Around the Hall: Zeller honored, Harbaugh on execution

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Around the Hall is recommended reading from the Inside the Hall crew. So go ahead, get your read on. 

+ Will Sheehey is among ten sophomores to keep an eye on this season according to Seth Davis of Sports Illustrated.

+ Cody Zeller was named the Big Ten’s Freshman of the Week for the third time.

+ The Big Ten tops the first conference ratings compiled by

+ Tom Crean tells that he received a text from his brother in-law Jim Harbaugh following the Hoosiers’ win at N.C. State. The text read: “You guys had execution with an edge.”

+ Indiana is seeded eighth in the west in the first NCAA Tournament bracket projection by NBC Sports.

+ Associated Press Top 25 voter Michael Phillips of the Richmond (Va.) Times-Dispatch tells Zach Osterman of Inside Indiana why he voted the Hoosiers No. 24 on his ballot this week.

+ Don Fischer voices his displeasure to Dan Dakich about student attendance at Assembly Hall and offers this solution: “My theory on this is, every time you don’t get 7,600 (students) there, you take away 1,000 tickets.” (Note: Fischer’s comments can be heard at the 9:40 mark of the podcast linked.)

+ Avi Zaleon of The Indiana Daily Student writes that Remy Abell enjoys being underestimated: “I like being underestimated because nobody really knows how good you are until you show it.”

+ Rick Bozich of The Louisville Courier-Journal examines this season’s historic start for Indiana, Kentucky and Louisville.

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  • Anonymous

    I find it interesting that Will is mentioned but Vic isn’t, but good press is good press for IU! Also, Vander Blue of Marquette was originally being recruited by CTC when he was at Marquette – just another example of Crean’s recruiting knowledge and talent

  • stonaroni

    I read Bozich’s article in the Louisville Courier Journal.  Man people just undersetimate IU Basketball and players these days.  I like where he says that between both teams the first 5 guys picked would be Kentucky players.  So Cody is not one of the best 5? Wow!

    Just like in the AP poll we get less votes than in the coaches poll.  Keep piling on media, announcers and journalists, IU wins 20+ games this year and is back to the top 25.  After next year I think we are top 10, then the nay-sayers will have to get back on the IU train.

    I heard Caipari being interviewed last night and he was asked about UK’s FT shooting and what he expects from IU.  He didn’t answer about IU.

    Later he was asked again about the game on Sat and he was nonchalant saying it would be a tough game.  He referred to CTC as “Tommy” and his compliment was that IU always has a game plan and they stick to it.  Great insight Calipari, does this mean you think you are going to roll into IU and just dominate?

    He said his team needs to keep learning and improving and as long as they do that, win or lose, that is all he can ask for.  I hope our fans are on point on Sat and louder than ever and we can force UK into some FR mistakes.  There is no way in hell that anyone on UK’s team has ever played on the road in an environment like Assembly Hall.  Nowhere in the SEC do fans care as much as we do about basketball.  UK has a few players who have played at the YUM Center in Louisville last year, but that place as an acoustical palace compared to Assembly Hall.

    I hope IU is the victor and Mr. Bozich can write a new article that doesn’t focus so much on UK and Louisville being #1 and #2 when they meet in a few weeks.

    And Mr. Bozich, please do not insult Bloomington, IU and the Hoosier fans and consider it as part of Kentuciana.

  • Anonymous

    UK’s biggest advantage going into the game is rebounding. They are top 5 in the nation, while we are like 130-something.   Giving up second chance points, kept us from blowing out NC State. They will get us beat by 10+ against Kentucky.  If we can keep the rebounding margin within 5, shoot 50% FG, and draw fouls, we will win the game.     I think their guys want to make the “hero” play, and will go for head fakes, we just need to ensure we jump into their body each time.       Terrance Jones is volatile on the court, I’d like to see Sheehey get in his head a little bit, mentally he can be taken out of the game, but he has the talent to be the best player on the floor.

