Bill Raftery to host Hysteria, Gordon and White to appear

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CBS Sports and ESPN college basketball announcer Bill Raftery will serve as the host of the men’s portion of Saturday’s Hoosier Hysteria at Assembly Hall according to a release issued today by IU Media Relations.

The former Seton Hall coach, who began calling games for CBS Sports almost 29 years ago, won’t be the only special guest in attendance.

With the NBA lockout still in effect, former IU stars D.J. White and Eric Gordon will be a part of the program and will also sign autographs afterward.

According to IU’s release, fans will be provided with one item for signatures and may not have any other items signed by the IU players or its special guests.

Doors will open at 6:30 PM ET on Saturday and admission is free, but fans are encouraged to bring a canned food item for Hoosier Hills Food Bank.

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  • Send it in.

  • Anonymous

    This going to Awesome to have two IU greats in the Hall. I hope it helps land some top recruits as well as GH! Looking forward to being there on Sat.

  • Anonymous

    The Hoosiers go Man to man!!! lol

  • Anonymous

    Are they going to air this on ESPN or CBS sports???

  • for a fee, I believe. Also, just a note, but we won’t be able to take any footage at the event and post it on the site. Don’t want to disappoint anyone that might be expecting dunk contest or scrimmage footage.

  • CreamandCrimson

    Kind of an odd move to bring in Bill Raftery.  I guess he is a big name that will elicit some excitement.  I think we know what he will say when someone clinches the 3-point contest…”Onions!”

    Anyway, glad to have DJ White back in the Hall.  He was always a warrior that gave his all for the Hoosiers and one of my favorites.  Gordon was one of the most talented players to ever play at IU.  Without his wrist injury, he would have really lit it up.  He still managed to have a very impressive one year stay in Bloomington.  Should be a great event.

  • Anonymous

    Ok thanks Alex! I’ll have my dvr set.

  • Anonymous


  • HoosierDadE

    Side note to my dedication to ITH, it seemed like this wonderful site was being blocked at work earlier this week…so I started crafting my RESUME.  Anyplace that blocks me from ITH is a place I don’t want to work.
    *DISCLAIMER-the views of HoosierDadE do not reflect Alex and the ITH staff.  Please don’t quit your job, otherwise you can’t make donations to the site 🙂

  • I bought it last year. I believe it was around $6 or $7 and you got Hoosier Hysteria plus the 2 exhibition games.

  • Anonymous


  • eph521

    “Man to Man!”

  • Anonymous

    More excited this year than have been in a long time. Can’t wait til they open the doors. Every off season seems like an eternity.

    GO IU!!!!

  • Anonymous

    I only wish Bilas was there to provide critique of Raftery on twitter.

    Get the puppies organized!


    Theyre going to have a live-stream on iu’s website

  • ChitownIUAlum

    That’s what she said?

    Any way…I’m very excited! We need to rock this show and make sure GH knows what he is in for if he choose the Hoosiers!

  • IUfanPurduePhD

    Only Gilbert Gottfried high on coke would be worse than Vitale.

  • LDIU

    Agree with you….I sure wish Gus Johnson was doing the event!!

  • IU_Fan_99

    what are these rumors about Christian Watford being injured and walking around campus in a boot????

  • Anonymous

    yea no doubt! We need IU basketball all year round…lol

  • Anonymous

    Yea just to say Olidepo….haha!

  • Anonymous

    ditto I like your thinking!

  • HoosierSmitty

    I hate that I can’t be there this year. I blame my ex-girlfriend, not the economy. She gets to blame me for everything else. I kid. 

    Can’t wait for the season to kick off! If you sign up on the BTN for this and the exhibition games, make sure you cancel it, too. They kept charging me! 

  • jgon86

    I just bought my first candy strip pants.   Will be arriving and camping out at two.  So ready for this.  B-town baby!!!!!

  • Jersey Jerry

    The Hoosiers go Man-2-Man with a kiss of the glass … hehehehe

  • IUJeff

    I’m takin the whole fam damily !!!

    Can’t wait.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t know who on the b-ball staff is “producing this event” this even”..but they are doing a damn good job

  • HoosierSmitty

    They kept charging me afterward though, so make sure you cancel if you just want those games and HH. 

  • Anonymous

    a little kiss.

  • HoosierSmitty

    Hoosier Scoop has a small snippet of info. Doesn’t appear to be serious, but he won’t participate on Saturday. 

  • Anonymous

    I am really excited for Hoosier Hysteria.  The Hall is going to be rockin’!

  • Anonymous

    Dedication.  I love it.

  • Anonymous

    Anyone know what time Cook Hall is open?

  • SirEric

    The crowd will go NUTS for Eric Gordon! I am SO pumped!

  • cooper

    Maybe I missed it but um isn’t it supposed to be at midnight?

    Anyway Raftery has the greatest one liners:

    1. Send it in Jerome
    2. Onions
    3. A little kiss

  • hoosiergirl

    LOVE IT! DJ is my absolute favorite player ever! Go White! (: 

  • Hoosier78

    I believe it’s open all day. It might be different on weekends I’m not sure. I know that I have walked in at random times on weekdays and it has never been locked or a case where i have been shewed out.

  • Ryrowe

    Is there any way i can watch this on tv or online? i won’t be able to attend!

  • Anonymous

    Thanks Hoosier78. Wanted to visit it early in the day, then focus my efforts by getting in line early in the evening.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t see anything wrong with bringing in any former players of the current coach. Raftery was coach at Seton Hall, so doesn’t that cause some problems for you too? I mean, i’d prefer all IU alums, but it is what it is. Wade acknowledges CTC’s impact on his development..why not bring him to HH and leverage that connection? Maybe we should call Richard Mandeville or Todd Jadlow and see if they can make it instead?

  • Samb911

    I too want to see it on TV – I am in Charlotte NC. Any info?

  • Mikedwigans

    Take it to the tin BIG FELLA!!!

  • BUT…you will have pictures. I can post pictures that night. I checked. Video is the only thing not permitted.