Photo Gallery: Kevin “Yogi” Ferrell

  • 11/07/2011 1:53 pm in

With signing day just two days away, we wrap up our photo gallery series looking at Indiana’s class of 2012. Check out 41 photos by Jamie Owens of Park Tudor senior guard Yogi Ferrell in the embedded gallery after the jump. (PreviouslyRon Patterson, Jeremy Hollowell, Hanner Perea)

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  • Yimyames

    One with the banners is by far the best

  • Anonymous

    once again, great photography by Jamie Owens!

  • IU_Fan_99

    would this be an example for foreshadowing? I learned about that in school when I was a kid…

  • Anonymous

    If you don’t like Yogi 34, you’re not a real American.  We should photo shop some people in the stands, though.

  • Anonymous

    what is the over/under on ally oops per game next year? 

  • Anonymous

    I’m going with 3.5 ally oops per game.  I believe CZ and HP each each average one per game.  The other 1.5 will be between PJ, WS, JH and an electrifying dunk by VO. 

  • Anonymous

    that sounds about right…big week for IU basketball, signing day and opening night!  awesome!

  • Bleeding Crimson

    talk about lateral movement, switchback or whatever.  Take a look at pic#20 and the position of his feet vertical to the ball and is already position his body in the opposite direction.   WOW.  Didn’t realize he has some guns to go with that short body.

  • It was AAU, there were a lot there for AAU.