Film Session: Sheehey’s 10 straight

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Between the 11:09 and 9:21 mark in the second half of Indiana’s win over Garnder-Webb, Will Sheehey scored 10 straight points for the Hoosiers.

“They were all in the flow of the game; they were all from great passes,” said the sophomore after the win.

A fitting line for Indiana’s offense through five games.

A deeper look at Sheehey’s buckets in the latest edition of Film Session.


Cody Zeller gets the ball in the corner and passes to a cutting-under-the-basket Victor Oladipo:

Double-teamed, Oladipo throws a nifty pass to Sheehey:

Who easily dunks it home:


Off a Garnder-Webb make, Jordan Hulls pushes it up the floor, as Sheehey calls for the ball:

Hulls makes the pass:

Sheehey receives it and lays it in for two:


Off a Gardner-Webb miss, Hulls against pushes it up the court and passes to Sheehey:

Sheehey pushes it up:

He stops and pops for two:


Verdell Jones passes to an open Jordan Hulls on the right wing:

Hulls makes a move baseline, as Sheehey cuts into the lane from the left wing:

Hulls makes the pass:

Sheehey makes a move and puts it in for two:


Sheehey sets a pick for Jones:

Jones attracts both defenders, leaving Sheehey open:

Sheehey converts the jumper for his 10th straight point:

Lots of variation on these scores — showing off Sheehey’s offensive versatility.

Video of the five baskets:

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  • Anonymous

    Sheehey just keeps getting better. He is confident and a burst of energy off the bench. I look for him to play a major role in the next 4 weeks.

  • oldred1976

    I remember hearing a few snickers when “all we got was VO and Will” in our recruiting class a couple years ago. I don’t think anybody is snickering any more!   GO Hoosiers!

  • Anonymous

    Indeed – very funny to think back at how many people were questioning Crean’s recruiting back then.

  • Anonymous

    Will and Vic ended up being 2 great finds for IU…They have the talent and the drive to improve.  Will is a perfect 6th man…anyone remember Vinny “the microwave” Johnson from the Pistons? 
    plus factor in Elston…those are 2 very solid players that can drain shots, grab boards and provide a spark.

  • Anonymous

    The pick/roll is very nice. I’d like to see quite a bit more of that with VO/WS going forward. Maybe some with Roth and AE if they could work it out. 

  • Anonymous

    Agreed. All you have to do is look at the Marquette classes(some Indiana kids too). He recruited great there. They were kind of in a slump for a while until he got there. He turned that program around. Built the foundation for what they’re doing,even now. But in the grand scheme of things, who cares about Marquette. CTC is coaching my beloved HOOSIERS.

  • Jonrobling

    I love having Will come off the bench, and it looks like he has embraced that role.  He is our best player at moving without the ball, and at 6’6″ he is a tough cover for other wing players.  He can dribble well in traffic and he has added a nice lil pull up jumper.  If he can tighten up his defense a bit and improve his three point accuracy then he has All Big Ten honors ahead of him during his career at IU. 

    And like someone else pointed out earlier, what a great recruiting tandem Will and Vic are.  They are two athletic players with good size for their position, and they also appear to be great Student Athletes. 

  • jaywiz

    To add to that, Ive noticed himmoving without the ball extremely well. Where I see it is in his cutting. He just has a knack for luring his defender to sleep for a split second and he has the athleticism to take advantage. Here’s hoping to seeing that many more times for the next 3 yrs.

  • Mister Slippery

    I’m really pleased with the team makeup. Over time it will be good to have more frontcourt depth, but this team is solid. Can’t wait to beat pUKe and rocket into the polls.

  • Anonymous

    The cut through the lane (#4) was my favorite because I remember thinking as it happened, “THAT is the kind of stuff this team didn’t do nearly enough of the last couple of years,” as far as recognizing when someone was in trouble and moving to a spot to help them out/get open.

  • JerryCT

    Off topic but Butler seems a bit schizo ……….. allowing Gardner Webb 50 pts in the first half and only 16 the entire 2nd half.

    WHich Butler will be play ? Maybe both

  • SHEEHEYisApimp

    Love me some SEEEEEHEEEEEY!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    hey…I’ll fess up that i doubted the quality of the ’10 recruiting class…glad I’m eating my words now. on the other hand, even the most optimistic fan could probably not have foreseen Will and Vic playing such vital roles already, especially at the offensive end. They have both very obviously worked very hard to get better-and it is really paying off.
    As to the Butler game, i have season tickets at Hinkle and have seen all of BU’s games. They are young and surprisingly inconsistent at the defensive end (e.g. giving up 50 to GW in the first half last night, then 16 in the second). I think they’ll come out ready to play right away Sunday. their real struggle is at the offensive end. For a school with a tradition of great shooters, they really don’t have many (any?) this year. Chase Stigall is the top threat from 3 but is streaky. Hops was great last night, but has really been up and down through 5 games. bottom line is, if IU keeps playing unselfishly and passing the ball, they just have waaay more firepower than Butler. I’m really looking forward to the game and to seeing how both teams perform.


    I would not trade CTC for any I mean any coach in the country. I tell people at work that I liked watching Marquette play before CTC was even considered as our coach. We have something specail getting ready  to hit. I hope the college basketball world is ready I know I sure am.

  • The_Real_Assembly_Hall

    I think this was by design to clear the way for a loaded class in 2012. Signing 5-6 players every season is not possible if the goal is to build a stable program with upperclassmen down the road. Most schools go through a shallow recruiting year or two during a 4 year cycle. Ours just happened during a complete rebuild. Going forward 2-3 player coming aboard each year will be the best blend with the ability to attain top talent yet have veteran leadership cycling up each season. Sprinkle in a 4th recruit here and there every few years and we will have depth. I love where we stand and are headed. You are right! Who is laughing now. I think people hear what is coming in the distance for the them from Indiana, even if they can’t see it yet. Anxiety has to be building.