What To Expect: Stony Brook

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The Hoosiers begin regular season play Friday night against Stony Brook inside Assembly Hall.

A quick look at the Seawolves, who reached the title game of last year’s America East conference tournament:


Due to a knee injury, Brenton missed the entire 2010-11 season. But as a sophomore in 2009-10, he was a force on the boards, as he racked up the 19th best defensive rebound rate in the country. He also sported an impressive  free-throw rate (78.1 percent, 23rd in the nation) and steal rate (3.6 percent, 79th in the nation) to go along with his rebounding prowess.

While he may still be shaking off some early-season cobwebs, Brenton is a Seawolf to watch during Friday night’s matchup.


Last season, Stony Brook’s pace was one of the slowest in the country. It’s adjusted tempo (63.6 possessions per game) ranked 307th out of 345 Division I teams. If the Seawolves are playing at such a pace again this season, it could clash a bit with the Hoosiers, who are looking to get on the break and go.


The Seawolves had some serious issues scoring inside the arc last season (40 percent on 2’s, 344th in the nation). They also had some trouble from the line (65.2 percent, 288th in the nation). Their 3-point shooting (33.9, 191st in the nation) could be bolstered by Ron Bracey, a junior college transfer who can shoot the trey. Depending on how things shake out, this could be a game where the Hoosiers gain a little more confidence on defense.


This is where the Seawolves hang their hat. Their adjusted defensive efficiency in 2010-11 (97.9, 90th in the nation) was strong, as was their defensive effective field-goal percentage (45.3 percent, 22nd in the nation). So the Hoosiers, after a strong shooting game against the University of Indianapolis, could be tested on the offensive end by Stony Brook’s D.

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  • Anonymous

    Sounds like a good opening matchup.  A decent defensive team can be an important test at this point.  It will be interesting to see if we can keep an uptempo pace which should be what helps create some separation on the scoreboard.  And we all know how well a Seawolf can swim.  Tomorrow we’ll see how they can hoop.

  • Anonymous

    Although I’d like to see us playing in a tournament with some actual competition I’ll try to take away as much optimism as I can muster watching them (hopefully) beat up on an inferior opponent.

    I am anxiously awaiting the Butler game so that we can finally quiet some of their bandwagon fans that have started popping up the last couple years.  Please let us beat them especially since they appear to be understandably down this year.

    Who am I kidding?  I’m gonna watch us beat up on Stony and get all excited and think we’re going to win the big ten this year.  Hey a fella can dream can’t he? 

  • CreamandCrimson

    Stony Brook is expected to win the America East this season.  They have a lot of upperclassmen, play fairly good defense and are ranked inside of KenPom’s top-150.  They are a pretty good mid-major.  I am by no means expecting us to lose and there would be no excuse for that.  However, we shouldn’t be disappointed if we don’t blow them out of the water (bad pun intended).  I would be happy if we win the game and show some progress in terms of playing up-tempo, pressuring the ball on the perimeter and not getting beat into the lane, reducing our fouls, and getting the ball to Zeller consistently. 

    Every win is going to be critical in our attempt to get back to the Dance so we can’t afford a slip-up in any of these games.  Stony Brook is going to be coming in expecting to win (and why shouldn’t they).  It’s time for us turn Assembly Hall back into a fortress, starting tomorrow night.

  • Anonymous

    That’s kind of a cool logo they have there, even though it looks like it should be on a minor league hockey sweater.

  • HoosierDadE

    I was thinking a Single A or Double A baseball club

  • We do have a club hockey team that isn’t even NCAA and they do in fact sell sweatshirts with that logo on it if you are interested lol.