Q & A: Hollowell recaps Hoosier Hysteria, unofficial visit

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2012 Lawrence Central forward and Indiana commitment Jeremy Hollowell took an unofficial visit to Bloomington for Hoosier Hysteria and spoke to Inside the Hall on Monday night about his experience and several other topics. A transcript of our Q & A follows:

On attending Hoosier Hysteria:

“It was real fun just being there and witnessing the atmosphere in the place and how much the fans came out to support. And knowing that next year I’ll be suiting up with the guys I’m coming in with, it’s just a real good feeling. It makes me kind of nervous for a little bit when you think about it knowing how close it’s coming, but it was a real fun experience.”

On how the atmosphere for this year’s Hysteria compared to previous years he attended:

“I think it’s pretty big every year. I think this year the thing that stood out to me was how Cody (Zeller) and Austin (Etherington) are really there now. Seeing them grow up and play AAU and all that, it’s pretty crazy to see them actually a part of it now.”

On Victor Oladipo’s performance of Usher’s “U Got it Bad”:

“(Laughs). He told me he was going to do it before, but I didn’t believe him. It was pretty funny. I didn’t think he was going to do it.”

On when he’ll take his official visit:

“I’m taking my official homecoming weekend. Me and Ron (Patterson).”

On his reaction to a comment by Lawrence Central coach, J.R. Shelt, that he can be a top 10 player in the country when he’s focused:

“He’s just trying to get me to play with that killer mentality all the time. I’ve been working on it, going hard every open gym. I think it’s pretty much set in me now, that sense of urgency, knowing it’s my last year and everything. Every time I step on the court I just think about that and it just makes me go hard. I feel like I’ve still got a lot to prove. I feel like playing against people around the country, seeing how they’re supposed to be this or supposed to be that and how I stack up to them, I feel like I’ve just gotta keep pushing and keep working. I believe I can show a little more I guess.”

On time flying by the last few years of his high school career:

“It’s real crazy. It’s just so crazy how I look back at it and stuff like that. Like I said about Cody and Austin, it seems crazy how they really go there (to IU) now. It’s something to look forward to, something to be proud of really though.”

(Photo credit: Jamie Owens of J. Scott Sports)

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  • eph521

    Nice article… Jeremy seems to be maturing and has a good perspective on things.

    What caught my eye in the article is the picture at the top…

    Pictures of Yogi, Jeremy and Cody from their high school days are becoming more and more valuable by the day. It’s exciting to see all 3 of them together in a picture from their All-Star days and think “all 3 of these kids are Hoosiers”. Better times ahead for sure.

  • Anonymous

    Whoa…what is Jeremy doing to Cody in that picture?!

    Good to hear from Jeremy.  The sky is the limit.  Still say his game reminds me of Carmello…so smooth.

  • Rkjackson23

    They are all looking at God! The basketball that is… This is INDIANA!

  • Anonymous

    I think his comment “I believe I can show a little more, I guess” says a lot about his killer instinct.  He is definitely smooth as heck but the fact that he has a perception from everybody, including his coach, that he could do a lot more is concerning yet gives hope for the future.  If this kid puts it all together, he could be a great player.  I’m not one to give a damn about rankings but I wonder where he would have been if he had a little extra drive inside.  Might explain why he was all over the place anyway, depending on when a guy watched him play he may have given an inspired performance.  The kid is really good no doubt, just hope he realizes it and embraces his ability.

  • IndyHoosier

    Yep. Gary’s bald dome is back there too. Good stuff from Jeremy. One thing about all these kids committing early is that they get to see the groups in front of them go in and watch how they prepare.

  • Southport 65

    You can also tell that Cody has bulked up since this picture. His upper body looks much bigger now. Our new conditioning Coach knows what he is doing for sure.

  • IUball

    I wouldn’t look too much into his wording. He is just a high school kid, so his speech isn’t going to be too polished. However he does need to work on his intensity. But the great thing about the roster when he gets here are the players we have to bring that out in him, like Yogi, Cody, Remy, Victor, etc.

    It isn’t like Hollowell has to be our leading scorer or anything. He will be very effective playing off of Yogi and Cody. And hopefully he develops more grit.