Chattanooga Notebook: Oladipo explains gestures, more

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Notes, quotes and observations from Sunday night’s 78-53 win over Chattanooga:

Victor Oladipo’s 21 points eclipsed his previous career-high of 16, but one of the first questions the Hyattsville, Maryland native was asked in the postgame press conference was about the gesture he’s made frequently through the first two games.

Oladipo seemed surprised by the question, but then explained with a smile: “It’s a little thing that me and one of my best friends back home has. Quinn Cook, he goes to Duke University. It’s like ‘know us.’ Like know Indiana basketball. It’s just something to get me motivated.

“I have to have something (to get me motivated). Because during the year, Coach Crean told me I’ve gotta find something to get me going and not have him getting on me to get me going. And that’s just something that one of my best friends told me to try to do to get myself going. I’m just going to try and see if that works.”


Cody Zeller didn’t replicate the double-double he posted in his debut, but Jordan Hulls and Oladipo credited the attention paid to the freshman by Chattanooga for several of their open looks.

“Cody, he’s a mentally strong kid,” Hulls said. “He’s not going to let the game get him down if he’s not scoring or getting enough touches. He’s always going to bring that defensive edge. He’s still learning, obviously, he’s a freshman, so there’s lot to learn. He’s also ahead of the game on a lot of other people.”

Oladipo shared a similar view of Zeller’s impact on the game. “They double teamed Cody as soon as he caught it in the post,” he said. “He was very poised, especially for a freshman. He just let the defense come to him and found the open man. That’s how we got easy buckets. Jordan got open 3’s. People got layups. Like I said from the beginning, there’s a reason why we did recruit him. I’m glad he’s here.”


Christian Watford has struggled to find his offensive game through the first two contests and has just nine points on 3-of-14 shooting.

Tom Crean, however, isn’t concerned about the lack of offensive production thus far from Watford.

“I think we’ve got a lot of guys making plays, and a couple shots haven’t gone down,” Crean said of Watford. “He’s playing hard and we’re two games in so I’m not looking at anybody that might not be doing this or any of those kinds of things. It’s a team game and guys work hard. Christian works hard. He was in the gym with Victor (Oladipo) again. They were the last two to leave last night well after our meeting. I have no concerns about any of that.”


With just one true road win in the Tom Crean era, Indiana is looking to buck the trend of the previous three seasons on Wednesday night in Evansville.

The Hoosiers last won a road game on January 21, 2010 at Penn State, which would make a win at the Ford Center the first for the program in almost two years.

“It’s a new season. It’s a new team,” Hulls said when asked about IU’s prospects for winning away from Assembly Hall. “We gotta just carry that same mindset over and mentally and physically prepare for that in the next days to come before the game starts. I think we have the guys who are fully capable of doing that.”

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  • The_Real_Assembly_Hall

    At Evansville. Pulling away Hoosiers 79 Purple Aces 62

  • The_Real_Assembly_Hall

    Good question! I have gotten the same responses.

  • Anonymous

    God I hated those uniforms—looked like bad women’s softball shirts.

    Of course, I was biased because we always kind of felt like the city was all up UE’s butt and we were looked at like second-class citizens at USI (and when I was down there USI had a better team.)

  • Anonymous

    I’m fairly certain that gesture was just Victor’s way of saying “Smell the Glove” is his favorite Spinal Tap album.

  • The_Real_Assembly_Hall

    Ahhh. Were you there doing the Bruce Pearl and Matt Carter years?

  • Anonymous

    Pearl, yes; Carter, no. Mentioning Carter does lead me to believe you’re from Perry County, though.  Honestly, when it got there it was the dark ages of the Lionel “Doc” Senn era. Pearl came while I was still a student, but the runner-up and championships were the year after and two years after I graduated.

  • Anonymous

    No problem with going on the road to kansas, UCLA, and such. I’d put that in the “national exposure” group as those games get televised and grab people’s interest.

  • The_Real_Assembly_Hall

    Actually I am from Harrison Co. I went to North Harrison and we had some epic and I mean EPIC battles for a few years against Carter and Perry Central during sectionals. This was still in the single class basketball era for the state. Huge mistake going sway from that IMO.

  • Anonymous

    North Harrison?  OK, who the hell are you?!  If you were playing in pre-class basketball but in sectionals with Perry Central you had to be in school in the mid-90s or so, so you’d have graduated around the same time as my sister (96)

  • Plane1972

    I’m getting out there a litte with this, but Crean really needs CWat to become a pro prospect for no other reason than recruiting an elite prospect. I think CW is still suffering the physical hangover of the injury and will come on stronger once CZ starts getting more touches.

    However, the way VO and Jordy are playing, CW seems to be a 3rd scoring option at best right now. Our top scorer last year can be our 3rd or 4th scoring option this year and we can still win games. Good things are happening.

  • Plane1972

    I like the student section idea. That would be much cooler than the the L-R-L-Sit Down! nonsense. Honestly, students, let’s get more creative than what you did in your high school gym.

  • Plane1972

    What is the intro? Which U2 song?

  • Anonymous

    Buffalo Wild Wings & Hooters, in Clarksville, both say they are going to show it. I also asked if they understood that it was not on regular cable and that it was on only and they said that they had been told that it would be on their screens.

    FYI, don’t know if it matters to you or not but BWW entire place, except for outside, is smoke free & Hooters allows smoking inside. I can tolerate it but my friend that is going with me has COPD.