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Welcome to “That’s A Wrap,” our attempt to make some sense of the 2010-11 season. Sit back. Relax. Grab some popcorn. Get your read on. Today: Victor Oladipo.

Final Stats (32 games): 7.4 ppg, 3.7 rpg, 1.1 spg, 54.7% FG, 61.2% FT in 18.0 minutes per game

It was a strong freshman season for DeMatha High School product Victor Oladipo.

On a team that had lacked depth the first two seasons under Tom Crean, Oladipo was often instant energy off the bench — though he started a fair amount of games for the Hoosiers as well. And on a team that had also been lacking an athletic punch, a guy that could really throw down, Oladipo’s penchant for breakaway dunks off steals was a welcomed change. In fact, Oladipo’s steal percentage (3.6) ranked him 86th in the nation.

For not playing down on the block, the freshman was also a terrific offensive rebounder, racking up the highest offensive rebounding percentage (11.0) on the entire team. Per 40 minutes, Oladipo also drew the most fouls on the team (5.1) outside of Christian Watford (6.5) and Verdell Jones (5.4) by using his athleticism to cut the hoop and draw contact.

In games where the Hoosiers couldn’t seem to get anything going and lacked energy, it was sometimes Vic’s offensive rebounding and spunk that kept things going.

He’s just a fun player to watch.

Of course, where Oladipo sometimes got into trouble was going for the highlight over the fundamental play, the flash over just getting the job done right. And though he get to the line a good amount, he only converted 61.2 percent of the time which was second worst of IU players getting regular minutes. (Tom Pritchard brought up the rear at 34.8 percent.)

Defensively, it appeared as if Crean started to use Oladipo as his stopper when Jeremiah Rivers was on the bench at the end of the season, a role his athleticism could play a large part in heading forward.

Shining moment: Sixteen points on 7-of-9 shooting in a loss to Colorado on Dec. 23.

Bottom line: Oladipo had a solid freshman campaign. But with Austin Etherington coming in next season and a potential dynamite 2012 class on the way, he’ll need to continue to improve year over year in order to keep his spot in the rotation and be a factor going forward. If he does just that, his future in the cream and crimson is bright.

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  • Anonymous

    Loved watching Victor come into the game and play hard at both ends of the floor. Freshmen mistakes were there of course but he always seemed to make up for it at some point. I would really like to see more of VO and Will at the same time because they are both potent at both ends of the floor, and as far as I’m concerned, the only 2 on the team that could claim that. He does have a bright future and I look forward to watching him grow.

  • marcusgresham

    Simply converting the simple plays he didn’t (i.e., missed dunks,) and increasing his FT% to a respectable 70% has Victor in double figures next season. That’s the low end, conservative prediction. His PT should increase; an off-season in the weight room should raise that number of offensive rebounds; he should be working on his ballhandling skills to better complete the drives to the basket. Next season should be a good one for Victor.

  • Anonymous

    VO has a very high ceiling due to his athleticism. He could be great for us as an upperclassman.

  • Yeah, definitely more dribbling skills (go to your left!) and also more PT next year. I think he retains most of his minutes despite AE’s arrival, and then give him some of JR’s minutes, so that means he’ll easily crack 20 minutes. (Although I’m not factoring a Mo Creek return into that figure; even so, I think he should get 20 min/game).

  • Vic was one of the pleasant surprises this year for me. He was better than I expected, and at times it seemed he was our best player. The one glaring weakness is his shooting from deep and overall fundamentals, but he was just a freshman. I expect him to be a great player for us next year, and with expected improvement from Shehey and Hulls, our backcourt is lookin pretty solid.

  • MillaRed

    Let’s give him all of Daniel Moore’s minutes too please.

  • MillaRed

    What is not to like? A year in the weight room and 50,000 3-pointers later VO will be a force.

  • Anonymous

    One of our most complete players last year. I think he gets a lot of Rivers’ minutes from last year, because he will be our best perimeter defender next year. While it didn’t get much press, our small, 2-man 2010 class has impressed so far. Looking forward to seeing VO’s and Will’s development over the summer and beyond!

