Film Session: Chattanooga

  • 11/15/2011 3:32 pm in

Jordan Hulls scored 18 points on 6-of-9 shooting from beyond the arc in Indiana’s win against Chattanooga.

A look at how he got open on three of them in the latest edition of Film Session.


Christian Watford draws a double team on the right block:

He kicks it up top to Verdell Jones:

Who swings it weakside to Hulls:

He has an open look and converts for IU’s first score of the contest:

Notice in the video how Chattanooga’s Keegan Bell hesitates a bit and doesn’t immediately sprint to close out on Hulls, perhaps because the junior is a few feet behind the three-point line. But because the Bloomington native has that type of range, he didn’t hesitate to hoist up the shot.



Hulls brings the ball up and passes to Cody Zeller on the wing:

Oladipo pops out from the left block and gets a handoff from Zeller:

Bell sags off Hulls as Oladipo darts into the lane. He passes to Hulls:

Who fires from three and scores:

All it took here was a tiny bit of separation for Hulls to shoot and convert in rhythm.



Verdell Jones wrangles in a steal:

With teammates flying down the court, he elects to slow it down as Hulls sets up over on the right side of the court:

Seeing the action between Jones and Oladipo on the left side of the court, Hulls flashes across the baseline to the left corner as Oladipo attracts three defenders on a take to the hole:

Which leaves Hulls open for his sixth and final 3-pointer of the night:

Nice recognition all around here.


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  • Anonymous

    This is how the dribble-drive is supposed to work.  Now that there are guys who can dribble/drive, it doesn’t look like such a scattered mess.  There are at least three deadly shooters (Hulls, Roth, Etherington,) in this line-up to take advantage, and a handful of other capable ones who can hit the three when set and ready (Elston, Watford, Oladipo, Sheehey, Moore, Zeller.)

    In reality, about the only guys on the roster I’d prefer to not take a three of any kind at this point are Pritchard and Jones.  The jury’s still out on Abell.

  • As usual, thanks for doing this.  Film sessions really take Inside The Hall from being just another basketball blog to really being a next-level site.  Possibly my favorite feature you do.  Well done, Ryan.

    That being said, this is precisely what’s different about this team this year.  Last year, the dribble-drive didn’t work.  We found ways to score against inferior teams, and we won non-conference games by similar margins, but the ball movement we’ve created (albeit inconsistent) coupled with our dramatically improved defense makes this team a lot more promising than the past.  If we can consistently move the ball like we did in these clips, we’ll win a good number of games whether the shots fall or not.  That movement is key.

  • IUBluebird

    Good point CoachB. Dumping the ball down to Zeller for an easy two is good option, but what about the third option…throwing the alley oop to Oladipo, who slid down the baseline behind the defense and would thunder-slam it home, for the game’s first bucket, sending the hall into a frenzy! I like that option too!
    Then again, I’ll take a wide open Hulls from downtown all night long…

  • Anonymous

    I would add Watford, Elston, Sheehey and Oladipo to the list

  • Anonymous

    I saw the pass to Vic for the dunk, nice catch there, that was created from the double team on watford. But the pass to Cody was not there. A Chatt defender was rotating with the ball and would have stolen that pass easily if Hulls had thrown it.

    Honestly I hope more teams zone us. with our shooters, we should be able to stretch the zone and create space for someone to flash to the charity stripe and face the basket for a wide open jumper, lob to Cody, or kick back out to the 3 when the zone collapses at the free throw line.

    We have the scorers and I like how the D has noticeably improved from last season.

  • InTheMtns

    Man, these are fun to watch! Thanks for putting them together, Ryan.

  • Amazing how a prominent post presence opens up an offense and improves a defense. We’ve got our biggest test of the young season tomorrow night and I want to see us come out strong and handle it from the start. Next step.

  • IUeconAlum

    Hulls is money. Best shooter in Indiana.

  • unclekerfuffle

    1 and 2 are just more examples of the good things that will happen as the team learns to drop the ball inside.  With good passing out to our dead-eye shooters on the outside, CZ and CW will be eventually single-teamed when they have the ball down low and that is when it will really get fun.  It will be a case of “name your poison” as teams defend the Hoosiers.  

    Get that embedded in the offense this year and it will only get better next year as the ability to penetrate on a regular basis becomes part of our game.

  • Anonymous

    The list of players not to shoot a three? Watford shot 40% from three last year

  • Anonymous

    Agree, always told my kids that they could already pass the ball faster than probably any pro can react and then get to where the ball is going before the ball gets there.

    Just shows what good ball movement can do for a team. It created three options, the shot JH took, the lob to CZ or the alley oop to VO and all of them good high percentage shots.

  • Anonymous

    Please see the above edit.

  • Anonymous

    I had them in there as capable shooters—-not on the level of the first three, but good shooters if they set their feet and are open.  Not in the category of guys who can even let if fly if contested, but ones who should take it when open.

  • HoosierSmitty

    So you guys are freaking awesome. As we all know, this is the greatest source for IU basketball. LOVE this feature.