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Thoughts on a 96-66 thumping of the Seawolves:


Victor Oladipo started this evening. Will Sheehey came off the bench. And whether Crean continues to swap these two in and out of the starting lineup may not matter. Because they’re shaping up to have an impact no matter when they enter the game. Oladipo set the tone early, scoring with ease in transition — which carried over into the second half — and finished with 16 points (7-of-9), six boards and two steals. He played with poise and energy and swagger.

Sheehey didn’t play in the second half because of flu-like symptoms. But he scored 13 points (5-of-6) off the bench in the first  — making some nice, controlled shots in the lane to go along with a trey. Not bad. Not bad at all.

These two also got some run together in the first half, which might prove to be an electric combo on both ends as the season progresses.


Another slow start for the freshman, as he scored just one field goal in the first half — a bucket at the 1:21 mark. But one wonders if Tom Crean made a point for his Hoosiers to start feeding Zeller at the break, because the team looked for him down low from the onset of the second half.  Zeller started converting and even stole a ball and went the length of the court for a dunk early in the second frame.

He finished with 16 points (5-of-6, 6-of-8 from the line), 10 boards, three steals and two blocks. Strong line.

He also got punched in the crotch (!) in the first half by Stony Brook’s Danny Carter, who was ejected for his transgression. (And, if you remember, he also got intentionally fouled in the University of Indianapolis game.) While it may not be a low blow, Zeller may continue to get some abuse down on the block as he assimilates to the college game.


Another hot, hot, hot shooting performance. For the game, the Hoosiers posted an effective field-goal percentage of 72.1 percent. Besides the strong shooting from Oladipo, Sheehey and Zeller, it was nice to see Derek Elston knocking down a host of outside jumpers (11 points, 5-of-6 from the field, 1-of-1 from three). Matt Roth (2-of-3from three) and Austin Etherington (3-of-3, 2-of-2 from three) also contributed in limited minutes.

Christian Watford still hasn’t found his shot (just 2-of-7 this evening), but that may come in time.


Heading into this one, the Seawolves’ strong D and slow tempo appeared to be a combo in which the Hoosiers may have struggled to score and get out in the open court.

Ninety-six points and enough transition buckets later, Indiana blew this story to smithereens. Some are pegging Stony Brook as a tournament team, so it’s encouraging to not just see Indiana win this game, but keep it out of reach for pretty much the last 25 minutes of the contest. (A 27-7 run to close out the first half helped here.)

Lots of talk about this team maturing this offseason. Tonight, there was proof of it inside Assembly Hall.

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  • Bleeding Crimson

    I wonder if GH knows he’s a one a done and maybe was concerned of his PT?
    Maybe he knew he would see the floor 100% of the time where as at IU he might had to fight for some PT?  Just a thought.

  • Bleeding Crimson

    Speaks volumes of CZ class, now Pritch may have done so.

  • Anonymous

    Something that you may not have noticed, despite still being “rusty” on offense, Watford made a number of very good help defensive plays to stop and redirect drives away from the basket. Pritchard needs to up his game-0 rebounds! Hulls was not sharp-3 TO. Verdell’s defense is still not there. “Sheeladipo” and “Zeller-Mania” are really good! All of the other guys played strong with Derek showing the way.

  • Bleeding Crimson

    I always like your points…direct.  What do you mean by CZ cheap shots?
    And if you need a seating buddy for the KY game I can be at your side?
    Last time we played pUKe my seats were center court row 8.  Best seats ever.

  • Bleeding Crimson

    I think most people’s ploblems is they can’t stay in front of their man on D.  The 15 extra pounds probably slowed Hulls down somewhat, who was already slow.
    But he has a very high IQ basketball and can see the floor pretty good.  He has been our point man for sometime now and I don’t see that changing and if so who are we going to sub besides VJ?

  • MillaRed

    He’s talking about the shot he took to the groin.

  • MillaRed

    It was only one game but I must agree. Jordy did not look good out there. He was beaten off the dribble, did not block out, did not close out. I think he gave up 15 points if not more. Verdell was beaten as well. These guys are what they are. I don’t expect that to really change before they graduate.

    The combination of Will and VO is something we have not seen in years. They look like the typical Mich St wings. And that is not a big thing. Always having one of them on the court is a huge plus on both ends of the floor. If there was ever an example of the recruit rankings meaning diddly, these two 3-star recruits are it. They are SOLID. Wow.