  • Anonymous

    I wouldn’t read too much into it.  He writes in L’ville and that is what those people want to hear.  I think the game Saturday is a toss up.  It will be a good chance for IU to test their mettle.  I wasn’t overly impressed by UNC or UK, both had good athletes, but didn’t do anything spectacular as a team.

  • InTheMtns

    I recoiled when I read “Kentuciana.”

    I questioned his idea of picking the best five and not picking Cody, too. I’m guessing he means you’d pick your top player for each position and he thinks Davis and/or Jones are better than Cody as the bigs. Well, we’ll see.

    As for coaches and AP polls, let’s remember that probably 3/4 of these voters have never seen IU play (only one game on national TV so far). The media is always more inclined to go with the “darlings” anyway. Their underestimating IU could be fun for us!

    Bring the A game Saturday, boys!  Go IU!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Don’t forget Stoni that Calipari and Crean are actually friends. 

    This Saturday is going to be Amazing Basketball.

    Ohio State at Kansas followed up by KY at our Beloved Hoosiers.  A good saturday to just sit back and enjoy Basketball.

  • Anonymous

    Once again Don Fischer’s claim about student attendance is bull. I am a student and I was there but I was touching the rafters I was so high. Guess where my tickets are for the Kentucky game…you guessed it on the roof again. After 4 years of buying student tickets and I can still touch the ceiling its bullshit. How about Mr. Fischer asks Fred Glass to finally allow us an actual student section. Another thing that is bullshit is the idea of having “the largest student section in the country”, there is no section we are scattered throughout the whole arena. A student section is what you see at Illinois, Duke, Ohio State, Michigan, Michigan State when you are on the floor or right behind the benches. It has been a long time coming and it needs fixed. I have a lot of respect for Don Fischer but he couldn’t be more wrong on this one. 

  • Anonymous

    You are right, Jones does have the talent to be the best player on the floor.  I think we can body up and more or less neutralize Anthony Davis.  He will definitely impact the game on defense and he will probably have 2 or 3 dunks but I think we can get physical with him with Pritchard, Elston and Zeller.  I worry about Jones though.  Watford is going to be tasked with guarding him for the majority of the game.  He was very good against Leslie but Jones is constantly involved, has an array of moves and isn’t afraid of contact at all.   Sheehey is going to get some minutes on him as well I suppose but Jones will have the height advantage there. 

    So who guards who?
    -Davis- Zeller with Pritchard and Elston coming in to bang on him.
    -Jones- Watford with Pritchard and Elston and Sheehey helping.
    -Kidd-Gilchrist-Verdell (he really needs to show up Saturday)
    -Lamb- Hulls (big mismatch here, Hulls is physically overmatched.  He needs to just not get killed on this end)
    -Teague- Victor (force some turnovers and hassle him)

    Our bench has to outplay Darius Miller and their bench.  If we can get off to a hot start, get the crowd roaring, hit some three’s, get to the foul line and not get killed on the glass, we can shock the college basketball world.

  • INUnivHoosier

    I think you could’ve said a lot of that without the language. I digress.

    I was always mad that we didn’t have a formal, concentrated student section, and I was often in the rafters, but I was at every game all 4 years (sans the one that occurred during an exam). I agree that a lot of things could be changed to make the game experience even more exciting and bring the noise level up.

    They should do a thing like a lot of schools do where you attend games and get points. Based on these points your seating gets better over time.

  • Anonymous

    No need to curse in order to make your point.  You are correct though.  Indiana has the largest amount of tickets designated for students.  The lack of one section has been a complaint for years and it just won’t be fixed in the current building.  There are too many people who have seats down low that won’t give them up and give a lot of money to sit down there.  

