2011-2012 Player Profile: Verdell Jones III

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It’s time for Inside the Hall’s player-by-player breakdown of the 2011-2012 Indiana Hoosiers. Today: Verdell Jones III.

On the surface, Verdell Jones’ numbers during his junior campaign were respectable. He averaged 12.5 points, 3.3 rebounds and 3.1 assists in just over 28 minutes per contest. Not bad, right?

Peel them back a little further and you can piece together a solid argument that the Hoosiers would have been better off using Jones in a lesser role and redistributing his minutes to more efficient teammates.

His offensive rating (which measures a player’s personal efficiency) was just 94.8. That mark barely eclipsed Jeremiah Rivers (93.5) and Bobby Capobianco (93.8), who were IU’s two worst offensive players. He shot just 67 percent from the foul line and a dismal 29.8 percent from behind the 3-point line. And Jones took 27.2 percent of IU’s shots while on the floor, which was second highest on the team behind Christian Watford.

As Jones prepares to embark on his final season in Assembly Hall, a shift in his role could be pivotal to Indiana’s hopes of climbing out of the Big Ten cellar. His low efficiency marks and high turnover rate (22.4 percent) suggest he should be using fewer possessions and playing off the ball this season. Defensively, Jones was just as responsible as anyone in the backcourt for the 40 percent 3-point mark Big Ten opponents achieved last season.

However, the problem with such a monumental shift is that Jones has logged major minutes and dominated the ball since his freshman season in candy stripes. How would he adjust to playing fewer minutes or moving off the ball and onto the wing? We may soon find out.

Best-case: Jones logs more time on the wing to better utilize his strength, which is creating mid-range shots off the dribble and using his craftiness to get into the lane. His free throw percentage increases by at least ten percent.

Worst-case: Indiana keeps Jones on the ball, he continues to use a high number of possessions and more efficient options like Victor Oladipo see fewer opportunities as a result.

Quotable: “We have to stop people this year. Last year, we played the first eight games defensively and then we just stopped playing defense. We have to keep that (defense) going for all 30-plus games. We really have to lock down and guard their best player. We don’t want their guards or big men to have 30 or 20 points. We have to make it difficult for them and where they get their touches and the shots they have.” – Jones to IUHoosiers.com on August 4.

All stats in this piece from KenPom.

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  • Anonymous

    Seems like he needs to be the next Jeremiah. As they say, “Know your role.” He, like Jeremiah, will improve his perception and the ability of this team to succeed if he plays to his strengths. If he does this, other players will be able to showcase their strengths and their will be more winning.

    That said, Verdell Jones is probably the one player that has been the most pivotal and most deserving of our praise in these dark years. Looking back we will realize how he stuck it out and lead this team for a few years while we were waiting for the cavalry. 

    I hope he has a stellar year, and for his sake I (and ours) we go dancing.

  • Joe B

    Totally off topic; but that has to be Cwat’s little brother in the 2nd row behind the woman in the black shirt.  Looks exactly like him.  If it’s not I’d be shocked.

  • MillaRed

    He has been one of our best players since CTC arrived and for that we have to be thankful. He came here when things were gloomy. I will always appreciate that.

    Verdell’s weakness IMO is above his shoulders. When we talk about the bad turnovers, the free throw line and defensive lapses, it’s all in the head. It’s the repetition that concerns me in this regard. I’m just not sure he can work though that. We are what we are.

    If there is improvement to be had, it’s on the coaching staff. Put VJ in a position to succeed. That is not the PG position. It just isn’t. He is not of a Big Ten starter caliber if he continues to make these mistakes. He is a great candidate for a 6th man. And that’s where I would like to see him next season.

  • eph521

    Well said Milla. VJ is easy to criticize for a variety of reasons, but we should be thankful for his positive contributions and recognize he’s been asked to play out of position during a historically tough time for the IU program. If Coach uses VJ “the right way” this season, then perhaps he can leave IU on a high note.

  • Anonymous

    Spot on MillaRed.  I agree.  He does have moments of greatness every now and again, which get your hopes up, its just not consistent.  So, I do see him having a pivotal role in his senior year.  I think it just speaks to the point that Crean will need others to step up (i.e. Hulls, Vic, Sheehey, etc.) as to take the ball out of Verdell’s hands.