    The fast break Cody had was the “Hey IU Nation, I have arrived” statement. That kid is relentless on the glass, a fantastic passer and he moves like he’s 6’5″! The player I think benefits the most? Derek Elston.

    Speaking of Elston. H_ll yes! The kid will let it fly. Great to see him healthy. He is an X-factor.

    It was Stony Brook. But I don’t care. I saw things out there that were not opponent related. And I really, really liked what I saw.


  • Kelin Blab

    Saw zeller in high school get the same kind of cheap shot to the ‘man’ area. He has had elbows thrown at him that were cheap….

    Guys have tried to get Cody out of his game, not by playing just physical but cheap shots. Hope crean makes officials aware of this….ok with physical play crotch shots is bush league.

  • Anonymous

    The Flu Game 0.5 haha

  • Iumvp

    I believe that  Victor and Sheehey both got picked.  The pick that happened to Hulls was the first time I have ever seen him get picked.  The ball got caught on his hip it looked like………… worries, Hulls will be fine!

  • Devout Hoosier

    Hulls, Victor, Verdell, Zeller, Watford

    Notice the starting lineup wasn’t three bigs as 50%+ have predicted.  The math doesn’t work out minutes wise.  Crean went with three guards to start and he stated in the press conference that he has 6 starters with another knocking.  We saw Crean’s five and I believe Will is the 6th.  Granted, when we play bigger teams I don’t know that you can keep Prichard  from starting but maybe you can seeing how the game started with a quick score from the guards.

  • Devout Hoosier

    Completely agree.  I thought Hulls played well and it was nice seeing him and Verdell dishing assists and not being required to find shots and make offense like last year.  They’re both very capable of finding shots but it’s nice to see the game come to them instead.

  • Anonymous

    Stony Brook looked like a very good team.  Like Crean said that guy in the middle looked like he was from the NFL.  They were focused and IU’s improvement and gameplan knocked them out of their’s.

  • Anonymous

    Bannerup don’t boilerup, please!

  • Anonymous

    I wonder where Stonybrook would rank if they played in the B1G?  Anyone have any thoughts?

  • Anonymous

    Not kidding at all, and that Steve Eyl has a championship ring.

  • Pritch is our best post defender.

  • Aceman_Mujezinovic_07

    If Elston plays the way he did Friday offensively and defensively, then you can keep TP out of the starting lineups against bigger teams!

  • MillaRed

    Jordy did not have a good game. It was only one game, but it was bad.

  • Devout Hoosier

    I don’t think that should be based on the 3 turnovers alone (we’re use to much worse btw).  6+ assists is what I want from a point and he had 2-4 shooting.  Not to his perfect standards like last game, but I like it that Jordy didn’t have to look to score.  Not a stellar game but it’s unfair to call it a bad one.

    Watford on the other hand, had a bad game.  3-9 shooting with 2 rebounds and 3 turnovers for 25 minutes played.  His shots looked hurried and forced to me.  Will had 6-7 shooting with 5 rebounds and 0 turnovers in 10 minutes played.  If this continues, who do you think gets to start?

  • Bleeding Crimson

    I think CZ has bb IQ and I really think Pritch acts then thinks.  Not that I don’t like the attitude because I probably would have decked him back based on pure reaction…but CZ went above and beyond by not responding and reported it to CTC.  So it didn’t end up in two fouls against both players but us getting two shots, the ball back and the ejection.  Great move.

  • Bleeding Crimson

    My kids love Zombie flicks.  Even my six year old daughter dressed up as a witch/zombie.  Even Pirates of the Carb…had zombie like monsters in part 2.

  • Bleeding Crimson

    Thanks for the clarificatin.  I assumed that but it also crossed my mind that he wasn’t touching the ball in the right manner…meaning not getting the ball in a timely fashion.

  • Bleeding Crimson

    I have to agree.  Moore is a scappy player and will give 100% each and every minute he is one the floor.  A good sub for Hulls.  Keep VJ at the 2 spot.  Moore can shot, drive and dish and plays great D all of the time…he gives his oppt fits.  Not that he is the best player on the floor but I like it when he does come in.  I remember one of our exibition games where he was the high scorer a few years back.

  • Bleeding Crimson

    #9 but still to early to tell.

  • Bleeding Crimson

    I agree everyone is entitled to a bad game.

  • Bleeding Crimson

    I wonder what our TO’s would have been last year if we played the same team?   I’m sure much higher being that they were rated so high on D.