  • Anonymous

    I agree somewhat with Fischer but the problem is IU hasnt been the team of greatness it used to be for longer than just the tom crean era.  There is a transition happening right now where our program is on the up to the top again and once we get there you will get the students back at games against “no-name” teams.  Yes the stetson game was pathetic attendence wise (i know Fischer is talking about over all not just that game just using it to serve a point) it was a early evening sunday game against stetson when the we are getting ready for the biggest game in a very long time and even though i believe we are back to NCAA tourney material many people and many students still have some doubts so it is somewhat understandable.  That being said, i am a student with season tickets and i WILL NOT miss a single game.  HOO HOO HOO HOOSIERS 

  • Anonymous

    Completely agree.  IU does a nice job of giving tix to students, but it would be much nicer if there was a legitimate student section.  This won’t be remedied until they move to a new facility, though, IMO.

    If you don’t like your rafters tickets, put them on stub hub.  I’m sure a lot of adults and alumni would give you good money for them.  Just don’t sell them to any UK fans!!

  • So_Cal_Hoosier

    I graduated this past May and I agree with you that the current system needs to change. I bought season tickets all four years (to watch pretty sub-par teams for 3 years) and attended every game possible. I cannot explain how infuriating it was when I was a senior up in the nosebleeds and saw groups of open seats right behind the basket or 15 rows up in the GA section.

    I would love to see an all General Admission system or a points system. The GA system is pretty self-explanatory and the points system would reward those that actually go to all of the games giving the most loyal fans and upperclassmen better tickets. I understand there is no perfect system, but there is definitely a better one than what is currently in place.

  • unclekerfuffle


    I hope this doesn’t come across as too personal or as being a jerk but with your bloodlines how did you end up at UK–did you lose a bet?  

    I could see going to Purdue if you wanted to study Engineering or Veterinary Science, but UK?

  • So_Cal_Hoosier

    Hopefully an admin or Mitch Raven can edit the post before it gets deleted? I think you have some great points that a lot of people have an opinion on. If you’re new, ITH tries to keep the comments pretty respectable.

  • unclekerfuffle

    I was one of the old guys at the game Sunday and I commented to my buddy that there were a lot of open good seats on the east side of the Hall–we were in Section A.  He commented that there seemed to be too many people in the balcony to have that many empty seats on the main level.

    It looked to me that there were people who had tickets but weren’t allowed to sit on the main level.  Maybe the general admission ticket for students is the way to go.  Whatever the system that is being used now, it seems to upset lots of people and still results in empty seats.

  • Anonymous

    Totally off topic: anybody know the line for the KY game?  

  • TL

    I recall one pundit saying about the 2010 recruiting class that the only people excited about Sheehey and Oladipo signing were their parents.  I thought that was a pretty funny comment at the time, but CTC certainly deserves credit for seeing the potential in these late, lightly recruited pickups.

  • IUJeff

    UK has better athletes. We have a better teamwork.

    They will play for the name on the back of the jersey, we’ll play for the name on the front.

    We’ll see who wins. Fundamentally sound bball and jump shots or steet ball and dunks.

  • Bozich article is biased as you would expect.  This will be a close game – but face it pUKe is more talented this yr then they have ever been.  Davis is the best frosh in college.  Nevertheless, with the depth and tenacity we now have the talent to make this a game.  If the game is close (4 pts or less with 2 minutes to go) then we win (pressure on the pUKe frosh is a negative for them at Assembly hall).

    Next yr we win hands down.  Deeper and quicker than now. 

    We should be in the top 20 in 2 weeks – doesn’t make a difference now – but I like the fact that we are already pencilled into the NCAA.  Nothing like a tournament experience to help with VO, Will, and CZ.  Add in next yrs class and we should be a 1-3 instead of an 8-9 seed. 

  • Southport65

    Kentucky has us out manned but we have better Basketball IQ. I see where most think Vic
    should guard Teague but I think he should be on someone else and let Hulls tackle Teague.
    Granted it was a couple years ago but every time Bloomington played Pike Hulls got the best of Teague and had him talking to him self. Just a thought because he is easily rattled. I am sure Coach has a plan and the players will work the plan for him.