    Verdell did what he could.  Always plays hard.  Great kid.  I am optimistic all will pan out this year.

  • Anonymous

    Agreed.  I imagine his legacy will be DJ White’ish, in that he stuck it out through hard times and did his best to lead the team when no one else could.  And despite his deficiencies, he’s really good at parts of the game that few kids are.

    A quick story about VJ and turnovers – a guy who works with me is good friends with Brian Evans and goes to games with him some times, sitting court-side.  He was at the Iowa game in Crean and VJ’s first year, the only big ten win we had that year.  At one point in the game, IU’s taking the ball out of bounds and Crean turns around and says “Rob, right?  Watch this.  When Verdell takes the ball up, count to three after he crosses half-court and he’ll turn the ball over.”  Rob’s thinking this is crazy but Crean tells him to just do it.  So he does, and sure enough, on “3” VJ turns the ball over.  No real point to the story other than to note that turnovers have always been his problem and that Crean is willing to have fun during games.

    Anyway, I’m totally with you on the 6th man.  He could be a great resource off the bench, putting in points when the other team’s best scorers are on the bench.

  • Plane1972

    I think VJ gets a bum rap. He has been the best offensive weapon on the perimeter that we’ve had for most of his time here just because he has been the only one who could create his own shot. That will not be the case this year, and I agree with others that VJ should see more advantageous (less) minutes. I see him starting early by shear virtue of experience, and if that does not pan out, then he becomes a primary scoring threat off the bench.

  • Southport 65

    I believe Coach has to take control of this issue early and often with Verdell. He can be a great wing player and used as a scorer but if coach continues to play him at the point we will not be above .500 this season. I know there is a lot of history and VJ was our only option at times but coach has to make the move for the betterment of the team. It can’t be like it was in the past. This year we see if Coach is bold enough to let Jordan run the team, use his best players and use VJ in a way that is most productive. It’s time to “coach them up” Coach and be the Coach we all know we hired. Go Hoosiers have a great season!!!

  • Anonymous

    Not holding back at all in this evaluation, are you Alex?  But it’s the cold, hard truth.  Verdell is horribly inefficient.  We played our best when he was hurt.  (I’ll take credit for predicting when he went down that we would play better, although I only told my fiancee, so I might as well told the woods instead.)  I loved his role when he came back from injury against Minn.  He had more energy and was efficient.  I gotta think that recruiting Remy was a direct result of Crean giving up on Verdell and looking for a guy who wouldn’t turn the ball over and plays defense.

  • Anonymous

    First off I would like to thank VJ3 for coming to IU when it was at, for the most part, it’s lowest point ever, bball wise. It would have been a whole lot easier to have gone some where else and had more tally marks in the W column. I think this also speaks to CTC’s ability to help shape a young man’s character into one that does not turn and run when things become difficult and are starting to look like it’s not going to turn out like they thought it would.

    Now having said all that, I’m sure VJ3 is saying, ouch that hurt Alex, but hey, sometimes the truth hurts. Also sometimes hearing the truth is not what we want to do but down the road we realize having heard that truth was a good thing. The comparisons of VJ3’s situation this coming season and Jeremiah’s before the start of last season resemble each other closely. Whether or not that is the situation that materializes and whether or not VJ3 can accept it and embrace if it does come about it is another one. IMO a very well written piece by Alex.

    If we are going to have the success that most of us feel like this team is capable of it will require VJ3 to be coming off the bench. I know it is unheard of for a 3 year starter to come off of the bench his senior year but what IU bball has been through the last 3 years is also totally unheard of.

    If VJ3 ends up coming off the bench it will be from the domino effect of adding CZ as a starter this year. CZ WILL start & Crean has made no secret of the fact that he told Cody that he would not have to play the 5 spot but a small amount of time which for the most part makes TP a starter at that spot. I believe Crean will stick to his promise on that plus it is what would benefit this team the most IMO. I think we can all agree that CW will be and has to be a starter and that we can all agree that he can’t play the 1 or 2 spot. That leaves two spots open with a lot of people that do a lot of things better than VJ3 does. The 1, IMHO, has to be taken by Jordy. I just don’t see how we benefit more with anybody else at that spot than him, especially at the start of the season. I would even dare to say that we will be better off with Remy being Jordy’s backup in most cases. That leaves even more of a logjam at the only remaining spot and do we really think that out of those names not mentioned yet that VJ3 is the best option. I think not. I guess this has been a long winded way of saying that it is in the best interest of this team’s success if VJ3 comes off the bench and he accepts it and does his best to excel in this type of situation.