  • Anonymous

    In regards to VO’s potential PT in the 2012-13 season, a lot of it depends on how much he develops his skills/physical strength this summer and BB IQ next year. As a junior, I could see him being part of a rotation of about 8-10 players, each of whom get similar minutes because of the high level of talent across the board and a high-speed game on both ends of the court.

    I believe the determining factors for PT (not necessarily starts) beginning in 2012 will be a player’s physical condition and defensive intensity (I consider rebounding as a defensive skill). The offensive punch should be a given.

  • Anonymous

    I see him being a leader on and off the court for all of our recruits for the next 3 years!

  • IUguy369

    Not only does the progression of his offensive potential get me pumped, but the fact that VO will be that much more matchup nightmare for anyone we play in the years to come. His abilities can really open up the floor on the offensive end; as a result, give Jordy, CW, Zeller, etc. some great opportunities to score. One thing I noticed that VO really improved on over the last few games of the season was his ability to put himself in the right spot around the rim for rebounds. This offseason he should really focus on strength, his jumper and left hand dribble. This kid COULD be a marquee player for the cream and crimson. Keep it up VO!

  • Good call.

  • Jam

    Needs to work on his shooting.

  • Anonymous

    Loved watching VO this year. My only complaints with him are his ability to handle the ball and playing with a little more discipline. But I do love his energy and toughness.

  • Hoosier_Kamp

    If Vic could get a much more consistent 3 point shot….. he could be a really dynamic player. He can play defense, explode to the rim and rebound at his size. If he could laern to knock down the outside shot (which sometimes he seemed to lack confidence in shooting), he would be a dangerous threat and a great spark for IU.

    Shooting the 3 just makes him that much quicker.

  • veejer/BMG

    Vis was my favorite player to watch this year. If he develops both his 3 point shooting touch and a 10 to 15 foot pull-up jumper, he will become a monster for anyone to guard. His performance on defense and rebounding(collectively) was the best I’ve seen by a IU freshman in many years. His potential appears to be extremely high if he continues to improve.

  • Anonymous

    Great athlete…yes..great player..not yet. This kid needs to shoot 200 pull up jumpers and 200- 3 pointers every day during the season to compete next year. Mid year..opponets started taking away his drives…because he was no threat outside. Can be an outstanding defender if he keeps his head in it..made some really silly freshmen mistakes (hanging on rim etc)..but that should cease with maturity. Can’t see how AE arriving is going to impact VO’s playing time..except as an outside shooter…but from what I know..posses none of the atleticism that VO shows???!!

  • JerryCT

    I get excited whenever he is in the game . I know something , good and bad , will happen.

    I disagree that he is a stopper on defense. Maybe next year year but this year he was porous at times resulting in Gus Johnson’s ” look at little Lewie ( Jackson ) as he blows by IU and Oladipo’s matador defense” ………… or something like that. I just watched it last night again.

  • ldiu

    For the most part VO was a lot of fun to watch. I would like to see him improve on his defense as I think he has the ability to be a really good defender. Also, he need to improve on his FT percentage (61%). With his quickness, he could get to the line a lot and if he can bring the % up, he could really be an asset.

  • Anonymous


    That was something I enjoyed watching. Nolan Richardson always seemed so calm on the sideline, intense but still calm, while his players absolutely ran the other team ragged. He ran players in and out so quickly you needed a program to know who was playing. I am still a fan of the motion offense but I think with the studs coming in, the Arkansas style of ball is what we are going to see our Hoosiers play.

    In fact, after I thought about it a while I think it is possible that we could more likely see a 10-12 man rotation than the 8-10. I know that would only average 16-20 mpg but with the high intensity type of ball I think we will see, that may be enough for everyone to get their shots and chances to shine.

  • eph521

    Oladipo’s 4-pt play to force OT and ultimately beat Ferris State is a great memory for the 2010/11 team.

    2nd best play of the year for IU, even though it was exhibition. (Pritchard’s dunk still wins)

  • MillaRed

    Ya know PhD, I love the kid. But if we truly….I’m saying TRULY want this program to turn the corner, Moore cannot be on the floor. I know I am a terrible person for saying it, but his presence on the floor (for me) personifies our struggling program.

  • MillaRed

    I’m looking forward to seeing the opposition press Yogi………

  • MillaRed

    All I can say is if AE does as well as a FR as Will and Victor did we are in very good hands moving forward.

