Film Session: Davis’ fouls, Indiana’s 3-pointers

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Indiana got Anthony Davis into foul trouble and hit six straight 3-pointers in the second half in their win over Kentucky on Saturday. Both were key factors in the victory.

A look at both in the lastest edition of Film Session.


By dumping it into Cody Zeller twice in one minute during the first half, the Hoosiers went right after Davis. He picked up two quick fouls and went to the bench at the 8:03 mark. (Such a transpiring of events makes you wonder why the Hoosiers weren’t giving it to Zeller down low in the closing minutes of the ball game when Davis had four fouls and was guarding him, but I digress.) Davis didn’t play the rest of the first half. Indiana went on a 13-2 run with him out to go up 30-22, but Kentucky was able to score seven quick points in the final 1:55 of the half to close the gap and trail by only one at half, 30-29.

In the second half, Victor Oladipo got his shot blocked by Doron Lamb, but stuck with the play and picked up the third foul on Davis at the 17:35 mark. Davis sat until the 15:50 mark. Indiana went on a 10-0 run with the shot-blocker on the bench to go up 45-35.

Davis’ final foul of the contest was an ill-advised one, hacking Verdell Jones on a 3-point attempt with 12 minutes to go. The Hoosiers were able to maintain a seven-point lead for the duration of his time on the sideline. He entered with 6:28 to go and remained on the floor for the duration of the game.


It was a varied attack for the Hoosiers after the intermission. The first two came in transition, one of Indiana’s deadliest scoring situations so far this season. Jordan Hulls pushed the pace off a Terrence Jones turnover to begin the barrage; the second came with Hulls pushing the pace off a rebound.

The third, fourth and fifth came in the flow of the offense. Hulls got free when Jones didn’t hedge a screen; both Christian Watford and Will Sheehey had a bit of space from their defender, fired and connected.

The sixth and final three came via a second-chance opportunity. Zeller rebounded a Watford miss, immediately turned and found Hulls behind the line for the team’s sixth straight three, which put the Hoosiers up 66-57.

(The Davis foul on Jones came during Indiana’s sixth-straight stretch in the second half and he knocked down all three free throws. So one could technically argue that was a seventh straight. And going back to the first half, the Hoosiers also hit their last two 3-pointers, so that would make nine straight by such logic.)

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  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous

    I apologize if you saw this on the last post.  Just wanted to see if I could get any feedback on this question….

    RANDOM question – guy at work said he heard a “rumor” that Coach Knight
    called Tom Crean after the KY game and all Knight said was “that is how
    you do it” and hung up. 

    This seems very weird and way too far
    fetched, seeing as Knight seems to go out of his way to avoid Indiana,
    but has anyone else heard anything close to this?  Just asking… 

  • Anonymous

    that would be so bad a** if that were true…..

  • Anonymous

    Totally agree with you.  Unfortunately seems like one of those “too good to be true” stories.

  • Anonymous

    Haven’t heard that and think it is probably not true.  I do think that coach Knight was watching the h3ll out of that game and probably even had a good reaction to the end.  From what he has said of UK in the last few years, and his reaction to the IU team two years ago in MSG, I think he likes where the program is headed, but we will never know it.

  • Anonymous

    Watch Zeller clear Terrence Jones out on the box out after CW’s miss at 1:45.

    His ability to pull down that offensive rebound in the middle of 3 pUKe players really shows how unmeasurable and invaluable his impact is on the team.

  • Joeshmo

    Dick Vitale was very critical on the telecast that IU did not go low to Zeller in the final 6 minutes, even mentioned it to Crean in post-game interview.  I totally agreed with Vitale, getting Davis out of the game could have provided a little breathing room.  I love CTC and IU, but think they missed that obvious opportunity.

  • HoosierSmitty

    Didn’t Knight do the commentary for the OSU vs. Kansas game at KU prior to the IU vs. UK game? 

  • Anonymous

    very doubtful

    Not sure how Knight could have watched the game, he worked the OSU/Kansas game right before the IU/UK game.  By the time the crew finished post game stuff and got out of there the game was probably almost over.  And that’s if they went to the hotel instead of, say, an airport to fly home. 

    If Knight calls anyone at IU it’s gonna find it’s way into the news.

  • DJWhite3

    Guys, what is with that video of the BTN Butler highlight that plays every time i load this site!  If my speakers are on any volume at all, it blasts!  So annoying and embarrassing at times! C’mon, I know you need revenue but that kind of stuff just cheapens your site so much. 

  • Anonymous

    So I have digested this VICTORY for a couple days now. If you care (or not I suppose), here are some of my insights for feedback.