  • Anonymous

    That is his little brother.  The jersey he wears says something like C-Wat’s little bro and has a few funny things on it.  I saw him at a game last year.  They were totally eating up the IU thing.  Love it!

  • JerryCT

    We played well when he was hurt , but we also played well when was well. Having analyzed this I maintain the only common denominator that is obvious in the teams success and failure is if TP is on the court 18 minutes or more. If he plays big minutes we are in the game.

    Why  ….. you ask ? One key reason is that VJ and Hulls cannot shake their defenders, pound the ball to death, stall the offense , until the ball screen appears and only TP sets an effective one.

  • JerryCT

    You are a genius. I actually counted he seconds in the KY game that either VJ or Hulls spent dribbling or holding the ball past half court before kicking off the offense with a pass.

    Hulls was only slightly less than VJ’s 7 seconds. Contrast to Juice Thompson who kicks off the offense within 2 seconds of crossing the half court every single time.

    We take too long getting into our offense often faced with a dwindling shot clock while playing an offense that normally plays faster than that.

    I like the 3 sec rule for both Hulls and Jones

  • CreamandCrimson

    Love the midrange jumper, it’s a skill Verdell has and he is one of the last guys to employ it on a regular basis.  That being said, most of us feel the same way about VJ3.  He is a solid player that has been asked to do things he simply isn’t good enough at.  The hope is certainly that Hulls is ready to be the leader at the point and that someone else can take 10-15 minutes to give Hulls a rest.  That could come from Victor or Abell.  It leaves a large group of guys battling for minutes from the 2 and 3 spots and I think VJ3 is in the middle of the group. 

    If he grasps his role and limits his defensive lapses, great.  I have seen some stories saying he has put on 15 pounds in the offseason and is up to 200 lbs.  If that’s the case, he will be able to finish better around the rim with contact and it should help his defense.  The more I think about this team, the more I like it and the more excited I get for the upcoming season.  I do have one concern moving forward.  Zeller doesn’t want to play the five and he is probably not suited for it.  We lose TP after this year and bring in Hanner and Jurkin for 2012.  So…as excited as we are about the 2012 team.  Who plays center for that squad?  I’m not worried much about it on the offensive end but on defense it could be a problem against some teams.  I guess we don’t have to worry about that until after this season. 

  • What’s the correlation between Pritchard and the 3-point and free throw shooting? Or the defense.

  • JerryCT

    Two seasons ago Rivers / Hulls played PG for the first half of the year w VJ at the wing. He was mostly non existent in this offense . I sat through 3 games in PR watching him lost on the floor for example.

    I actually prefer him w the ball but only for less than 3 sec , same goes for Hulls. Both players will find themselves in our offense at the point and on the wing in any possession

  • Anonymous

    I’ll take the genius compliment but like I said, not my idea.  From the lips of Coach Tom Crean to the ears of a random partner at my law firm.  

    And I like your approach, I’ll be trying that out this year.  No need to pound the ball on offense, especially with our talent and style of offense.

  • JerryCT

    I am commenting alot about VJ because I believe we will only be as good as he can make us. I am critical of his TO’s and defense but I also feel that he is good enough to solve those problems and carry us to many wins .

    How ?

    He should either get rid of the ball to the high post or wing immediately across half court and look for points on his first or second touch thereafter. I think Zeller helps Jones more than any other player through either the pick and roll or the pop leaving VJ one on one to the basket as teams worry about Zeller out high

  • MillaRed

    Yes. I too am a little confused.

  • Anonymous

    I wonder how much of our dependence on VJIII in the early years causes his erratic play now… He sometimes still plays like he is only offensive option on the team and turns it over or takes an awful shot.  If he can accept his place as a role player it would be a monster boost for this team, I just do not know if he knows how to play that way

  • MillaRed

    C&C, we don’t need a true center. Most programs start two PFs anyway. It’s just not that big of a deal any more. Especially in the dribble-drive offense.

    No doubt Verdell has perhaps the deadliest pull-up jumper in the Big Ten. So, let’s put him in a position to shoot it! Whether it be curling off a screen or in transition. It’s time to start playing to our team strengths. We should have the depth to do so eh?