  • Anonymous

    Me too. I think we all need to get some tee shirts made up for 2012-2016 with something like:

    Look Out! Yogi’s gonna grab your pic-a-nic basket.

  • No, I’m with you. I love Moore; or, rather, I love the idea of Moore: an Indiana kid pursues his dream of playing for IU and walks on. In some sense, Moore is me (too short, too slow for “real” basketball), and so I root for him hard. BUT premier programs — or, at least, programs performing at a premier level — don’t have walkons that play half as much as Moore (or those kids earn scholies).

    Moore, like Taber and Pritch and VJ3, will always hold a special spot in my heart because they endured the roughest stretch IU basketball has ever seen, but we gain nothing with Moore on the court. He can’t effectively handle the rock, he can’t shoot the three, and he’s too short/slow to be a defensive stopper. I hope Moore gets 10 mins on senior night next year when we’re walloping Penn State, but I’d prefer that he becomes a junk-time-only player.

  • (I don’t mean to bash Moore here — players like Watford would be well served by copying Moore’s intensity — I just don’t see us competing to land in the top half of next year’s B1G if he plays as much as he did this year.)

  • Anonymous

    A few hundred thousand free throws and I think that’s a pretty complete offseason for Vic. I think he should focus on a 3pt shooting/slashing binary, to best utilize the shot fake, and then he can work on developing more of a midrange shot in his junior and senior years while refining his shot from range. His form is pretty good and he was hitting threes at a good rate at one point… shooting will come for Vic.

  • Dfitz

    Vic seems to me to be like a 16 year old who has been given the keys to a Ferrari. All that horse power, all that speed and agility! Hard to keep it under control. I really hope that he gets the hang of it through the summer and next year so we can have a true champion for the final 2 seasons. I loved the Jordanesque moves he showed.

  • Anonymous

    With players like that we will dominate.

  • Diesel

    Leave it to you JerryCT. I was reading through all the comments waiting for someone to disagree on the defensive stopper tag.

    I’m with Jerry. VO has big time defensive potential, but does not play with enough defensive discipline. I posted on another thread that I think Ron Patterson is a better defender having seen him play.

  • Diesel

    As silly as that sounds, I agree. I was there, and it was huge. Who knows how our early season confidence would have been with a loss there. I also think it gave us the ability to fight back in many games that we would not have last year.

  • Marsh21

    Great kid and i’m glad we have him.

    Two things to work on: VO needs to have a higher release on his shot and work on the handle. This would get him comfortable with the dribble drive thing and create open looks.

    VO is a player and is great for this program.

  • MillaRed

    I agree. He has a good rotation. The game just needs to slow down a bit.

  • MillaRed

    Well said professor.

  • JerryCT

    I agree…. you are a terrible person

  • JerryCT

    Right now Patterson is the player in the 2012 class I most want to see play.

    Defense is 65% of the game of basketball ( 50% plus the % of offense created by it ) and we just do not have enough players inspired or able to play it hard.

  • sjudge

    This is easy – if he ever gets and outside shot, he’ll be pretty darned good. Meanwhile, at least next year, he’s going to have to be a much, much better ball handler, because Hulls and VJ can’t be out only ball handlers.

  • Darin

    Moore should be on the floor until there is sufficient talent to keep him out of the lineup. Hopefully that is next season.

  • Anonymous

    Jerry had pointed out during the season that Oladipo makes too many mental mistakes on defense (I agreed at the time and still do). With his footwork and positioning he would occasionally put himself in position to get burned.

    I hope he spends part of his time in the off-season watching film, both of himself (both good and bad) and of excellent defenders. He’s not a bad defensive player but he could be so much more.

    I also think improving his ball-handling could greatly improve his playing time, even more than improved shooting. I believe this area really held him back offensively this season. I can’t remember him creating many opportunities for himself off the dribble, but I do remember the turnovers.

    I don’t mean to sound harsh, I just think he has so much potential to grow. I really hope he can reach his potential, he could be collecting paychecks for playing if he does.

  • Anonymous

    No mention of one of the top 3 plays of the year for IU? That 2/3 court bomb with Gus Johnson screaming, “Ooohhhhhhh Oladipoooooooo!”