HD Video: Washington’s Cody Zeller, Evansville Bosse’s Jaquan Lyle

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Inside the Hall made the trip on Saturday to the Hatchet House in Washington for a regional semifinal between Washington and Evansville Bosse. Washington won 71-49 and later defeated Corydon, 68-41, to advance to the Class 3A semi-state.

IU signee Cody Zeller finished with 21 points, 13 rebounds, four assists and four blocked shots and Evansville Bosse freshman Jaquan Lyle finished with four points and three rebounds.

Watch high-definition quality video clips of both Zeller (No. 40 in white) and Lyle (No. 15 in red) in the embedded media players below:

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  • Dandy Don

    Dandy Don here: Just wanted to answer my critics on ITH postings concerning DSR and IU really needing to go after this kid. Did you see the NC vs HSE game when DSR put up 37 – as I said NO I have not seen him in person, but what I have seen and read makes me believe he is a “player” “winner” and if we don’t get him I am sure we will one day wish we did. I have heard of problems – I don’t know what they are – I have seen some problems with another IU recruit but I believe they will still make a positive contribution to IU when they arrive. We need the “best” players available and if you don’t think DSR is one of them – then you and me and many other recuiters apparently beg to differ.

  • Kelin Blab

    I think IU really went after DSR just as Jeremiah Davis a similar player, but I think it was a situation where IU wasn’t going sit around and wait all day or year. Yogi Ferrell was a higher priority and Ron Patterson could offer some of the things DSR does as well, more on the defensive side. I know IU wanted him and are still in contact but not as much as before. I think the DSR ship has sailed for good and we can’t win em all…..just like we didn’t go after Dee Davis from South.

  • Kelin Blab

    Jaquan Lyle is very smooth and seems to be pretty polished for a freshmen. Love the flat top. He would be a very good get at the wing position.

    Cody seems like he can put it on the floor some to get better shot. Will be interesting to see how he works into IU’s offense and does it look better with an inside threat.

    Finally…does anyone know how I can fix how these video’s show? They are very very choppy on my computer with alot of stop and go

  • Wait for them to load completely before playing them. Also make sure you have the latest version of Adobe Flash Player.

  • Kelin Blab

    Worked like a charm thanks….

  • eph521

    I thought DSR committed to Xavier. Did something change?

  • Kelin Blab

    Decommitted from Xavier not too long ago.

  • HoosierFromCT

    can’t get everything we want. we already have a good amount of Indiana kids coming. At this rate, we should be getting the state’s top talent every year.

  • Dandy Don

    Thanks for the return comments, I just think DSR has a tremendous upside and of course if he isn’t interested in coming to IU because it is IU then I would understand why we would not want to wait on him; however, I would think HE would want to join what is going to be a stellar class and there is room for him in my opinion – we seem to be waiting on Harris just like DSR – either one would be great.

  • Anonymous

    Alex or anyone…Any chance we can scoop up any players from Arkansas’ recruiting class now that they fired Pelphrey?

  • Anonymous

    Been reading this blog alot over the years. First post ever. Great Blog. Keep it up!

    Zeller looks great. Can’t wait until is in an IU uniform

  • stonaroni

    I too am curious to see how we use CZ next year. I saw UNC come back 3 times this past week in basketball games where the point of entry on offense was either Zeller or henson. From there they made their move or hit the open guard for a shot.

    In other words UNC runs and inside-out offense. To me, this would be great at IU with CZ being able to kick out to CW, hulls, Mo, AE and whomever else can stroke a 3.

    Maybe I am hoping for too much in a season where there was no interior game at IU and no signs of a coach interested in such offense. But with the skills CZ has, I would certainly hope CTC adjust the way he runs things with a 6″11″ McD All American.

  • Anonymous

    Zeller almost outscored Corydon by himself (Corydon had 41, Cody finished with 38) and also had 13 rebounds, I believe. Corydon doesn’t really have any size, but I was told by someone who went to the game, “he knew he’d played Corydon because they beat the hell out of him.”

  • Anonymous

    I will admit it. A year or so ago, I was skeptical of how good Cody Zeller could be and questioned whether Crean should be be recruitng him so hard. I have seen enough now to realize that I must eat my words.

    So, here are six great things about Cody Zeller:

    #1 Range. The kid can knock it down from behind the arc, which means that defenses have to step out on him with a big, because he will just shoot over anyone 6’5″ and below that doesn’t have Oladipo hops. His presence on the perimeter should open things up in the lane for IU’s guards to drive as long as they can get the ball to him if the D collapses. CZ running the high ball screen will be very difficult to defend.

    #2 Quicknes. When CZ catches the ball in the post, he takes it to the rim without hesitation. He is flat out looking to score. He keeps the ball high and doesn’t wait around for double teams. He will find it more difficult to finish against bigs in college, but his quickness to the basket may help him at least draw a foul.

    #3 Blocks out. He doesn’t rely on his height alone to rebound, even though he towers over most in the high school game. When the shot goes up, he is lookig to put a body on someone and block out, then he cleans up the board.

    #4 Passes well. When he doesn’t have a quick move to the basket (which usually is only if he posted up too far out or the D has surrounded him with three guys) he is very good at finding the open man and making the pass. Then, he moves off of the pass to get rebound position or out to the arc to pull his man/men out of the lane.

    #5 Straight up D. He seems to understand that at 6’11” he is a big obstacle to anyone driving the lane. He plants in the lane and keeps his arms straight up. It forces guys to go around. through, or over the top of him and creates difficult shots WITHOUT FOULING (this might be hard to imagine for IU fans). He seems to have the discipline to not reach but also good recognition of when an opportunity to block the shot without the foul exists.

    #6 On the bounce. Zeller is able to put the ball on the floor against other bigs, especially out on ther perimeter, and uses his relative quickness to get a better shot.

  • jcopey

    I’m trying to figure out who Zeller reminds me of and I keep coming back to Alan Henderson. Both are long, play smart / block out & hit the boards, great inside / outside players – although Cody appears to have more range than Henderson. Henderson was a slightly better rebounder & shot blocker from what I remember. Both players play fairly ‘straight up’ with their posture.

    I pulled up stats on Henderson, and he averaged around 11 PTS / 7 REB per game as a freshman. I think Cody could handle something like that – 12 pts / 6 rebounds as a freshman.

    Also, hoping he can become a Jon Leuer type too (if not Henderson!) Any thoughts?

  • Anonymous

    I can only hope Cody turns out to be a mid-first round NBA pick. If that’s the case, our program will be off and running.

    In terms of comparing their games, that’s not a bad comparison. Henderson’s athleticism is far superior though., especially pre-knee injury In all of these highlights, we’re not seeing Cody dunk all that much on vastly smaller opponents, but hey, 2 points is 2 points….assuming he can get it done like that in the Big Ten.