Moore’s defense sparks Hoosiers

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Daniel Moore is used to playing just a couple minutes at a time.

He knows his role for Indiana is to provide energy off the bench and make the starters better in practice.

So when coach Tom Crean inserted Moore into the starting lineup to begin the second half against Stetson Sunday afternoon, Moore simply did what he does best.

The senior guard had two steals and two assists early in the second half, sparking an Indiana team that led just 33-29 at the break. Moore didn’t score, but finished the game with three steals, three assists and, according to Crean, a career-high 10 deflections.

“It’s not really anything you can practice,” Moore said after the Hoosiers’ 84-50 win. “I just know I’m only going to get a couple minutes at a time, so I’ve got to make them count. If it’s two minutes, then I can’t really waste 30 seconds or a minute kind of getting myself loose. I’ve got to be ready from the first play I get in.”

Crean said Moore was a big reason the Hoosiers opened the second half on a 7-0 run and outscored the Hatters 51-21 in the final 20 minutes. Moore pressured his man all over the court and took Stetson out of its comfort zone.

“I’m really pleased with how he ran the team,” Crean said. “He played under control but, at the same time, he played very fast, which is what we needed.

“Spark with a capital ‘S’ to start the second half.”

Moore, a former walk-on, has seen his minutes diminish as Crean has brought in more talent. He played only three minutes against Butler on Nov. 27 and didn’t see the court Wednesday night against N.C. State.

But that hasn’t fazed Moore.

“I just try to keep doing what I do well,” Moore said. “I’m not going to score a lot or do anything much more than that. I know my role, and I try to do that well.”

The Carmel, Ind. native brought the crowd to its feet with two alley-oop passes in the second half – one to Victor Oladipo and the other to Tom Pritchard.

Moore tried to get Pritchard – another senior who now gets fewer minutes – a dunk earlier in the game, but the pass was knocked away by a Stetson defender.

“Tom’s my buddy,” Moore said, “so I try to get him a bucket every now and then.”

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  • Anonymous

    Remy has three steals in 54 minutes this year; Moore seven steals in sixty.  The numbers don’t agree with you that Remy can do “the same thing” Moore did.  Each has his strengths and weaknesses, just like all the players, and it’s hard to argue that Crean didn’t take the right tool out of his toolbox to start the second half.

  • stonaroni

    Oldguyy, Remy has 3 steals in 54 minutes and Moore has 7 in 60 min and you say the numbers don’t agree that Remy can do “the same thing” Moore can. Those 4 extra steals probably ended up resulting in 4 points, add that to the 2 FT Moore has made this year and now he has 6 points. Throw in his 10 Asst equaling about 23 points in addition to the 6 so now Moore is responsible for 29 points.

    Remy has scored 20 points and has 5 Asst.  Those 5 Asst probably is 11 points equaling  31 points.

    Advantage Remy in points and 6 less minutes of action.

    Throw in Remy’s ability to make an impact defensively against bigger, faster guards like NC St where Moore didn’t even play and I think that is where we see his greatest impact, on defense.

    I will not even go into the amount of points Moore gives up compared to what he produces. He gets beaten off the dribble with ease against bigger guards who either score or force another guy to collapse on help side which means someone id open and now the opponent is playing 5 on 4 basketball.

    It more about hustle and energy.

  • Anonymous

    I like how hard Moore works and his hustle, but Remy needs to be getting his minutes.  I know a lot of you are going to criticize me, but Moore should be seeing very little playing time.  He may get some deflections or shut down a mid-major guard for a couple minutes, but Remy needs experience.  He is big, strong, and athletic.  He will help IU win competitive Big Ten games.  Moore will not.  In the long run, it will be the most helpful for Remy to be getting more minutes than Daniel Moore.

  • Anonymous

    If I remember correctly, Moore didnt play against NC ST, and RA did. My point is, its Stetson! Abel will play way more than Moore in Big Ten play. So relax my fellow Hoosiers!

  • 11th and Done (Dunn)

    I can’t disagree with you, but when defenses are backing off of you by ten feet, you’ve got the green light. I can’t imagine that some who shoots jumpers everyday can shoot that horribly. What I have seen he seemed to have a decent stroke.

  • The_Real_Assembly_Hall

    I like Daniel’s energy and his commitment. I love Remy’s upside and future. What can I say? I am torn.

  • InTheMtns

    CTC wasn’t giving Danny minutes because he’s a Senior or out of loyalty. He wasn’t “giving” him minutes. He played him because Danny could deliver what he wanted. CTC has told us his reason for starting Danny was because he wanted someone who would play fast, push the ball up court really quickly and who would pressure the ball on defense. Remy played 3 minutes in the first half and he didn’t play fast or push the ball – he mostly played at the same pace the starters were playing (which is perfectly understandable for a freshman).

    Maybe some of the disagreement here is because there are differing views about what the goals of playing teams like Stetson are. Some would argue the first goal should be player development but I don’t think that’s CTC view. I think the order of goals for him is: 1) win, 2) develop a team that knows how to win, 3) develop individual players.

    CTC didn’t like what he saw the team doing in the first half and despite his telling them to change it, they didn’t. That affects both goal 1 and 2. So, he changed the lineup to start the second half.

    Maybe he changed it to make a point and send a message to the starters but I think his foremost reason was to ensure a win and to have the team play the style of basketball they need to play to be successful later.

    I don’t think CTC saw the start of the second half as a time for working on player development. His focus at that point was on winning and developing a team that knows how to win. He went with a player he knew was fully capable of doing what he wanted in this game (different game, maybe a different player). Once the second-half starters had set the tone and ensured the first two goals, CTC was then willing to move on to player development time.

  • Daveeh45

    With Yogi coming in next year i don’t see Remy getting alot of playing time next year.

  • Anonymous

    No lecture intended.

  • Anonymous

    Not really. When IU beat MN at Bloomington, it was Danny contesting MN’s last shot, that did not go in.

  • Anonymous

    We just disagree. No problem with that.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t know about that.  Jones will be gone and it’s already been seen that Crean likes to play Hulls off the ball so that only leaves Remy (or perhaps Patterson,) as the other option at PG.

  • Anonymous

    Milla look!!! A dead horse! Let’s everybody kill it some more.

  • Anonymous

    Im not sure where you were sitting during the game or where you sit during practice, but i’m guessing Coach has a better view of what’s going on than any of us do. Sure, Coach could have started Remy or AE to please you and some others, but he didn’t. Probably a reason.

    I would love for Remy to get major minutes against “them” in this next would put a step in my stride if he records a Mo Creek like performance..really it would. But whomever Coach plays, i will trust his decisions along those lines.

  • Anonymous

    At this point, i honestly hope DM starts the game and has a career game in an IU win…then, you can bask in the glory of being so right about him.