IUHoosiers.com catches up with freshman Austin Etherington

  • 09/19/2011 11:04 am in

IUHoosiers.com: Catching Up With: Austin Etherington

On the difference in the speed of the game from high school to college:
“Definitely our team is a much faster team than I played with in high school and I know it’s going to just keep getting faster and faster when we get into the Big Ten. It’s something that I haven’t seen yet but I’m going to experience soon and I’m really looking forward to it and I know it’s not going to be easy, but I will get the job done.”

On being recognized as an Indiana basketball player around campus:
“Almost everywhere you go, you find someone who knows who you are, who talks to you and just says that they’re a great fan or they just want to introduce themselves. So you get that a lot and if someone does find out that you’re a basketball player, they want to know how everything is going. Everyone really cares about basketball here, and tells us that they are really looking forward to this season and they just want to see us win some games.”

On the biggest strength he brings to the team:
“I feel like I can be the person who hits the open shot. I can be the guy that shoots the ball in or be the guy that always works hard when he is in the game and is not burden to the team. I just want to help in any way I can. I might not be the best scorer, but just being there and doing what I have to do to make the team win.”

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