  • Anonymous

    Anybody else see this?  Watford’s foot now?  Did I just miss this yesterday?


  • Anonymous

    Walking boot?  How did he injure his foot?  Hadn’t heard about this either.

  • MillaRed

    This is a minor injury that will not affect the season at all.

  • CreamandCrimson

    I agree with you in 95% of games and I am not knocking any of the guys we have brought in.  The dribble-drive offense doesn’t need a big guy and I get that.  My main concerns are against teams with a couple of low post scorers.  What happens this season (or next season) if Zeller gets in foul trouble?  Look, I don’t have a lot of concerns about the 2012 team and I am extremely excited to see it play out.  I hope my post didn’t come off as…”Oh no, we don’t have a legit 7-foot and 275 pound banger to patrol the paint, freak out.”  I just worry about the depth of capable interior defenders without Pritchard. 

    I love the flexibility we now have because of our depth.  The staff should be able to put players in the best position possible to succeed.  They can’t make them succeed but they can put them in position to do so.  2012 will be an even greater example of that.  The options will be so plentiful because of the length and athleticism of guys like Patterson, Hollowell and Perea.  Anyway, Milla you are right, unless one of our “bigs” gets hurt (Zeller, TP or Elston) in which case defense and rebounding becomes an issue.  

  • Anonymous

    And then there is that little detail called TURNOVERS.

  • Southport 65

    Jerry I realize, as does everyone, that you are a huge Jones fan but do you really think after 3 years of dibbling with your head down and not seeing the court that he can really do what you are saying? True the addition of Zeller will help everyone but IU’S future is not in Jones. I totally disagree that this team only goes as far as Jones goes because if that is true it means everyone else new and old on the roster has not improved. If jones can do what he does best and that is a huge “if” and let the game come to him then I agree he is most important but if he is the same old Jones who won’t play D ,hit free ones, see the floor and shoot poorly from 3 then he will not have improved. The team will not have improved. I think he can defend it is more will he. I guess the season will tell but it is his last to get it right. He has some valve after college ball because he can hit the 2 and slash to the bucket and the added muscle will help him finish at the basket but not as a point guard and finishing his career trying to be one will not help him at all. As much as I admire your comments and basketball knowledge surely you see that. This old coach does.

  • VJ could be a major reason for our success (esp with Mo out).  He has something that is sorely needed to succeed  – experience.  Yes he was good and bad.  I agree with the comment that he needs to play to his strength.  That strength is to get to the rim or hit the midrange jumper.  He is one of the few players we had that had the ability to create his own shot.  He should do well with CZ and a more experienced and deeper team around him.  If he plays well then he will be able to assert that leadership role that our team so sorely needs in the locker room to win. 

    note to VJ – hit 80% FT, play the toughest D ever, pass/pass, and assert yourself in the locker room….this kid is smart and humble, and one of my favs on the team this yr.

  • MillaRed

    I hear you. Our depth is more talented but still not deep. I think a lot of teams have the same problem.

    There are always going to be Sullinger’s and such out there we (and others) can’t guard. Especially this season. There’s not much we can do. But hey, they have to guard us too. And I expect very few to be able to keep up with Cody in transition.

    In terms of 2012, no offense CTC, but anyone can coach that group. In 2013 watch out. He won’t need to pace the sidelines any more, but he will. Wish he would relax!

  • MillaRed

    You would think Howard could at least give us a few minutes eh? Who is guarding the 5 in this order next season –

    The Pritch

    I kinda get the feeling Will would go out and guard Dwight Howard if you asked him too. I can picture him biting at his ankles to stop a dunk.

    And Derek, calm down! You can do much better if you play within yourself!

  • JerryCT

    #1. Saying we played well when Jones was hurt but denying we also play well ( eg Mich at home ) when Jones plays ( same can be said for CWAT ) fails to explain what the consistent factor is, if any, explaining why we play well at times. CWAT scored tons of points and Iowa killed for example.

    #2. Are folks saying VJ and CWAT should sit the bench and we would be better ? Of course not because it isn’t true

    #3. I searched box scores and also found no consistent clues but one

    #4 I am not offering any clear cause and effect but if you look at the games the only consistency I see is TP’s minutes when we are most competitive ( ie MSU or Wisky ).

