hurry.

  • Hoosier78

    Bruised from practice, if I remember right.

  • Anonymous

    not much to go off of from these reports. positive thoughts. positive thoughts.

  • EgreenIU

    If the injury was severe such as a break or fracture shouldn’t we know by now?

  • cooper

    IU can handle him being out a couple of games. It will just cut down the rotation and VO will have to play a little more under control. You can play VO, VJ and Hulls in the guard positions and Wat, Zeller, and Pritchard for the forward/center. Elston and Abell can play too when necessary.

  • MarkO

    Abell has enough athleticism, but light on experience.  I expect he’ll get a ton of minutes tonight.

  • Anonymous

    Wonder if you could get a candy-striped mask?

  • millzy32

    You mean the head down dribble technique resulting in a forced shot that most likely also results in a charge or a blocked shot?

    Never heard of it. 

    I keep hoping they’ll both grow out of that.  I can dream.  Watford played so well vs Kentucky that he gets a pass for a little while.  Jones made that pass to Watford against Kentucky so I guess he gets one too.

    Gonna be rough up in East Lansing without Will.  Gotta play that much better all around.  If we can take one of the first two B1G games then I’ll be more than happy.

  • NotTheBrightest

    i like the scary “goalie” hockey mask idea someone else here proposed.

  • IULineman

    Was streamed very well last time. Thanks Jerry!!! 

    GO IU!!!!!!

  • Fitz

    Yea but Will is three to four inches taller and stronger