• Anonymous

    I don’t know know enough about the Indianapolis sportswriters to know if they tend to show favoritism towards guys who sign in-state like the Mr. Basketball voters, but I hadn’t even really considered when I first heard Patterson was POY that he won the award over Marquis Teague.

  • He didn’t. The award was for City player of the year, which only includes IPS schools.

  • Anonymous

    Plus Heritage Christian, Cathedral, Ritter, and Covenant Christian.

  • JerryCT

    I rewatched the Allstar game late last night .

    Bad News : Perea got beat off the dribble a few times and needs to correct that. Defense is more than shot blocking. He could the next Steve Downing however.

    Good News: Yogi was even more impressive the second time around. His defense was really good off and on the ball.

    Are we sure he is only 5’10 ? He looked much bigger than Boatwright. The look on Yogi’s face after a couple of Boatwright’s selfish plays tells me all I need to know about his attitude.

    How do we play next year to prepare for deploying all this talent in 2012 ?

    IMHO I would consider as mentioned many times before:

    + transition offense to take advantage of a broken court ( Hulls is better here ) , depth and speed

    + half court offense run through the post player in the form of CZ with passing, cuts and screens

    + pressure defense the whole game in hopes of getting transition baskets

  • michaelhermon94

    Dream scenario: Creek and Watford have off the chart seasons next year leading IU to a surprise elite 8 run, and both go to the NBA’s first round. Over the summer, we get Gary Harris and Wannah Bail and Indiana breaks its own standard of excellence by finishing the season 42-0 in 2012-13 doing it with 7 freshman and a sophmore leading the way…..

  • Anonymous

    what is Kentucky going to get in trouble for. I know what we all think they are doing, but I haven’t seen anything concrete.

  • Anonymous

    Keep dreaming. Don’t get me wrong… that would ROCK!!! But a team of freshmen will not win a national championship unless the landscape of college basketball changes. It takes too much experience and maturity that a team of freshmen would not have. I feel this is the real flaw in the way Calipari et al run programs.

    P.S. With that being said… I know we hate them… but watch out for UK next year. They have some studs coming in. I really don’t think anyone has ever seen a recruiting class with such raw talent. Attitudes might cause a problem, but they are going to be TOUGH… and it makes me sick.

  • millzy32

    UConn just won starting 3 Freshman. I know I know their best player is an upperclassman but still. The only reason a team like Butler can get to the big show is because all the big schools have a kid for one maybe two seasons and can’t establish any continuity. The NCAA needs to do the 3 year rule or the trend of bad basketball will continue.

  • On paper the best class that i can ever recall IU getting. The 89 class comes to mind but this one looks better since Funderburke ended up transferring.

  • Anonymous

    Teague was named the county POY, which excludes the “City” schools pointed out by Alex and tg1438. The “county” includes, in other word, the township schools and some of the outlier private schools (such as Roncalli and Brebeuf).

  • But with UK’s Final Four run, Terrance Jones and Brandon Knight will probably be going pro, and Harrelson (who really fueled their tourney run) will be graduating. Yes, they’ve got a stellar freshman class (we should get used to this), but they’re likely to lose some key pieces (although they’ll have some four-year seniors, so that will help).

  • Plane1972

    The other “piece” they will be losing in the near future is Cal. As Rome put it yesterday, Cal is not a lifer and will be taking a train out of Lexington for the NBA in the next few years. As I put it, the pressure will hit a fever-pitch at UK if a championship doesn’t follow all the hype of these amazing classes Cal is reeling in. Kentucky loves the rock star image of top-flight recruiting classes and guys like LeBron acting as de facto alumni, but that will grow old without some hardware.

    It was hard enough watching UConn win last night, but UK would send me over the edge. I’m loving these near misses for them, but next year they should be the truth.

  • JerryCT

    N71: The Ncaa gets 90% of its revenue from March Madness. Easy to connect the dots

  • Diesel

    Well done.

  • Anonymous

    True, they will lose those guys. But they’re bringing in arguably 3 of the top 5 players in the class and will have two 5-star post players to go with top PG and SF in the class. Add in seniors Miller and Liggins on the wings, Vargas in the post.

  • Tom Simpson

    Suspect you know this, millzy, but for any who might not, the 3 year rule would have to be implemented by the NBA.

  • HoosierFromCT

    what’s the word with Jamari Traylor?

  • I’m not saying they won’t be good, I’m simply saying it will be hard to make another Final Four run with the impending exodus of their three most important players…

  • Anonymous

    I am not! He is not a good Big nor is he a good point. That is what we need for 2011. I want 6 for 2012 (that would be Harris, Tarczewski, Bail, Hammons, McGary, in that order), plus Watford, Creek, Hulls, Elston, Oladipo, Sheehey, Etherington and Zeller. That makes 14 and you can only have 13. So my opinion is do NOT take anyone else in 2011 unless they will start and play 30 minutes/game on day one! And I have not heard of anyone who meets that qualification except for BJ Young, and I see no sign that that could happen.

  • Anonymous

    Miller and Liggins will really be upset with fewer minutes next year than they had this year. The KY chemistry, which is always problematic with so many “super-star freshmen”, will finally implode. Kids like Poole and Hood will never go to KY again.

  • Anonymous

    Not one single freshman at Memphis or KY who was drafted by the NBA passed-LEGITIMATELY- a single spring course. But the universities in question simply lie about this, and the NCAA is gutless. So you will never se anything “concrete” unless you follow these kids around campus and document their “academic work”.

  • CreamandCrimson

    Fair point. However, I have consistently heard, “CTC will make the scholarship situation work.” I was going off the premise that we could add Traylor, someone would transfer and then add a sixth player for 2012. If we only had one scholarship left and I had to choose between a sixth in 2012 or Traylor, I am taking the sixth in 2012 without question.