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Indiana will look for its fourth win of the season on Saturday night when Savannah State makes its way to Bloomington for the second-ever meeting between the two schools. IU beat Savannah State, now a member of the MEAC conference, 79-57 on December 4, 2010.

Here’s a look at what to expect out of the Tigers, who finished last season 12-18:

Indiana and Savannah State enter Saturday night’s meeting in Assembly Hall on opposite ends of the spectrum from an offensive perspective.

The Hoosiers have opened the season as one of the country’s hottest shooting teams. And the Tigers, who recently completed a transition from an independent to a member of the MEAC, will once again find themselves as one of the nation’s worst offensive clubs.

Head coach Horace Broadnax lost his only player with an offensive rating over 100 — Jovonni Shuler — to graduation. For some perspective, Indiana had eight players with an offensive rating over 100 last year. Here’s a look at some of Savannah State’s Pomeroy numbers from a season ago, with national ranking in parenthesis:

If the Hoosiers continue their solid defense from the season’s first three games, Savannah State will be lucky to break 60.

Savannah State is 1-2 through its first three games which includes a 29-point drubbing at Georgetown to open the season. Ten different players are averaging double figures in minutes and their woeful shooting (41.8 effective field goal percentage) from a season ago has carried over. Junior forward Rashad Hassan (14.0 ppg) and sophomore forward Jyles Smith (6.3 ppg) are the only regulars shooting above 40 percent.

On the other side of the ball, Savannah State finished up the 2011-2012 campaign among the top 100 in defensive efficiency rating, effective field goal percentage and turnover percentage. But it didn’t matter much as the Tigers beat just one team inside of Pomeroy’s top 200.


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All stats in this piece via KenPom.com.

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  • Anonymous

    This game should be a good chance to give Remy and Austin Etherington some solid playing time.  I am not going to feel 100% secure about any game (I have seen too much bad basketball over the past few years) but this should be over pretty much by halftime.  

    It will be a good sign of growth and maturity if IU comes out in the first 10 or 15 minutes against a very overmatched opponent and builds a big lead.  No screwing around, no making it close late into the game, just keep up the solid play, keep building momentum, keep turning Assembly Hall back into a place opponents fear. 

  • I like the fact I can watch it on BTN.  The progress this yr is phenomenal.  VO and WS have really stepped up.  Elston is utilizing his strength under the boards…and the most hyped player to go to IU since Damon Bailey – is better than advertised!.  CZ transforms this team from middle of the pack to the top 4-5 teams in the BT.  Amazing player – CTC is also shaping the roles of the rest into a nice harmony.

    Look for him to look at different combinations that work…the key is CZ…he needs to be on the floor, and the offense tends to sputter with him out…It will be interesting to see which combination works the best when CZ is resting on the bench.

  • IUJeff

    Here here.

  • scott

    I agree, this would be a great time to get Etherington alot of minutes. I see god things coming from him.

  • Anonymous

    If the play of the first 3 games carries over this should be more like a 40 minute scrimmage with refs than an actual game. If we are going to schedule teams like this than we have to use it to get a lot of meaningful minutes for Remy & Austin, end of game scenarios, or specific things that maybe they have been working on in practice. Full court press ? Half court trap ?  In the past there was reason to play this kind of team but I think we have turned the corner enough that, unless it is already set up and can’t be changed, next year we need to replace this level of competition with someone that provides more of a challenge. Another game with one of the instate schools would be a good thing IMHO.

  • stonaroni

    I just want to see this offense stay efficient and yes, Remy and AE needs some more minutes.  It would nice to see them on the floor for more than 2 or 3 minute segments.  Let’s see 5 to 8 minute stretches for them.  Let’s see what they can do.

    As I have said before, these 2 will help us win a championship some day and the sooner they get experience the better.

  • MillaRed

    There are only a few games on the schedule that will allow us to get up early and rest Cody. We will need him for the long haul and hope we do everything we can to avoid hitting that freshmen wall.

  • Anonymous

    I would hope they use this as an opportunity to practice dumping the ball down to the block.  I don’t care if he’s double teamed, work on making that entry pass.

  • The_Real_Assembly_Hall

    Let’s keep the ball rolling and not over look our opponents.  I believe in our team this year, and making the NCAA tournament should be a very realistic goal of ours.  I had the day off today and got to thinking about our tourney success over the last couple decades.  Here is some bulletin board material that fires me up.  I hope it fires everyone else up too.  Some people on this board won’t remember a lot of these games.  As a kid I got to see some great years, and when our star studded class came in with Cheaney and Company, it gave me the same feeling as I have now. I can’t wait for the now young generation of Hoosiers to experience emotions we had during some of our great moments.  I feel they have been short changed.  I want to enjoy success again, and in my opinion the last 20 something years there were many times we have rejoiced but also too many that have not cut it. So many times we were on the threshold, but lost the big game that could have added to our storied history. Now, I feel like we are on the threshold again and we are going to surprise many people when IU starts firing on all cylinders because they don’t remember what IU is capable of. They have no knowledge or memories before we started sputtering.  It is ok, we are on the way. There are highs and lows to remember. We should not forget either the highs or lows.  It is obvious from the pattern what we have done within 4 year stretches of great recruiting and also recruiting woes and transfers out of the program.  Looking down over the top of these results it reflects exactly where we lie in the history of college basketball.  Yes, we have taken some licks against teams we probably should have beat, but we also stood toe to toe with our brethren blue blood schools and won some heavy weight prize fights.  We will get back, but lets not forget how great AND how tough it has been.  I love being a Hoosier, GO IU!!!!

