• Kelin Blab

    Cody Zeller is really good.

  • SammyIU25

    These highlights are missing his best dunk of the night. The one that was actually contested. Cant wait to see him next year!

  • Uncle Joey

    Enough said.

  • wseward

    i wish we had a +/- stat for him… everytime he got in his team was competitive in the game

  • MikeinNC

    Great passing. Strikes me as a player that will raise the level of everyone’s game.

  • Kelin Blab

    If I have one Cody concern……., is he vocal. Cody will or could be the centerpiece of this team, no matter what numbers he puts up. He is a winner, smart, and a good kid…all qualities that a good leader has. However, can he come in as a frosh and the new BMOC and be vocal in the locker room. Thus far no one has shown they are doing that and at what point does a kid come in and become that leader. Yogi has ‘it’ but yogi won’t be there next year.

  • 317rep

    Jordy will be “the guy” next year if you ask me. You could see it in his eyes last year, but he will not let this team be a failure for his Jr. and Sr. years. He hardly ever lost at BHSS, and knows what it takes to be a leader. Cody will be when Jordy leaves. Its hard to expect a Fr. to come in and be that kind of leader.

  • Anonymous

    You gotta love this kid. He simply makes those around him better. He understands the game and does the little things that helps the team win: setting the screen, making the extra pass, scrapping for the ball, rebounding. He also lets the game come to him instead of forcing things. In fact, I found myself wanting him to take the ball to the hoop whenever he got it on the low post, because you knew he was only going to get so many touches in this game. Instead, he would pass it out to a guard if he didn’t have a clear lane to the bucket. He is just a smart basketball player and will improve the basketball IQ of the Hoosier squad greatly this fall.

  • Anonymous

    I agree that it is hard to expect a freshman to come in and be the vocal leader of the team and I hope that Jordy does take over that role next year.
    However, I will say Cody will likely be the most complete player on the team as a freshman and so he will be able to command a leadership role alongside Jordy, if he can fill it.

    More importantly, Cody does need to be part of the accountability solution and not part of the accountability problem on this team. He can’t use the freshman excuse and sit quietly when teammates aren’t giving the effort that is expected. We have too many players that fit that mold already. We need AE and CZ to help set the tone for effort and intensity. I feel like only half the team was there this past season and we need the new guys to tip the balance.

  • millzy32

    You don’t get to play in the McDonald’s All American game unless you can ball. Will be pretty nice having someone of this caliber playing for IU again. Hopefully Hanner and Yogi and maybe Gary Harris if he signs with us can make the team next year.

  • eph521

    Yeah, that first bounce pass at the start of the video was sweet. It was quite enjoyable to watch this video, because most of what I’ve seen of Cody has been with his high school team. I thought Cody looked fantastic with the best competition available at his level. He really is a complete player.

  • MillaRed

    I watched the game and got a few things out of it……..

    Cody was not nervous at all. Looked like he belonged there.

    He made the most of every touch he got (which was not many) and if he would have played 30 minutes instead of 15 his stats are 20, 6, and 6 which ain’t bad.

    I understand why many are calling for the fans to ease expectations of Cody next year but I am not one of them. He can run, run, run. There is enough talent on this team to utilize his skill set and the kid will make a big difference. I have no doubts.

  • stonaroni

    Here are my thoughts in the way Cody played in the Mc D game:

    Was anyone else as unselfish as Cody? I watched teague dribble 3 times into dual defenders for a TO. Austin Rivers forced the ball and took too many shots. Kowabunga or whatever his name was looked like he was at a Harlem Globetrotters try-out. Gilcrest was a black hole. I did like the Davis kid going to UK, man is he good.

    But back to Cody. He was 5 of 6 from the floor. But he caught the ball on a long pass and could have forced a shot or dunk, instead he pulled up, looked for the open man. He was posted up and made a baseline move under the basket and could have forced up a shot, but no he fed Davis filling the lane.

    I really saw a kid that could fit into our system, not have to force a thing, and be comfotrtable as a team player as he would make every position on the floor better. Better passer and scorer at the PF, he is not a black hole and looks for open shooters, has a nose for the ball (even though he had 3 reb he was always positioning to get to the glass-every play), but maybe most important he is accountable. He has a business like presence.

