Big Ten Media Day: Verdell Jones, Will Sheehey and Jordan Hulls

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Below, some selected quotes from Verdell Jones, Will Sheehey and Jordan Hulls from Big Ten Media Day.


On Cody Zeller: “Having Cody’s going to help all of us because he’s going to be a presence that’s going to command a double-team every time. If you don’t double-team him he’s going to score, if you do double-team him, guys like Will, me and Jordy will get open shots so it’s going to help the whole team.”

And later, on Zeller: “The biggest thing is knowing that we have a 7-footer inside who’s a scoring presence. We had Tom [Pritchard] and Derek [Elston] last year who can score but didn’t look to score. And having a scoring presence like Cody in there going to really help our team — just feeding the post, cutting; he’s a good passer, too, so just reading him and playing from there.”

On defense: “I think it’s improved tremendously. Especially me, I feel like if your jumper’s not falling you can always play defense and that’s something that the coaches have harped on me about and something I’ve been keeping in mind every day in practice and every time we play.”

And later, on defense: “I think our defense has created a lot of offense for us right now. We’re really pressuring the ball, getting turnovers on each other. You’re not going to play good on offense every single day, but if your defense is still there, you’re always going to be in the game so I think that’s the biggest thing everyone’s keying on right now.”

On his chance to finish in the Top 15 scorers of all-time in Indiana history: “It’s pretty cool. But I think my biggest goal this year is to get to the tournament. That’s something I haven’t experienced, I haven’t got a chance to taste yet. That’s what I want to do.”

On who else has stepped up vocally besides Hulls: “I think Will has, Victor [Oladipo], Christian [Watford] is more of a laid back guy, but I think even he has stepped up a little bit more, too.”

On his weight and conditioning: “I’ve put on 15 pounds since the season’s [been] over … I feel good. Our team looks good, we’re really well conditioned, we’re getting up and down the court, we’re flying — so we’ll see how it goes.”


On Zeller: “It affects me because he can make plays and by making plays it draws a lot of attention and it helps guys like myself get more open shots and also get to spots on the floor where we can excel.”

On if he has more confidence this season: “I think so. I kinda just got my feet wet last year and this year I got guys who I can really benefit off their game.”

On who he’s seen emerge vocally: “Jordan and Verdell have definitely stepped up … They make their presence felt and everyone listens to them when they talk. ”

On how he’s specifically improved his defense: “Just playing smarter. Last year, a lot of times I was over-aggressive, just trying to make the hero play instead of just playing solid defense. I remember plenty of times last year late in the shot clock I would foul and that’s just uncalled for. Really just playing smarter and under control.”


On how he feels physically and playing in the Summer Pro-Am in Indianapolis: “Physically, I feel a lot stronger. I can always [use the next years] to get bigger and stronger; I’m always going to be the smallest guy out there so it’s something I constantly have to work on. But playing in the Pro-Am this past summer was really good for me, just playing against bigger, stronger guards who have played at the next level and just working on my one-on-one defense and keeping the ball in front of me is something that I really wanted to work on.”

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  • hoosierBob

    Would it be to much to ask, for people representing IU to a wear coat and tie!

  • IU_Fan_99

    it was really hot today in Chicago…

  • Tom Simpson

    My vote — yes, it would.

  • Kelin Blab

    2011 hoosierbob, kids and shirts and ties don’t mesh

  • maybe back in 1975, but hes dressed nice enough.  Its not like the kid is wearing a hooded sweatshirt or something!

  • hoosierBob

    Well  kids from other schools,didn’t get the mesh memo !

  • HoosierDadE

    Curious how CTC decided on these 3? (all great choices, I might add)

    1 from each class (Sr, Jr, So)?

    Steel cage match?

    Rock, paper, scissors?

  • MillaRed

    Did you guys see Jordan Crawford’s comments? If he wasn’t smoking the reefer during the Sampson era, he must be now. Wow.

  • Anonymous

    That is the best way to make people hate you, compare yourself to past greats… maybe it’s a good thing he left IU……………hey that is an interesting topic: Top 5 biggest losses to transfers in IU history…………..1. Larry Bird (cost us 1 championship) 2. Lawrence Funderburke (cost us 1 championship) 3. Luke Recker 4. Malcom Sims 5. Robert Vaden (If we had Vaden with Eric Gordon and DJ White, we might of been undefeated going into the tournament, albeit still likely distracted)

  • InTheMtns

    You might be happy to know that Jordy was wearing a shirt and tie.

  • hoosierBob

    ! WAS!!

  • Rhino2125

    what comments and where at?  very curious…thanks!

  • stonaroni

    Larry Bird was not a loser.  I didn’t see Crawford’s comments but the coach who recruited him at IU is a loser.

  • Anonymous

    lol, the term was “losses” not “losers”…….none of those guys were losers……they all would of made good teams. potentially great teams

  • Anonymous

    Yes, that is asking way too much!

  • InTheMtns

    I’d like to think they had a “defend Eric Gordon” contest and these three tied for first place when EG was unable to score against any of them.  Might have been rock, paper, scissors though.

  • hoosier78

    He said he can be better than Michael Jordan

  • stonaroni

    My bad, my bad.  Yes, Larry legend was a huge loss for IU.  Samson is a loser though!

  • stonaroni
  • IUball

    I propose a new rule on the site of censoring the name of the above mentioned slimeball. 

    But I will say this about Crawford. Did you see his tournament game against Kansas St.? He was taking 30+ foot threes. I believe he thinks he is better.

  • IUball

    I propose a new rule on the site of censoring the name of the above mentioned slimeball. 

    But I will say this about Crawford. Did you see his tournament game against Kansas St.? He was taking 30+ foot threes. I believe he thinks he is better.

  • Anonymous

    he also lit up his big brother Joe and his squad.  I believe IU was sans Eric Gordon that game.  There were a bunch of sad faces in Lexington that night! Loved it!

  • Kelin Blab

    Big Ten Media and this thread has discussed shirts and ties and Jordan Crawford vs Jordan….all things not very many people care about.