    2010-11     No postseason
    2009-10     No postseason
    2008-09     No postseason

    2007-08     NCAA Tournament 1st round loss to Arkansas               86-72
    2006-07     NCAA Tournament 1st round loss to UCLA                    54-49

    2005-06     NCAA Tournament 1st round win over San Diego State   87-83
    2005-06     NCAA Tournament 2nd round loss to Gonzaga               90-80

    2004-05     NIT 1st round loss to Vanderbilt                                    67-60

    2003-04     No postseason

    2002-03     NCAA Tournament 1st round win over Alabama              67-62
    2002-03     NCAA Tournament 2nd round loss to Pitt                       74-52

    2001-02     NCAA Tournament 1st round win over Utah                    75-56
    2001-02     NCAA Tournament 2nd round win over UNCW                76-67
    2001-02     NCAA Tournament Sweet Sixteen win over Duke            74-73
    2001-02     NCAA Tournament Elite Eight round win over Kent St     81-69
    2001-02     NCAA Tournament Semi Final win over Oklahoma          73-64
    2001-02     NCAA Tournament Championship loss to Maryland        64-52

    2000-01     NCAA Tournament 1st round loss to Kent St                 77-73
    1999-00     NCAA Tournament 1st round loss to Pepperdine            77-57

    1998-99     NCAA Tournament 1st round win over George Wash     108-88
    1998-99     NCAA Tournament 2nd round loss to St John’s               86-61

    1997-98     NCAA Tournament 1st round win over Oklahoma            94-87
    1997-98     NCAA Tournament 2nd round loss to UCONN                78-68

    1996-97     NCAA Tournament 1st round loss to Colorado                80-62
    1995-96     NCAA Tournament 1st round loss to Boston College       64-51
    1994-95     NCAA Tournament 1st round loss to Missouri                 65-60

    1993-94     NCAA Tournament 1st round win over Ohio U                 84-72
    1993-94     NCAA Tournament 2nd round win over Temple                67-58
    1993-94     NCAA Tournament Sweet Sixteen loss to Boston Coll     77-68

    1992-93     NCAA Tournament 1st round win over Wright State         97-54
    1992-93     NCAA Tournament 2nd round win over Xavier                  73-70
    1992-93     NCAA Tournament Sweet Sixteen win over Louisville       82-69
    1992-93     NCAA Tournament Elite Eight round loss to Kansas        83-77

    1991-92     NCAA Tournament 1st round win over Eastern Illinois      94-55
    1991-92     NCAA Tournament 2nd round win over LSU                    89-79
    1991-92     NCAA Tournament Sweet Sixteen win over Florida St      85-74
    1991-92     NCAA Tournament Elite Eight win over UCLA                106-79
    1991-92     NCAA Tournament Semi Final loss to Duke                    81-78

    1990-91     NCAA Tournament 1st round win over Coastal Carolina    79-69
    1990-91     NCAA Tournament 2nd round win over Florida State         82-60
    1990-91     NCAA Tournament Sweet Sixteen loss to Kansas           83-65

  • Anonymous

    Nice job.

  • Anonymous

    I was 10 when we lost to Duke in the final four in 92. I remember Todd Leary coming off the bench late in the second half, and knocking down 3’s to bring us all the way back to within 3 with less than a minute. We had the ball and a chance to tie, but instead of finding Leary again, FREAKING Jamall Meeks, takes a three from the most difficult spot on the floor the far corner baseline…and of course misses….. I remember yelling NO! at the tv as he released it, and being crushed when time expired. I had to wait 10 years for us to be back in a final four, and it was a great ride, Coverdale, Fife, Moye, and Jeffries are great Hoosiers, and I’ll always have fond memories of them, BUT next year is 10 MORE years, and this time, I want to see us cutting down nets and hear Jim Nantz and Billy Packer tell the arena to play One Shining Moment in our honor……    Luck has a lot to do with it, NCAA OnDemand has 3 minute montages of every Championship game from 92-08 on YouTube,  and a lot of years you can see the best team didn’t win…..but I have a feeling luck is starting find its way back to our side of the court…..

  • John

    I’ve been wondering why Matt Roth is listed as a senior — I thought he had a redshirt year — but anyway, I keep wondering why he shouldn’t get more minutes since this would open up things for CZ even more.  Roth is an amazing shooter, if you’ve ever watched him.  I think he could be “instant offense” for maybe 5 mins in each half. 
    Anyway, this team is impressive for its balance and its depth.  There are 8 guys who could explode for 20 in any given game.  That’s pretty good.  They just need to build more confidence, and keep CZ from injury and foul trouble.

  • Jmfriedman

    This game will be over early…. more like a scrimmage than a game.  Just avoid injuries and work on fundamentals.

  • Bleeding Crimson

    Don’t it make you CRAZY being an IU fan?????YES IT DOES!!!!

  • Anonymous

    It sounds like this is a team that would struggle against any of the three we’ve already played. A perfect game to work on certain areas, as some have said–once we get that 30-point cushion. The first half should be pure fun to watch. Might be wincing and cringing a bit in the second, but that’s what games like these are for.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t remember the Maryland game due to “time travel”.

  • Anonymous

    I think it is greatRemy and Austin E can pick up minutes here and there during the pre Big 10 portion and get some experience.  They are 2 players that would have seen the floor a ton the last few years now they will get about 5-10 minutes each…that is progress.  

  • The_Real_Assembly_Hall

    If he is able to walk on, I think he should get that opportunity.

  • The_Real_Assembly_Hall

    If he stays out of foul trouble I could see him end up playing 38 minutes a game just for the experience.