Video: Cody Zeller at Indiana Junior-Senior All-Star Exhibition

  • 06/10/2011 12:23 pm in

Mr. Basketball Cody Zeller finished the two Indiana All-Star exhibition games with totals of 51 points and 40 rebounds. Watch over 90 seconds of new video of Zeller from Wednesday’s exhibition in Kokomo in the embedded video player below (Note: You can expand the video to full screen by using the arrows in the bottom right hand corner of the player):

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  • I love the last one! The way he goes and gets rebounds that aren’t even close to where he’s standing when the shot goes up is incredible.

  • Um, he’s good. That is all. 

  • Anonymous

    Holy crap!

    Zeller, sadly, is one of the few guys I haven’t seen play in person.  In my opinion, this has to be his best highlight video…and its in one game.

    Couple things that positively surprised me were his leaping ability (his head was near the backboard a couple times), the Tyler Zeller jump hook (his brother is lethal with that in the college game), his ability to run the floor (he runs a like a deer) and his tynacity on the glass (he doesn’t just box out, he goes after the ball).

    Cody…welcome to Bloomington!  He’s the real deal.

  • I also have not seen him live.  This video is impressive.  His athletic ability is impressive, he seems to be at the same level as Tyler is now.  I believe that he is actually underrated in the ratings.  Watching him and then Perea makes me excited about our team the next few yrs….

  • jcopey

    One of the best things about him is that he is so consistent.  He gives you great effort and results every night.  It will be great for leadership when your best player is also your hardest worker.

  • I don’t think he’s that good, guys. Clearly overrated.

  • mrhoosierboy

    OMG……..Were gonna kick KY allstars butt tonight!!! I cant wait…Does anybody know if Bellermines gym has A.C??? Cause I bout passed out in Kokomo..LOL

  • Anonymous

    watford might be the happiest person on the team to have zeller joining – i am expecting him to really show us what kind of player he is next season.  Watford/Zeller combo should cause some match up problems for a lot of teams.

  • Derbus

    If Watford does not play defense, I only want to see him on the floor for 20 minutes/game or less.  Defense wins championships, not lackadaisical effort on D.

  • Anonymous

    Very impressive.  Nose for the ball and seems to play hard all the time.  Athletic, skilled, fundementals are strong….very happy we got him.  He will revamp our team at both ends instantly and allow others to improve as well.

  • Gbake

    Yes Yes Yes.

  • Gbake

    Yes Yes Yes.

  • Larkspur37

    Do you tap a white cane when you walk?