Gary Harris discusses recruitment in radio interview

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2012 Hamilton Southeastern guard and IU recruiting target Gary Harris was a guest on “Ahead of the Curve” on Saturday morning on 1070 The Fan in Indianapolis.

Hosts Chris Hagan and Kent Sterling talked to the five-star junior about a variety of topics and we’ve transcribed some of the more interesting things Harris had to say below. The full interview can be heard at this link.

On the hype surrounding him and if it gets to be too much:

“I don’t think it’s too much. It just comes with it. I wanted to be a good basketball player so I worked hard at it. It’s just what I have to deal with. I enjoy it because I’m only going to go through it once. I’m just having fun with it, I’m not trying to let it get to me.”

On what he’s trying to improve upon the most:

“I would say my consistency shooting the ball, but that’s not just the main thing. I’m trying to work on all parts of my game because there’s no one part that’s good and can’t get any better. I’m just trying to make my total game better and work on all aspects of my game.”

On whether the recruiting process is weighing on his mind every day:

“You just have to manage it. I think my parents take a lot more calls than I do. They try to shield a lot of that stuff away from me so I don’t have to think about it so much and so I can just be a normal kid at times. Every day I’m thinking about it because sooner or later I’m going to have to make the decision and it’s going to be one of the biggest decisions of my life since it’s my college. It’s not just going to affect my four years while I’m there, but it’s going to affect the four years after I’m done so I just have to think about it and decide what school’s going to be best for me.”

On what he’s learned from playing football that he can apply to basketball:

“I would just say taking hits. In basketball, I get bumped going to the rim, taking hard falls. I’m used to it. I’m used to the physical contact because I play football. It’s nothing that I haven’t seen since football is a lot more of a contact sport than basketball.”

On a timeline for a decision:

“That’s a good question, I wish I knew that. I could wait until next year end of basketball season if I wanted to. I’m just worried about getting better right now. I feel like I find the right school, feel like I’m comfortable enough to commit to a school then I’ll do that.”

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  • Luke72

    As in other interviews I have read from him, he shows so much maturity! Really has team leader written all over him! May be what he’s looking for! With a all-star recruiting class like 2012 being the leader might be a tall order. Where ever he goes count on them to win and win alot, this guy’s a winner!

  • Marsh21

    same questions, same answers……

    the wait continues…

  • Anonymous

    I’d like to see what Gary looks like in an Indiana uniform come 2012

  • Anonymous

    If he commits to IU, I love the four year comment. If not IU, then I hope he changes his mind about staying four years!

  • Kelin Blab

    Just a question will his commitment grow into “Zeller” status?

    I don’t think he can wait til after his h.s. season, waaaay too much pressure and would drive him and his family crazy. Not to mention…IU fans are pretty persuasive!

  • Anonymous

    Agreed. Every update is really a non-update with him. Never eliminates a school, and is taking his sweet time, which is fine.

    I’ll gladly wait as long as it takes to get his commitment.

  • eph521

    I do think there are similarities between Harris and Zeller in terms of how they’ve handled the whole recruiting game. Harris handles himself very professionally and tends to speak in vague terms, with respect for all his potential suitors, much like Zeller did… and both kids seem to have parents guiding them thru the process, keeping everything in perspective for these soon-to-be young men. There’s no rush with either kid, just patiently evaluating all the options.

    Let’s hope Harris ends up making the same decision Zeller did… that IU is the place for him.

  • Anonymous

    There’s taking your time to keep sucking up the attention and there’s taking your time to make a solid, informed decision. I have no doubt that Gary, regardless of who he chooses, is the latter.

  • Diesel

    McGary now has offers from Texas, Texas A&M, and Arizona, taking unofficial to Kansas.

    We’d better have like 6 transfers, I’d like to make room for this kid AND Gary Harris.

  • I really respect what the kid and his family are doing. I don’t want to be misconstrued, but his recruitment is getting a little old IMO. Same material every time.

  • Casey B.

    Question of the year: Would you rather get Harris or McGary?

    “Both” is not an acceptable answer, for the sake of discussion, even if it’s theoretically possible.


  • Diesel

    Uh, that’s like asking would you rather keep your right nut or left nut? The answer is always going to be both.

    I’m going to go McGary. I’m not saying he’s better than Harris, but I think the makeup of the team requires additional depth and skill in the interior if we are to make serious noise toward another championship.