    A lot of people have questioned AE shooting from his SR year at Hamilton Heights. Outside of him pressing a little and having to force a few shots, anyone ever connect that AE is a deadly shooter in the summer and he plays with CZ? Sure Yogi fed him some, but CZ is active, move around the blocks and the paint, steps out to take a shot and feeds the opposite wing all night long. There is also an inside out game that CZ and AE would play where they both would benefit from open looks.

    This is a part of the offense that we have not seen in 3 years. These 2 guys have been playing together for 2 to 3 years and know to look for one another and play this style. This is a good thing.

    But back to Cody, in the game I saw extremely athletic guys running all over the floor, but very few have the pure fundamentals that Cody has and his all around game. Think about it he is 6″10, can run, rebound, power dunk in traffic, block shots, post up with his back to the basket, face up, hit the 15′ jumper, even 3’s, he is unslefish, team first, great attitude, and he is an excellent passer. His biggest weakness is shooting from 3 point range and I would say for a PF/C type of kid he is at least average. many of the guys on the floor were great at 3 or 4 things, but super weak in others.

    Cody is balanced and I say the same about AE. Not many guys are 6’6″ and have the complete floor game like AE. So sure he might be ranked as the #17 SF in the country or whatever it is these days, but I bet not more than 10 of them have a better all around game.

    Kudos to CTC for getting guys like Cody. Maybe he and AE can room together next year and talk all night long about winning and dream of championships so when the 2012 class gets here, there will by Jordy, CZ, and AE 3 Indiana kids leading the way to get the 2012 class on board and instill the championship culture of Indiana Basketball.

  • Anonymous

    From what I’ve seen of Cody I suspect that he is going to cause a lot of Big 10 fans to shake their heads and say something like, “Dammit, IU always seems to find the open shooter.”

    His individual stats may not blow everyone away next year but, as has been said before, his impact on the stats of several other players is going to be a collective quantum leap for the team on offense.

    I assume he will have a positive impact on the defensive side of the ball as well but I’m not quite sure how that might play out other than his ability to alter some shots in the lane.

    What distinguishes kids who grow up playing ball in Indiana from those in other states is the sheer number of Hoosier kids that have high basketball IQs. Cody is the poster child for that phenomena.

  • Aceman_Mujezinovic_07

    Well said Uncle! His BB IQ was leaps and bounds ahead of everyone else on the floor Wednesday including the PG’s! He is very smart with the ball and will make everyone better. That’s the one thing I’ve been saying about his stat line for next year. If he only averages 10/6 (which I think 12/6 is more likely) it will be like 20/12 because he’ll open things up for other players so much!

    I think he could easily average two and a half assists or so his freshman year or better. Just imagine if he put up similar numbers next year per minute as he did Wednesday! He was 5/6 from the floor. If he just shoots 60 percent and plays 30 minutes he may end up averaging closer to 15-16 ppg and pulling down those 6 rebounds. If he then gives us the 3 assists from Wednesday and blocks a shot and a half per game then all of the sudden we’re gaining 20-25 ppg against the opponents when you combine his dimes, buckets, blocks, and offensive/defensive rebounds. That would be a huge contribution and even if he only scores 12 per game it would still be a huge asset and possibly turn this team around.

    However, it still won’t matter if CWat, Jones, and even Jordy don’t learn to play defense!

  • Anonymous

    Wait a second, was he rebounding on the offensive end and finding the open man? Is that allowed in Bloomington?? If so, it sure will be nice to see the next few years.

  • Diesel

    Agreed. One truth in sports, business, and life in general is that people will only rise to the expectations set for them. He is a seven foot Jordan Hulls. He is not shying away from the expectation one bit. If fact, he embraced it when he signed his LOI.

  • Kelin, you kind of alluded to it, but I think you’ll find down the road that CZ is the quiet giant that everyone respects and follows his lead, while Yogi will be the vocal sidekick that verbally spreads the message. As long as CZ and Yogi stay on the same page, which they definitely should given their relationship, then we should be all set from a leadership standpoint. Thanks god, because that’s a huge part that has been missing the last 3 years.

  • RobD

    “Maybe he and AE can room together next year and talk all night long about winning”

    don’t get me wrong i like the sentiment but let’s pencil in a few study hours, too.

  • Anonymous

    So… just a question.
    Could/will Cody be like a Tyler Hansborough for IU? He started off as a smart bball player who morphed into a solid post-presence and big time player as he gained size, strength and experience. Just a thought I had while wasting time at work.