Photo Gallery: Ron Patterson

  • 10/20/2011 9:09 pm in

With signing day on the horizon, we’ll be using the next couple of weeks to take a photographic look at four of Indiana’s five current 2012 recruits. Check out 18 photos by Jamie Owens of Broad Ripple senior guard Ron Patterson in the embedded photo gallery after the jump.

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  • Anonymous

    in the first picture it looks like he has a really skinny dark leg haha

  • Baxter

    Ron will bring a combination of intensity and skills that IU fans are really going to enjoy.  

  • eph521

    Buss is coming in a little under the radar… but so did Sheehey and Olidapo, both ranked in the top 150 nationally when they came to IU. I have no concerns about Ron’s stock dropping the past year or so. He personifies toughness and the will to win. He also had a big impact on Jeremy Hollowell’s decision to choose IU.

    Absofreakinglutely love Ron Patterson.

  • Anonymous

    I agree 100%.  If Ron can consistantly hit that beautiful jumper he has, he could be the best of the bunch.  No real weakness in his game.  I hope he keeps his head on straight and reaches his potential.

  • BarryNC

    Buss is going to huge for IU.  He’s a great player but he’s also got that nasty/mean streak with the hair and slasher style game.  Every clip I see of him I of him I think of Ray Jackson from the Fab 5. 

  • MillaRed

    Are his arms 6 feet long? It’s no secret why the guy can play D. I’m thinking many deflections are in his future.

  • cdog

    I am looking for a reincarnation of AJ Moye.  I will take an AJ Moye any day of the week to be a key element of success.  You can call him a glue guy if you like, but I think Buss is the kind of gym rat this team needs to make it back to being in the Top 20 on a regular basis.  We have come a long way as Buss would have been a superstar in the 2008 recruiting class.  There are always a few under the radar guys that become all conference players.  He will become one of those.

  • Vince1031

    David Lighty anyone?

  • Swishmac IU

    If Gary Payton was “The Glove”, Ron Patterson is “The _______”.

  • Pete Schrock

    Is t