    You sent me an article about Shane Battier’s mysterious impact on winning and losing w/o showing up in the box score. I am pointing the same thing out w TP’s minutes .

  • JerryCT

    I can unconfuse Alex but you ………………… you just might be hopeless …………….. what do nuns know about basketball anyway

  • JerryCT

    OK I guess you are not confused . I agree w you except one thing. TP is probably our best defender out on the floor as well . I say this after his work on Taylor , Hummel, Morris and others.

    As such against some teams I would have hm defend the PF giving us trouble like Green , Hummel,  Besabe , SHurna for example and let Cody deal w the weaker #5

  • JerryCT

    Not really a huge Jones fan but I hate to think a player cannot improve or change ( ie Rivers ) even in their final year.

    One thing no body mentions is that VJ draws fouls at a rate 3 times faster than Hulls getting some opposing players into trouble , something Hulls simply does not ever do.

  • JerryCT

    Jones dishes assists at a 40% higher rate than Hulls as well. I love Hulls but just trying to put Jones value in perspective

  • 1FloridaHoosier

    with all this talk about VJIII, his coming to IU when it was the darkest of all hours, the criticisms, praise etc…, one thing that hasn’t been brought out is that IF VJ would’ve went elsewhere, he would not have had the PRIVILEGE to play as much as he has at IU. yes, we should be grateful and I am, but he’s a senior and should this  year be at his best. if you consider how many freshman get to play even a few minutes, it should be VJ thanking IU for the HONOR to play. I hope he has the best year of his life for giving us his talents when we had none at all.

  • Anonymous

    Jones can be instrumental in IU’s improvement this season if he plays better D, limits his TO’s..and scores when it counts (many of his big point games came after the issue was decided) I just don’t want him to initiate the offense..Hulls is better with the ball and a better passer to get things started…Jones still is in love with the dribble. All that said..he is a senior..can get his own shot..has a great pull up jumper. Verdell get’s dissed..but without a contribution this year..he’d really be missed.

  • Q95

    i would be surprised if we don’t see jones coming off the bench by the time the big ten opens. tc has to make room for more dynamic players in sheehey and oladipo. i think it will be great for the team to have a potential 20 point scorer coming off the bench and forcing opponents to adjust their defense. relieve jones of all his responsibilities except for what he does best…knocking down mid-range jumpers.

  • MillaRed

    Well from your point of view, The Pritch talks to God daily. So let’s ask the Good Lord for his opinion on Verdell.

  • MillaRed

    I am sure The Pritch is coming up on Alex’s rundown but since we are talking about him now…….

    You talk about how effective IU was with him on the floor etc. Aside from Mo Creek’s injury, I would argue that TPs inability to stay on the floor was one of the biggest issues we had defensively. You have an injured and ineffective Elston, Capo which well, we don’t need to go there. TP’s careless fouls killed our D.

    So, here’s to The Pritch doing better in this regard. And yes Cody will help etc. But many of those fouls were just plain inexcusable.

  • MillaRed

    The reality is this, when this kid was bad, he was really, really bad. I’m talking not Big Ten caliber bad. If nothing else, we should have the depth to yank him if he does not improve on his decision making.

  • MillaRed

    I like the different point of view. Well said. Would not have started in most Big Ten programs. Even now?

  • hgdownunder

    If VJ3 didn’t go to IU, he would have been a good 6th man by his third B10 season.  While he knew he wasn’t going to see big numbers in the Ws column, he knew he was going to see many more in the M column at IU than any other place.

  • hgdownunder

    I get the impression that mid-way through VJ3’s first B10 season, he looked around and thought, Well, if no one else is gonna do IT, then I will.  At the time, that attitude was a virtue.  He got a lot of positive feedback for it, didn’t he?  But that kind of attitude now is a weakness. 

    If he had gone to Minnesota, say, he would have not picked up that attitude.  He would have been schooled, been humbled within the team.  He would have had to work really hard to get into the game.  And the fans would now be thinking, “Ah, VJ3 is coming on.  He’s got good energy.”

