• wmrobinson717

    Very happy Danny received the scholarship he has earned in the last 3 1/2 years.  No other walk-on in the nation has done more.

  • Anonymous

    Reporter: What did he say to you at halftime?

    VJIII: He didn’t have to say anything. We knew coming in at half what we had to do…

    So what, you guys just chilled and drank some Gatorade? Lol. I’m glad this team is at the point where nothing needs to be said at halftime when they lead a team by Stetson at home by only 4 points. Having said that, Coach Knight probably would have torn this team down in the locker room and made them go out there and destroy this team and make sure they destroyed the next team too. I’m happy with the way these kids responded in the second half though. I hope it’s a dog fight next week, but I’ll settle for a wildcat beatdown. 😉