    1) We will be a tough team to beat at home. 

    2) I am way proud of VJIII. Had some bone-headed plays during the game but when it mattered, he was unselfish… did not try to be the hero… and gave the ball up. In hearing the post-game comments, it seemed that everything was drawn up for him to take the shot. For him to realize that Watford had the hot hand and the better shot is HUGE for VJIII.

    3) They have to run everything through Zeller. He has so many intangible positives in an offense that seems to stagnate without him.

    4) This is going to be a fun season. I think we will drop some games that we should win. It is part of the process. But I have my dancing shoes out, polished, and ready to go. 

    5) We are going to be phenomenal next year. If everyone stays, we will be one of the deepest and most talented teams in the nation. I think it is really important for Watford to stay another year. He could see his tenure through to a championship if he wants to do so. So… Watford, while we may be hard on you at times, you are an essential cog in the wheel of the future of this team. We want you to stay 4 years. We want you to be part of the greatest success story in College basketball. Cody… we need you to stay also.

    6) I really love Indiana basketball. I was listening to the game on the radio feed. When The Shot went down, I ran around the house screaming. My 19 month old son was running after me giggling, yelling, and laughing. I scooped him up in my arms and laughed and cried tears of joy. It was such an overwhelming moment as a father and a fan. Here’s to many more joy-filled moments watching/listening to games with my family. This is what IU basketball is about… family. I am so proud to be a Hoosier family. I tear up just thinking about it. 

    7) Post-game interviews are starkly different between IU and UK. Even when we were losing, our players ALWAYS wore IU gear to the post game interviews. Doron Lamb did not. There was no heart in the UK team during the game or during interviews. Darius Miller is the closest they came… I think. The game mattered to Miller and Teague. It didn’t to the rest of them, and if it did they did not show it. They are waiting for their checks from the Association. Our players are waiting for the banners to fly in Assembly Hall. The ideological difference between the programs was starkly manifested on Saturday night. I like being on our side. 
    Go Hoosiers!!!!

  • Pdkichler

    Yes, he did.

  • Pdkichler

    Yes, he did.

  • Anonymous

    hey sort of off topic but im looking to go to my first game this year, and have no idea what certain seating is like. What are the best seats where you will actually be able to see the game at a reasonable price? Thanks

  • Anonymous

    If you’re on the main level (Anything with just a single letter like K or C), you’ll want something below, say, row 38, so you’ll be able to see the whole scoreboard.

  • unclekerfuffle

    Unless you go during the student break, I suspect those two requirements are going to be mutually exclusive considering how well the team is playing and the fact that we will soon be into the BT season.  Of course, that depends on your definition of “reasonable.”  After Row 40, Main Level, it’s probably better to be in the first few rows of the balcony as long as you don’t have acrophobia.

  • Anonymous

    I wouldn’t say “Indiana did anything” to create fouls on Davis. He pretty much made freshmen mistakes (like fouling a 3 point shooter)..he got one cheap call..but the rest were “wrong time wrong place>”  What I’d like to have somebody explain to me is what happened to IU’s man to man defense in the second half. Coach Cal figured out that we couldn’t guard anybody..cleared out and sent his guards and small forwards to the hole every time..they scored a lot..and showed a game plan for any future team we played. Play your center out to draw Zeller outside..then take Hulls, Jones and even VO one on one. Gilchrist was a beast..loved the win..but the b-ball gods really were in IU’s corner Sat night

  • John

    But a really important insight, unfortunately negative, is that IU can be abused by quick guards, particularly Hulls.  He just could not stay in front of Teague in the 2nd half.  And you can’t teach or really even improve lateral speed.  Other teams certainly will watch the tape and take notice ….   IU will have to get better at helpside D for the future; right now this is one glaring weakness, probably more than any other (rebounding turned out to be a non-issue in the KY game).
    I’ve never seen Ferrell play, but hopefully he has quicker feet than Jordy on the perimeter.

  • John

    Hulls just doesn’t have the quickness and this will continue to be a problem for the rest of the season.  Teams with quick PGs will certainly notice this and exploit it.  Jones is at least longer so he can contest shots.  I see this as probably IUs main weakness and to correct it, we need different personnel.  It is what it is, at this point.  Hopefully they can continue to compensate for it at the other end …

  • IU_Fan_99

    I just discovered this awesome website… it pulls in the prices for tickets from a bunch of different websites and it you just hover your mouse over the seats and it tells you the price. No need to search a bunch of websites!

  • It only plays volume if you hover over it.

