Bogues to coach Peter Jurkin at United Faith Christian

  • 09/19/2011 4:35 pm in

Peter Jurkin will have a new coach for his final high school season at United Faith Christian Academy: Tyrone Muggsy Bogues.

The Charlotte Observer is reporting that Shaun Wiseman has stepped down as the coach at UFCA and will be replaced by Bogues, who played 14 seasons in the NBA with the Washington Bullets, Charlotte Hornets, Golden State Warriors and Toronto Raptors.

The Observer’s report mentions Jurkin’s development as a primary reason for Bogues’ interest in taking the job:

Bogues was an assistant on Wiseman’s first state championship team at United Faith in 2009, which featured one of the players Bogues mentors and coaches, Ian Miller, now a sophomore point guard at Florida State. Bogues is likewise close to another current Falcon, 7-foot senior center Peter Jurkin, who has committed to Indiana.

“The reason I did this mainly was because of Peter’s situation,” Bogues said. “When I got a phone call from the school, I was kind of shocked. High school coaching wasn’t something I was looking for and I thought Shaun was doing a really good job. The time I spent with him, he had the program going in the right direction. I don’t know what all took place, but I want to make sure the guys continue to get the attention and development I think they should.”

Jurkin recently tweeted about working out with Bogues and getting a chance to work with a former NBA veteran should be a positive experience for the future IU big man.

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  • Jamescmorris11

    who’s taller? Peter Jurkin or Muggsy Bogues?

  • Guest

    The 2′ height difference should make the team photo quite hilarious.

  • eph521

    This is all positive… all good for Peter. Being taught by an NBA veteran is a good thing 99.9% of the time (leaving room for scientific rounding).

    I’m still amazed at what ol Muggsy was able to get done in the NBA.

  • Anonymous

    I have a feeling Bogues will preach fundamentals and keep Peter in tune and ready for the big time!

  • Anonymous

    That’s great news for Peter.  I’d imagine Muggsy doesn’t have anything to prove and may have an added focus on player development first.  Really looks like he’s doing a favor for the kids as I’m sure there are plenty of other opportunities for him.

  • Anonymous

    Maybe Bogues has some old NBA pals come in and work with the team during the season? This can only be a good thing in my opinion, you’d think Peter must have some real talent if Muggsy list him as a major factor in his decision to coach the team….

  • Kelin Blab

    Why this is a good thing…to teach PJ more how to play with a point guard, getting good position in the post to receive a past, and working off a pick and roll. To be coached by a NBA player is a good thing.

  • Walt

    Just went back and looked at some PJ video, hands looked soft, one dunk looked like he did not even get off the ground.  As he remains healthy, IU has some good, good times in store.

  • Anonymous

    Here’s to hoping that Bogues doesn’t push him to another school……

  • IUfanPurduePhD

    Jayson Williams taught me how to shoot a shotgun… I think that may fall under the 0.1% thing. 

  • Anonymous

    Look back at pictures from Muggsy’s rookie year with the Bullets when his teammate was Manute Bol.

  • Anonymous

    Ooh, didn’t even think of that aspect.  Muggsy played back when there were actual centers with post moves.  

    Bet he has Dikembe Mutombo’s number, too.

  • CoachB

    Maybe Muggsy can get PJ to play like his team mates from Space Jam, that would be really cool.  We need a post player with a little monster inside.  Of course, they did let a team with “Newman” on it beat them, so maybe not.

  • Dtfree

    I want a pic of Muggsy showing post moves to Peter J, Hopefully it will be likely a couple ex-NBA bigs come and help coach bigs on a regular basis.