  • Aceman_Mujezinovic_07

    I too believe that if TP would just give up the occasional easy basket and pick his battles better (obviously after our slower guards have been beat) then we’d have a much more successful season.  I watched closely last year as IU competed against PUke at home.  When TP was on the floor, he practically shut Johnson down!  Of course Moore still torched our guards, but IU played almost point for point with PUke during TP’s floor stretches.  As soon as he would pick up a foul and get back in foul trouble (and give way to DE) Johnson would start scoring again.  He ended up with 20+ and probably 14-16 of that was against a TP’less IU defense!

    I honestly think the best offensive + defensive starting lineup IU could play would be:

    Hulls – PG
    Vic – Wing
    CWat – Wing
    CZ – PF
    TP – PF

    We wouldn’t play a true Center but I see this as the best offensive/defensive lineup.  Vic helps Jordy on D by switching off on the quickest guard and also helps CWat on D if he’s having trouble handling a quicker wing.  TP can help CZ on D by picking up the bigger/stronger player but he could also help CWat if CWat was being pushed around.  Will can come off the bench and do the same thing and VJ can come off the bench as well for extra wing scoring.  If Remy is doing his job at the point then we could play a quicker, smaller lineup with Vic and Will in together with Remy. 

    Could you imagine the speed and athleticism on offense we’d have if Remy/Vic/Will could play together and somebody still pose a threat to shoot from the outside?  CWat is always going to be a threat from the outside and CZ can play the pick and pop game with those guys!

    Sorry for the long post but the season in nigh and I’m getting pumped and thinking basketball!!!

  • Aceman_Mujezinovic_07

    I sort of agree with you against a team like NW.  That weird named C isn’t much of a threat down low because he’s weak but he drags guys out and shoots the 3.  I would rather CZ be the one pulled away from the basket to guard him and leave TP down low.  Problem is that everybody on the NW team shoots the 3 so there goes that idea. 

    Now against a team like Minn., CZ may be a better fit against Sampson III with TP on MBakwe (if he’s still there).  Then again, Will guarded him last year and did great so maybe Will should play more and guard guys like Besabe too!

  • Aceman_Mujezinovic_07

    I honestly think we could slow down a guy like Sullinger if and only if TP stayed out of foul trouble and another athletic player like Will or Vic was responsible for dropping down on there side to double him now and again.  OSU may not have the shooters this year if we did something like that to kill us.  Thomas is hot and cold so if he has a cold night you can drop off him to double Sullinger. 

    I love playing couch coach!!!

  • Aceman_Mujezinovic_07

    I think the biggest keys to Verdell’s success is his shooting.  Sure, he can hit the midrange jumper, but teams figure that out and cut him off or invite him to dribble into trouble and then strip the ball if they don’t fear his outside shot.  If he could just get his 3pt shooting % up to say 37% from 27% last year and have a few big games from deep then teams would be forced to respect that and it could open up the floor for VJ3 and others. 

    Also, he has to hit FT’s in order for his drive game to work.  I hated watching him go to the line the last two years.  I chewed to the cuticles every time he got fouled!

  • Aceman_Mujezinovic_07

    I seriously think a stat like that is bogus!  I watched every minute of every game last year and the offense flowed much, much better when Hulls ran it.  The only reason his assist rate wasn’t higher is because he stood on the wing for a good portion of the season and watched Verdell dribble.  VJ3 never threw a single pass last year where anyone said, “Wow, what a pass” or “Man, how’d he see him.”  On the other hand, Jordy threw several.  He sees the floor better and runs the offense better.  He just needs to be on the ball more!  There is something to be said for watching the games and seeing what’s really happening verses looking at empty stats. 

    I agree with you 100% of TP and think TP is going to have a huge impact and breakout year now that he has some help down low and also some quicker guards and wings to stay in front of their men, but I totally disagree that VJ3 needs to be on the ball.  He’s had 3 years where he’s had that responsibility the majority of the time and it has only led to TO problems and me losing more hair!

    We may have to agree to disagree on this topic but I still think VJ3 is best suited as a Rip Hamilton type wing.  We’ll just wait and see which armchair coach is right on this one. 

    Still love ya Jerry!  Hoo Hoo HOOSIERS!!!

  • Anonymous

    lets face facts people he is mediocre at best. iu fans need to start calling it like it is “we are soft”. watford is the glassman, jodie wont shoot, vd3 is a turnover magnet and none of them can play d!! im sure people wont like this but its the facts. until crean stops worrying about 5 star 2 gaurds and starts getting guys who “want” to play d this team wont be competetive in the big ten!!