  • OldIUGymnast

    Two things – Hulls thought he was getting help which is why he kept giving up the baseline.  He is too smart of a player to give up the baseline unless he thinks he is going to pin the player with some help.  Second, I STRONGLY, STRONGLY disagree that an athlete cannot improve lateral speed.  Lateral speed is a function of a couple of muscle groups and core strength and it most definitely can improve.  I don’t think he is all that slow and it appeared to me that he was overplaying a little.  I am a short 40 something white boy and I blow by teenagers all the time because I have a quick step and the kids tend to overplay you outside.  Given that Teague can’t shoot very well from range, I would argue that Jordan’s mistake was not in his speed or trusting his help – it was that he didn’t force him to shoot the ball or pass it by playing off him and denying him that blow by first step.  I might be wrong – and if somebody disagrees, I want to hear it!

  • Anonymous

    Agreed, and as I said in the last thread, not too many teams have a Teague. Just how many have guards who can stay in front of Teague one-in-one. That’s why he’ll be a millionaire in a few months. I mean that move(s) he put on Jones from the top of the key? Ridiculous.

    Just really tough to judge Hulls too negatively based on his defense of a player of Teague’s dribble skills.

  • J Summers88

    Something I haven’t heard anyone talk about… In the post game interviews, Lamb commented that IU was hitting shots that they don’t usually hit. He quickly followed that up with, “Well, I’m not sure if they usually hit those shots because I’ve never seen them play.

    I couldn’t believe he said this. To me, this could be a big part of the reason they lost. Did UK players not watch any IU film to prepare for the game? I bet our guys watched plenty of UK film and knew everything they were capable of.

  • Knuckledrager

    Seems like atypical Coach Knight to me. 

  • Anonymous

    Let’s not take away from what this team does on offense. pUKe has been one of the best defensive teams in the nation against very good competition including @ Kansas. I’m not excusing the defensive lapses, but you sometimes being good enough to win is all you can ask for. We just don’t have the players right now to be one of the best offensive teams in the nation and have a good defender at every position. I think Hulls wasn’t giving Teague enough room. Make him shoot the 3 and be able to stay in front. All things considered though, I am very happy with this win and if I had to nit-pick something, it would be the fact that they again failed to get the ball Zeller, this time down the stretch in a very close ball game. They’ll improve on both I’m sure. Notre Dame is next. Keep it rolling Hoosiers!

  • Linback93

    Most teams don’t have guards like kentucky that create such a match up problem. Teague is one of the quickest guards in the NCAA. The closest guard in the big ten that has great speed is Lewis Jackson, but IU can easily put VJ3 on him or he might just get better help defense.

  • Linback93

    Most teams don’t have guards like kentucky that create such a match up problem. Teague is one of the quickest guards in the NCAA. The closest guard in the big ten that has great speed is Lewis Jackson, but IU can easily put VJ3 on him or he might just get better help defense.

  • A. Schick

    Try getting a game over break and you’ll get good seats for a good price. We got tickets for the NYE game vs. OSU for a great deal. 

  • A. Schick

    I missed this. So we don’t normally hit three pointers? I’m not sure what shots we were hitting that were out of the ordinary for us. 

  • A. Schick

    Here’s Michael Kidd-Gilchrist’s tweet yesterday:

    You Win some You Lose some, As long as the OutCome is Income.

  • It’s a lyric from a song. Don’t read much into it.

  • TeddyC

    Watching Hulls bury those 3-pointers…anybody else remember how Calipari said after last year’s game that “the little kid was causing some problems”? He was talking about Hulls. I’m glad Jordy made him eat those words. 

  • Derbus

    So CTC draws up the play: cowboy, where VJGets to drive down & make a play. Thank god he threw it to CW!!! Omfg, r u kidding me, VJ is 2 -7 shooting 4 the game and is not exactly the guy to make a play. He did, but CTC kills me sometimes. Yes, the hoops godz were on IU’s side last Sat. Sigh. . .

  • Pb1230

    exactly, in most every game Hulls won’t need to defend a guy on the level of Teague.  It’ll be rare that we have to play against someone that’s even close to his level, and most of those times, we’ll be able to put Jones or Oladipo on that guy because they won’t be needed to guard MKG and Lamb type players.  Most teams just aren’t dripping with talent like Kentucky. 

  • Pb1230

    Though the thing is, if we have one player capable of bringing the ball up the court in in 5 seconds with enough time to make a play its Jones.  I think that’s why Crean put the ball in his hands. 

  • JohnFromBeyond

    Nice. I will NEVER get tired of watching the end of that game. I just love the looks on Crean’s face (“Did it count???”) and Terrance Jones (“What just happened? Will this affect my salary?”).