  • Anonymous

    I apologize about the language I did not know the rules. Mike that is a good idea about being able to move down at halftime. I even think there could be something to the effect of all the GA seats being first come first served and then who gets there late has to sit up in the balcony. 

  • Linback93

    I think VO needs to be on Lamb or Kidd-Gilchrist and Hulls on Teague. Teague hasn’t done much this season and i think he would match up bettter physically with him.

  • JerryCT

    Totally agree. It is a disservice to Hulls and the team to assign him to a scorer like Lamb ………… especially when he may have some experience defending Teague .

    If I am not mistaken in the IN/KY all star games Remy defended him  ………… I recall his success might have been ………………. non existent ……….. somebody else might know.

    I look for Remy off the bench in this one to give Hulls a rest

  • Anonymous

    calbert40 I still love going to the games it is just annoying to hear complaints about students attendance (not just from Don) when I have gone to every game for 4 years. Also you couldn’t use student tickets unless you have a student ID, you don’t think the school would ever let us make fair market value do you?

  • Anonymous

    I agree with most of your match-ups. However, I think we need to plan an attack that contains rather than tries to shutdown. We just don’t have the all-around athleticism to do that. So with that in mind, here are the people that need to contain…

    + Zeller (with help from Pritch and Elston) needs to contain Davis. 12 pts 6 rebs is ok. 20 and 12 is not ok.

    + If we get the Watford from the second half of the NC State game, put him on Jones. If we get the Watford from the first half of the NC State game, I think Gilchrist is a better match-up. UK is not looking to run their offense through Gilchrist. + Sheehey should guard the other. VJ compromises us way too much on the defensive end. + Hulls needs to contain Lamb. Lamb isn’t going to drive a whole lot. But Jordy’s HAS to get a hand in his face around the 3pt line. + Vic (with help from Remy, and Danny Moore) will lock-down Teague. Teague is the biggest weak link that we need to captialize on. We also need to have Cody touch the ball every time down the floor. The chink in UK’s defense is their perimeter defense. If we can get Jordy some good looks from 3, I think we will be in business. 

  • Derbus

    IU will have a swagger and not be intimidated by the ‘blue bloods/future NBAers’ from pUKe.  This is going to be EPIC!!! after IU deflates their egos. 
    VO/Remy  on Teague or Lamb.
    Sheehey on Jones would freak him out.
    The Movement is going up another leve this Saturday!!!

  • Anonymous

    My argument is to just make it all GA but the balcony is also part of the student section. Keep those two sections on the main level student seats. If you get there early you get main level seating, late you get stuck in the balcony. 

  • Anonymous

    If that were the case a whole lot of people are stupid because, despite the fact that they may not have shown the talent last year they’ve shown this year, the level of athleticism possessed by each of them is readily obvious to anyone who pays a modicum of attention.

  • Anonymous

    Don’t get too worked up, he’s an IU grad so he has some insight.

    I for one, though, refuse to use the term “Kentuckiana” in conversation.

  • Southport65

    Jerry I only remember one of the games and Teague got 18 points but he had to take 20 shots to get 7 buckets with Remy on him. I think Hulls or Remy maybe able to shut him down which would cause huge problems for KY’s offense.

  • Anonymous

    With the exception of Lamb and maybe Miller, outside shooting is not Kentucky’s strong point (reminiscent of the team two years ago that lost to West Virginia because the cast of elite athletes had a game where they couldn’t throw one in the ocean,) so there may well be cause for using that game as the blueprint.  If I remember correctly WVU used a zone.  If you do, you better get out on Lamb (who, I may point out, my daughter–a very sharp pre-teen–identified as a guy who “looks like the (mentally challenged alien) in ‘Space Jam’.”

