• Anonymous

    Cody Zeller is the real deal. I can easily see him being FoY especially in the Big Ten. Man. He gets better and better all the time, and if he gets a little stronger, he will do big things his freshmen year! Which is better than some of us were thinking

  • Evan

    He doesn’t show off his hops very often, but he definitely doesn’t have any trouble throwing it down. This video really doesn’t do that dunk justice thought. It looked awesome on the original feed.

  • Anonymous

    This won’t be the last time Cody Zeller puts on a show in Kentucky.

  • MillaRed

    Dude is good. Really, really good. Reverse layup in traffic at 6’11”. Yea, we see that all the time at IU.

  • RobD

    let’s enjoy his two years as a Hoosier.

  • jcopey

    WOW – he looks great. Seems like he really elevated his game vs. the tougher / bigger competition. He faked three players right off the floor for easy hoops. Cannot wait for next year and to see how the team looks with him as our #1 or 2 option; making everyone else better. . . and I hope he stays all four years. . . at his current rate of improvement, it may be difficult! 🙂