Podcast on the Brink: Episode 4

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Much like Indiana basketball, Podcast on the Brink is back.

Matt Dollinger and Greg Rosenstein (who was at last night’s game) discuss IU’s 86-75 victory over NC State as well as the Hoosiers’ surprising 7-0 start this season.

The two also talk about Indiana’s tournament chances, fans’ reaction to the win, the curious tale of Christian Watford and what it was like to cover a game in Raleigh.

At the end of the show, the hosts take your questions from Twitter and debate how many games IU will win this season, whether or not the Hoosiers are a top 25 team and how the cream and crimson will do against Stetson (hint: win).

So tune in and enjoy. As always, feel free to drop us a note at [email protected].

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  • Yes, Watford doesn’t need to hover around the 3 point line all the time, but to say a guy who’s shooting 45% from 3 doesn’t need to shoot them isn’t very smart.  The better his outside game becomes the more effective he’ll be off the bounce as people have to come out and guard him even tighter. Watford needs to do what he’s effective at, and that is not playing with his back to the basket.

  • Can’t say I disagree. Watford hasn’t proven himself able to finish around the basket consistently and seems more comfortable scoring from 3 and in the midrange game. Agree with Brad and disagree with our esteemed host Mr. Dollinger.

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    Too many calls going IU’s way?  I completely disagree.  I thought it was lop-sided the other way – in NC St’s favor.  Zeller was fouled on at least 3 occasions while shooting; blocks looked OK, but lots of body contact.  Two missed goal tending calls, then one called on Wat.  Countless touch fouls on IU.  I do agree that the flagrant was wrong, but that didn’t dictate the game.  The calls in IU’s favor at the end all seemed legit – they beat State to nearly every loose ball, steals, etc.  Worst of all was how Elmore mentioned (10 times) that Leslie was by far the most athletic player on the court…and later was swatted by Oladipo. 

  • Think of the flagrant as an intentional foul and it will all make sense.  It was not how hard he fouled him it was the fact he didn’t make an attempt at the ball.  Watch it again.

  • Anonymous

    Just a quick comment related to our players holding each other accountable…you mentioned Jordy calling out Watford on the defensive assignment.

    Sheehey actually did the same to Watford vs. Butler for missing a block out during a free throw attempt.  Got right in Watford’s grill too.  He even told him to switch places.  Watford said he got it and kept his spot closest to the basket.  Pretty sure he secured the rebound, but still got pushed pretty far underneath.

    I like that these guys are calling each other out – sure he’s our best inside/outside threat, but the team understands that it’s the little things that separate a 20+ win team from a 16-18 win team.  

  • InTheMtns

    At at one point in this game, C-Wat spoke sternly to Cody, I think maybe telling him to calm down a little and stick to his game. Cody nodded. It’s really good to see them calling each other out, helping each other out and encouraging each other.

  • InTheMtns

    I think Wood was making an attempt at the ball. But in reality, he had NO chance
    at actually getting the ball. And since his other arm was almost wrapped around
    Vic on the other side, the best interpretation of his effort was that he was
    trying to keep Vic from making the play. Which is and always has been an
    intentional foul, or as they call it now, a flagrant-1 foul. As you said, it
    isn’t how hard, it is the intent to stop a player instead of stopping the ball.

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    Didn’t notice that, but love to hear it.

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    I think the important thing to learn from this Podcast is that Alex is a ladies man! Drop his name and you’re good to go! 

    Once again a great Podcast!

  • Hoosiers are 7-0, I think saying IU badly needs Watford to play down low is really nitpicking at this point.

  • Anonymous

    Plus with CW playing outside the post isn’t clogged for our slashers (VO and WS). Let CZ draw the double team and dish to CW or Jordy for the open three.

  • Anonymous

    Each season ITH gets better, and this is the star of the additions this year. In-depth, on-point, and most importantly entertaining discussion of all things Hoosier Basketball. It gets the game analysis right on, but I also love the insider discussions of things us everyday fans don’t get a chance to see.

    Keep up the good work, guys.

  • MPmike

    Also, he complained about IU getting the calls at the end. Come on man! Can you see that IU was the aggressor in the second half which leads to more fouls going your way. What are you watching? Oh yeah, the officials got the call right on the Oladipo foul going to the basket. Scott Wood did grab V. Oladipo around the top of his shoulder while he was trying to go up with the basketball.

  • Matt

    Man it was a high quality conversation until that

  • Anonymous

    IIRC the commentators mentioned NCAA is wanting refs to crack down on flagrant fouls, such that the action by Wood was, in fact, flagrant.  Specifically it was the two hand grab that did it and qualified it as flagrant.   

    The effect the call had was giving the Hoosiers some momentum to win.  Great win, Hoosiers.  Even if it was iffy it’s nice to have them finally go IU’s way.

  • Anonymous

    I agree.  We all know Butler isn’t as good as last year blah blah, but the win against them as well the win against NC State is good enough given they are undefeated.  Give me break, if those damned Spartans can get loads of votes after losing against both their top 25 opponents while playing creampuffs (and they are despite the ESPN gushfests), the Hoosiers deserve more.

    That said, I’m only cautiously optimistic.