Film Session: Butler

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Indiana brought defensive intensity against Butler on Sunday night and forced the Bulldogs into not one, but two shot clock violations.

A look at those two possessions, as well as a Victor Oladipo block in the latest edition of Film Session.


Butler isn’t able to get anything going, so Ronald Nored looks to the bench to get another play going with 18 seconds to go on the shot clock:

Andrew Smith uses his body to try and give Nored some separation:

But Oladipo stays with him and he picks up his dribble:

Nored kicks it over to Khyle Marshall, who looks for a posted-up Smith. With Zeller covering Smith, he passes back up to Nored:

With the shot clock winding down, Smith comes up to set a pick for Nored, but it’s not strong enough and Oladipo fights through:

Nored gives it up to Smith, and the big man notices just four seconds remain on the clock:

He fires a contested three — not usually a shot he’d take — and it hits only the backboard as the clock expires:



After a lot of passing around the perimeter, Smith sets a pick for Jackson Aldridge:

Sheehey switches onto Aldridge, who then passes to Garrett Butcher:

Hulls recovers out to him, so he passes back up top to Aldridge:

With just five seconds left on the shot clock, Aldridge decides to go to the rim:

Sheehey and Zeller are there, and his shot only hits the backboard, thus not re-setting the shot clock:

Butcher is able to snag the rebound, but with Zeller’s big body in front of him, he tries one ball fake before going up with the shot … which comes too late as time expires:



The sophomore grabs a rebound and pushes it up the court as Nored pursues from behind:

Oladipo slows down a bit and dribbles high:

Which allows Nored to get the steal:

Nored only has Hulls in front of him, as Oladipo sprints from behind:

Hulls bodies Nored to the left as Oladipo begins to jump:

Oladipo skys in the air and is able to block his shot:

Impressive, LeBron-like move from Oladipo here.


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  • Anonymous

    Great recovery by Vic.  The whole time he was dribbling I was yelling to look out behind him but he didn’t listen to me.  A lot of guys just get down at that point but he took it as a challenge to stop Butler from profitting off of his error.

  • Anonymous

    Did anyone see where Vic jumped from?  Wow that man is athletic!


     Oladipo,this man never gives up on a play, he can sky with the best of them! CTC has a real eye for talent, him and Sheehey are really great players, as I have said before this team could go alot further then many people think! Top 4 or 5 in the B10 is a real possibility. Wed. nights game will tell how well they handle the road, if that goes well who knows what the limit is for this team! These guys are playing great team ball, and that can take you a long way!
    GO BIG RED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sgrantm

    There are a few youtube comments on Zeller’s dunk vs Butler calling “The Big Handsome.” I think I like that…

  • Anonymous

    Unbelievable!  I don’t know which is more impressive, though: where he jumped from, or the fact that he was able to catch up with Nored in the first place.

  • Anonymous

    Defensive denying the pass or dribble lanes has been a constant this year, this is because in the post we now have a mobile player who sees the floor and is able to anticipate the angles and position. On the perimeter there appears to be three players doing the same. I really like Elson in the other front court position and Oladipo in the wing with is defense and athleticism.

    That leaves two seniors eventually coming off the bench, Wadkins and Jones III, which would make this team much stronger.

  • InTheMtns

    We’ve lamented in the past about IU not being able to get a defensive stop
    at a critical time.

    Score tied 12-12 and Butler still feeling like they are very much in the
    game. D forces them into shot clock violation and we score on the next

    We’re up by 2, Butler steals the ball and looks to tie the game, still
    feeling very much like they are in the game. Vic blocks the shot.

    We’re up by 3 in second half and Butler looking to bring it to 1 or tie,
    and D forces them into shot clock violation.

    Love seeing these defensive stops. Great stuff!

  • Southport65

    I am guessing u mean Watford but he is a junior,Jones is a senior. While there is no doubt WS has earned a starting job that may not be what he wants. Some players respond better off the bench. He comes in and adds a spark to the team and still gets the same game time minutes so if Coach and WS feel this is best no problem.
    If he wants to start he has earned it. His spark to the team reminds me of super sub back in the 70’s however WS is more athletic. I was glad to see coach give Jones and Watford a quick seat to the pine when they played poorly in the past he could not do that but with this years bench it is now possible. I think it will help them both learn they are entitled to start they must earn it making them more focused on playing to their strengths. 

  • Southport65

    Last should read “help them learn they are not entitled” sorry my bad

  • MillaRed

    Did ITH have a write up about Indiana’s defense? Our defense? The world has been turned upside down!

  • CoachB

    On the first series it says that Butler looks inside to Smith but Zeller is defending.  In addition, Elston is playing great defense on the wing and not giving the wing defender a clear view of the post.  He has his hands in the Butler players face and the Butler player is on his back leg leaning away from the hoop out of positon.  Post defense is greatly aided by terrific wing defense. 

  • guest

    check out “thebighandsome” on twitter.  it is very funny

  • JerryCT

    Real good point on DE. He moves into the passing angle as well. Since the wing is the best spot to feed the post this kind of defense is critical for protecting Cody .

  • Anonymous

    constructive criticism on a blog is one thing, bashing a player on twitter is an entirely different level.  WOW!  these are young men seeking an education and playing a game of basketball at college that most of us only wish we could have done.  we need to be cheering for our players not bashing them.  i think the fans energy will play a huge role in some of the tougher B1G games at home.  i hope it is only one person and not a group or that it doesn’t catch on and more “fans” start doing this.
    keep your head up young man, prove your critics wrong!!!

    GO HOOSIERS!!!!!

  • JerryCT

    I think it is fair to say that as we fans have become more optimistic about our team the games begin to be more meaningful and significant to our program.

    The NCS game is perhaps the first ( unless Pitt at MSG ) game under CTC where the team can win and take major leap forward in confidence or lose and begin to wonder again where we stand.

    It also strikes me that only one person on our team has any experience in this type of situation and that is ……………………… the coach.

    I am looking for him to have hidden some weapons to pull out if we need them like maybe

    + a press or trap defense
    + an exotic half court defense
    + a Hi-Lo scheme w CZ, CW, DE, TP

  • Anonymous

    On a side note, I just received a call from the Lawrence central athletic director about the Hoosier showcase on feb4th. It’s a four game slate featuring perea vs jurkin, yogi vs lyles, buss vs blackmon, and hollowell vs hartman…. They notified me that I was able to purchase tickets for the event on their website. I bought/printed my ticket for $10 and it pays for all four games… Get em quick before they sell out.

  • Anonymous

    I’d be very intrigued to see us press for a decent amount of time if the situation calls for it. I’d say we’ll likely be seeing a 1-3-1 zone at some point to fulfill that exotic defense slot.

  • Anonymous

    It’s cliche to yell at your fast break defense to stop the ball, but JH shows why it is so important on VO’s (absolutely great) block.  JH didn’t quite stop the ball but he slowed down Nored just enough for VO to clean it up. 

    Love the video breakdowns.