  • Anonymous

    There is no logistical way to “move down” at halftime, though.  It’s impossible to identify which seats are unoccupied and which may be people who’ve gone to the restroom/concession stands.

  • Anonymous

    Funny you’d say that because the UK fans generally claim he’s biased against them because he doesn’t drink the Kool-Aid and calls things as he sees them.  Most UK fans think he’s a U of L shill, which is also incorrect.  I suppose if you’re pissing EVERYONE off you’re staying balanced. lol

  • InTheMtns

    Listened to Rick Bozich and Eric Crawford on the Courier-Journal’s webcast. They
    were 100% sure that IU has no chance against UK. No chance whatsoever. No one on
    our team can match up with UK’s players, no one can drive without them stealing
    the ball, no way we can run with them, out score them or defend them. Well,
    that’s one perspective. I hope the UK players are as over confident as Crawford and

  • Anonymous

    I have no doubt we will use a zone for parts of the game.  However, we don’t use a zone much so I don’t expect to see it for more than small portions of the game.

  • Anonymous

    Pritchard and Elston are going to have to use all of their fouls.  Let’s just hope all 5 blown on TP are legitimate and not the excessive exhaling calls he tends to acquire.

  • Anonymous

    Jerry, I am interested to know how you think we should defend Jones and Davis.  I think Pritchard should play 20 minutes or so (more if he is being especially effective) and spend the majority of the time being physical with Davis.  He will also help on Jones but I think his physicality could bother Davis a bit.  Plus, Davis is a very poor free throw shooter and we know Pritchard will be picking up a few fouls. 

  • IUfanPurduePhD

    The real question here: do you pronounce it “mahd-icum” or “MODEicum”?

  • IUfanPurduePhD

    I’m going to call foul on that one (and I should know, ha ha).

  • IUfanPurduePhD

    Jerry wants to go all Gene Hackman in “Hoosiers” and send four players onto the court, with Pritch guarding both Jones and Davis.

  • IUfanPurduePhD

    Let’s just hope all five blown on TP won’t average one per minute.

  • Anonymous

    No one is giving IU a chance in this one.  I think a lot of people are in denial that Indiana Basketball is well on its way back.  

    By the way, did anyone see what Calipari put on his twitter about wearing red shirts over the pUKe stuff, then taking it off and leaving it in Assembly Hall?  The scumbag wants to trash the place.  That guy has some serious issues.

  • Mister Slippery

    I like the foul language and whatever you feel about Fish’s comments – get your lazy butts in the seats you little weazels!

  • Anonymous

    Alex Bozich > Rick Bozich plain and simple

  • JerryCT

    I felt Davis got a bit dejected vs UNC after a half of Zeller blocking him off the boards. His energy level dropped IMO. We have to push him away from where he wants to be . So TP can play a role there and banged pretty nicely last year with Harrellson.

    As for s Jones strategy

    + If I were CTC I might think of a BOX and ONE zone with CW and/or TP constantly on Jones. He is the most consistent of the scorers , a good passer as well so I want to a) deny him the ball then b) make him bounce it toward Zeller. I also want KY to prove they can shoot the 3 at our place.

    + No switching on screens and no help on the driver. I fear a Jones ball screen , Hulls trying to duck under , CW too slow to hedge , and then BOTH Jones and Teague/Lamb get open. If Teague can draw the weakside help the other guys can kill us. I would want to force Teague to beat us . Thus , its ok to help on Jones but not on Teague

  • JerryCT

    I think its time again for him to pull out the blue tongue technique  …………… there no rule on that is there ?

  • Anonymous

    Correct-I remember him covering sports for the IDS.

  • IUfanPurduePhD

    No response to my ridiculous “Hackman in ‘Hoosiers'” comment?  You’re getting soft, Jerry.

  • Anonymous

    Ha, I was actually thinking about a box and one, too, but then I thought about Lamb getting hot from outside. What about a triangle and 2?