• Aceman_Mujezinovic_07

    There may be a better combo type guard out there but there is NO WAY there is a better pure PG in the country!

    If I was a college basketball recruit, I’d be signing to go play with Yogi because he’s gonna make me better.  I’m surprised there’s not ten more top recruits lined up and begging CTC to take them just because of Yogi. 

  • MillaRed

    The difference between being a legit national championship contender and not is pictured above.

  • jacobdetroy

    Oh, man. Just for fun who is your 8 man rotation when the season tips next November? . . .

  • Anonymous

    We can only pick 8?  I say play our starting lineup this year (minus VJIII, add WS) to start the game.  Then rotate the 5 freshman in.  It is going to be extremely competitive next year.  Practices next year might be some of the best competition they see. 

    Yogi is only going to get better with guys like Patterson, VO & RA guarding him in practice.  Hollowell will get better with WS & VO guarding him in practice.  CWat and Perea battling.  CZ and Jurkin.  And the best thing is Jordy playing “Professor X” leading and teaching all of these guys.  WOW!!!

  • Anonymous

    This is what we are missing right now.  We have combo guards playing point.  There is no real penetration accept from the wings every once in a while.  Plus, Yogi can find anyone.  This is who Cody is really excited to play with next year.  I think Yogi and Cody learned a lot from each other last summer (’10).

  • Anonymous

    wow!  he can shoot the rock, drive and drop dimes!  this year is shaping up to be pretty awesome…next year? watch out!!

  • Anonymous

    The starting lineup from this year and subbing in the freshman was slightly joking.  Although it will probably be 3 or 4 out of those guys.  I think CTC mentioned something about playing freshman recently.  If VO/WS make the same strides this coming summer as they did last year I don’t know if you can keep them out of the starting lineup.  CZ will be a starter again.  I am still not giving up on CWat, if he can play with intensity he could be pretty solid.  He needs to rebound more and FINISH. 

    VO – develop a good consistent shot
    WS – work on consistency from deep/handling the ball
    CZ – just keep working out
    CWat – go hard every play, every workout

    I think that Yogi will be starting early and RA will be getting more time at the point with JHs moving more towards a shooters role.  I don’t doubt that Hanner could come in an contribute in a major way from day 1 but I think he will come in and provide the spark much the same way WS is doing this year. 

  • IUJeff

    It is on next year. 

    What if I were to tell you that in addition to our returning players, next year we would trade:

    VJ3, Roth, Pritchard, and Moore 


    Yogi, Perea, Hollowell, Jurkin, and Patterson

    Scary huh?

  • MillaRed

    We give up too much size with Yogi and Jordy in the lineup. I don’t see it.

    I don’t see Jordy giving up his starting position either. Wouldn’t be right. If we think CTC is loyal to Verdell, wait til you see his devotion to Jordy.

    This is a fun thing to think about. I will take my shot.

    PG Hulls
    SG VO
    SF Will
    PF CWat
    C Zeller

    1st off – Yogi for JH and he gets major minutes, and at times they will play together

    2nd – Hollowell for CWat

    3rd – Hanner for Cody unless Elston holds him off

    4th – Remy or Buss as needed for defense, foul trouble, energy. I think their minutes will be limited

    I think Jurkin needs a year of work. And AE really has to improve to move ahead of the above. But he may be able to take Roth’s roll.

  • MillaRed

    The scary thing is, these guys would whip their butts right now. Gives you an idea of where our program is coming from.

  • Anonymous

    Yes, it is really fun thinking about it.

    I don’t know how long JH will be able to hold off Yogi though.  I do like the idea of JH developing as a floor general this year and having a year to turn the keys over to Yogi. 

    Not only starting lineups but thinking about situational lineups.

    Defensive –
    CZ, Hanner, WS, VO, RA?

    Shooting –
    Yogi, JH, AE, CWat, CZ?

    Dunks –
    Yogi, VO, WS, Hanner, CZ?

    I think we could go on about it for the next year, and probably will on and off.

  • N71

    I walked into Park Tudor the other day with my son and several of his grade school basketball teammates looking for the gym we were to be playing in.  We bumbled onto the varsity team’s practice and you should have seen the reaction of my son and these little guys.  Their eyes widened, their mouths slowly openned, and then one says, “It’s Yogi” in a loud whisper to his buddies.  You would have thought they just saw Santa Claus. 

    Yogi is obviously a great player but there’s something more going on here…he’s a star in the making.  He plays a style of game which is fun to watch and unique, kind of like Jason Kidd when he was young and you really hadn’t seen too many people play at that pace.  Derrick Rose as well, it doesn’t seem possible for someone to play under control at that speed.  There are great shooters all across Indiana, some big guys, and good point guards but I have never seen anyone as fast as Yogi in person.  Go see a game this year, pay a few dollar cover to get in, buy a pop corn for $1, and just sit back and enjoy.  If you can make it a game where he’s playing Ron Patterson or Jeremy Hollowell great.  Make it a point to watch the little kid’s faces in the crowd, they won’t take their eyes off Yogi, they love him.

    Yogi will be a rock star by the time he’s a sophmore and starting for IU.  They will be a top 5 team and he’ll be the person folks want to interview because he’s charming.  He’s a great kid, great leader, etc.  IU is in good hands with Jordy and Yogi at the helm.

  • IUJeff

    Would be a great game. The current team wouldn’t go down w/out a fight though.

    The program Is definitely on the rise. An exciting time for IU fans.

    You think top 5 in the B1G this year gets CTC National Coach of the Year honors?