  • Kelin Blab

    At this point I honestly cannot answer that. I use to think Gary Harris….then we got hollowell….now McGary is turning into a monster and would bring something different to the table….

  • Anonymous

    -“I’ve been working on my 3-point shot a lot,” he explained. “Over the summer, that’s all I did. I just need to work on my handles, and I’ve been working on my strength a lot. I’m not really an inside guy.”

    -“I still can run and jump,” said McGary. “I really don’t like playing inside. I just like getting out and running. I would like to play the four in college and even possibly the three if I get quicker and could guard it better. That’s what I have to work on.”

    Those are quotes I found from McGary himself in recent interviews. I think McGary is talented as well, but it sounds like he does not want to play in the interior at the next level. I mean the guy is 6’10” 250 pounds but he likes to play on the perimeter. The last thing we need right now is a paper tiger.

  • Anonymous

    Harris 90 out of 100, McGary 10 out of 100.

  • Anonymous

    Yes, a nice 3 visits and decision in November. The 3 visits IU, MI St and X.

  • Casey B.

    Haha – I know…that’s why it’s fun (although, losing either nut wouldn’t be).

    I’d go McGary simply because I think he’d bring attitude and toughness to the team, combined with an above-average level of skill.

  • Diesel

    Yes, I remember these quotes when McGary’s recruitment was first taking off a while back. From the videos I’ve seen, he likes to shoot it and dribble it and pass it which in our offense makes him more of a threat. We don’t need a big to solely take up space on the block. If you watch him, you also see a rebounder, shot blocker, and high motor.

    If by paper tiger you mean “absolute beast”, dunks and post moves, power/athleticism/skill, and destroying rims, I guess I’ll have to take it. His performance this weekend, per recruiting analyst @NY2LASPORTS:

    ? Of the weekend – does Mitch McGary deserve top 10 type consideration. Kid has been an absolute beast this weekend at times

    Counted 5 dunks, 2 treys, 3 post moves, n a few transition layups. Showcased power, athleticism, n skill. McGary really blowing up

    Agree. Kid has been stellar this spring and that may be an understatement.

    2012 PF Mitch McGary absolutely destroying rims for SYF today at Jayhawk Invitational

  • Iumike

    just seen McGary play.this kid i`d take as fast as i could sign him.i think his size& ability would help more

  • eph521

    I wouldn’t be upset if we get McGary, but I’d I take Harris all day long… he has “it”.

  • Anonymous

    I have to pick Harris, because if McGary doesn’t want to play inside, then they are both wings, right?!?! I’d be more interested in McGary if he wanted to bang inside, because what I have seen of him shows that he can do exactly that…and do it well. If he wants to be Richard Mandeville, let him do it somewhere else!!

  • Aceman_Mujezinovic_07

    I think he’s going to pull the trigger for IU during the next open period! I don’t know why but some of those answers about making a decision when he’s comfortable with a school give the feeling that he’s just doing his final homework before he pulls the trigger to join “the movement”!

  • Aceman_Mujezinovic_07

    I’m with you Diesel! I’ve always been a McGary fan and I begged IU to sign him up back when he was just a dude from the region getting a little attention. I think he turns into a Josh McRoberts type college player!

  • Aceman_Mujezinovic_07

    Yeah, those quotes are from a while back when he first transferred to prep school, before this past season. If you’ve had the chance to watch him play recently or at least see highlights from recent events, he’s a man-child inside with outside skills! He bangs, seems to be in the right place, is a good positional rebounder, good shooter, good interior and open court passer, has good ball handling skills for a big, can shoot, and is an above average athlete!

    That’s the type player any team in America would want and that’s why he’s getting offers from everyone!

  • Diesel

    McRoberts is a real good comparison.

  • stonaroni

    I agree with Calbert40. We already have a post that can play the floor in CZ and also CW. Assuming CZ plays here through JR season, I say take Harris.

    McGary would rather play 15 feet out. He is talented, but not that talented. McGary would be better playing the paint, usinf fadeaway j’s and use his quick feet to perfect post moves which he could do.

    If McGary was more refined in the paint I would be very interested, but Harris’ potential to be a larger than life player and scorer intrigues me.

    But, if Harris is a one and done, I always would take the talented player for 3 or 4 years over the one year superstar.

  • Anonymous

    I have heard from what I would consider a pretty good source that he has already decided on Butler but wants to continue to go through the process…. I really hope he was pulling my leg but considering who told me this I highly doubt it.