• Robertp123

    Play hard team defense and rebound on the defensive end, and we will be tough to beat all year.  Request:  When we play PU, a long time fan has always wanted the students to chant: P-U Whats-That-Smell?  Hope y’all can make it happen.  lol 

  • Anonymous

    Anyone paying attention to the rest of the Big Ten and their early results? Outside of Ohio St, Iowa has been the most impressive in the early going. They are blowing away their opponents as well, and are at the top of the nation in assists and rebounding. Their program is on its way back. If you look at their schedule, they could be 14-0 before starting league play….THEY are a team I really want to beat this year….we owe them a season sweep!

  • eph521

    Great press conference.

    Is it just me or did Coach say there would be a different starting lineup tonight, based on Friday’s practice? That’s interesting… I wonder who’s coming out and in.

    I love how he emphasizes Deflections so much. It’s a statistic that really does indicate alot about a team’s defensive activity. Should this be Obvious? Yes. Yet it’s still brilliant to harp on it so much, not all coaches do.

    My favorite parts of the press conference were when Coach says “kids will stand out” on this team if “they try to do much” or “if they allow the defense to get to them by not passing quick enough” and so on… that says alot about the culture of the team this year and the new norms for this team on the basketball court. This should continue to produce good results.

  • Anonymous

    Yeah lets hear it!

  • IUJeff

    Iowa schooled us at their place last year by 14 and then squeked out a win by 1 at IU. They are a tall team with 11 players over 6′ 5″ on the roster.

    A win at IU for sure will be expected as we get them at home first, then at their place 2 1/2 weeks later. A split would be my prediction at this point.

    Like I have said before, IU is +10 points better than last year IMO. Scoring a bit more than last year and/or holding teams down a but more. Since Iowa won by 14 at their place, and I am not sure if they have improved as much as we think we have, I give us a 30% chance of beating them there.

  • Anonymous

    I say we take Jason kings comments about Kentucky with a grain of salt. Are they a different caliber of team? Yes. Are they good enough to beat Kansas 10 times? No!! We have a legitimate shot. The game is at home. We should have a rowdy assembly hall that can be tough for any young team to withstand. Marquis Teague has had turnover trouble and I have a feeling that he’s gonna struggle with our crowd and our in your face, intense D. It’s gonna be a battle but this year I’m optimistic whereas last year I knew a loss was eminent. If we have an undefeated record with wins against Evansville, Butler, then beat pUKe, absolutely yes we are back on the national scene. Forget postseason success to validate this team. Considering where this team was three years ago, A win against pUKe would make this year a complete success IMHO. Imagine what effect winning in that atmosphere will have on the multiple IU recruits that are sure to be in attendance. Might as well sign em up.

  • IUJeff

    + coaching. 
    + only 9 TO’s is impressive + CZ a point a minute for 23
    + play of DE was and will be huge
    + CW is back
    + fouled out 3 of their starters
    + aggressiveness. shot free throws every other offensive possession
    + good game in that we were able to try a lot of different line-ups and were successful
    + dominated with an inside presence (did I actually just say that) while only shooting 6  3’s
    + love the team’s poise – CZ brings a quiet confidence
    + held our own in rebounding

    – their dribble-drivers were good and gave us fits. 25 fouls worth
    – too many FTs