Film Session: Hulls’ vision

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Jordan Hulls finished Sunday’s loss to the Buckeyes just 1-of-9 (1-of-5 from three) for only three points.

But in an otherwise forgettable game, Hulls still contributed to Indiana’s 38-point second half.

A look at his three consecutive second-half assists in the latest edition of Film Session.


Verdell Jones surveys the scene as Tom Pritchard looks to set a pick for Victor Oladipo:

Prichard misses the mark on a pick of DeShaun Thomas:

After missing one on Aaron Craft as well for Daniel Moore, Pritchard pops out to perimeter and calls for the ball:

He dribbles towards Jordan Hulls:

And hands it off to him:

Dallas Lauderdale chooses to pursue Hulls instead of sticking with Pritchard, allowing Hulls to pass to an open Pritchard:

Craft does a poor job of getting his body in front of Pritchard, who scoops to the other side of the basket for two:



Jones again initiates the action here, as the rest of IU’s offense is down on either block:

Daniel Moore pops out to the right wing and receives a pass:

Moore brings it up top and kicks it over to Oladipo on the weak side:

Oladipo dribbles into no-man’s land near the baseline and kicks it back out to Hulls:

Hulls dribbles into the center of the halfcourt as David Lighty is cheating into the lane. Jones calls for the ball in the corner:

Hulls passes to Jones:

Who knocks down the three:



Craft passes the ball to Thomas:

But Hulls is there to intercept the ball:

Hulls kicks up to Oladipo:

A pass that hits him in the great spot to score:

And it’s a dunk for Oladipo:

Nice play all around from Hulls here.


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  • Diesel

    As always, one of the favorite ITH segments. I only wish our Hoosiers improvement could have kept pace with the continued progress of ITH. Well done once again Ryan. And nice to see a more positive film session (could you put a little black line over the score?).

    The film session proves two things: 1) There are a few off ball screens, although I’d really like to see a percentage of ball screens vs off ball screens – chop chop Jerry, and 2) IU can score when Capo and Danny Moore are on the floor at the same time. Eat it!

  • Marsh21

    what about defense when our two stars are on the floor?

  • Aceman_Mujezinovic_07

    Dude, did you just use the word “stars” while referring to IU players? I think that’s part of the problem after watching this team is that this 2009 class is a highly ranked and talented class of role players and supporting players. If 2010 had followed with a Zeller or Yogi instead of waiting an extra year I think we’d see a major difference, but as is stands, guys like Jordan and Christian are really solid role players. Once they don’t have to be the “go to” guys I think they’ll be okay.

  • kentuckyHOOSIER

    I like the film session , but apparently we here at ITH watch more than the team

  • Anonymous

    Good point. ITH has really improved this year while the team hasn’t kept up. For shame.

    And the score should be censored out, it’s honestly vulgar and offensive to the average person’s sensibilities. Not appropriate for a family site like this.

  • Anonymous

    Great point. This is what I have been trying to tell my friends all year. These guys would all be great 3rd or maybe 2nd options. I was thinking about Pritchard the other day. Sampson recruited him as a 4 year practice player, who would maybe get about 15 min as a senior. He wasn’t even the star player on his HS team. So to expect him to step up for 30 min a game and be a leader is absurd. And, people try to say that he was better his Freshman year. That was in games where we were down by 50 and the student managers were in the game. Plus, it was the very beginning of that year, and not the whole season.

  • JerryCT

    And these were the only assists Hulls got in the game in 31 minutes. This is unfortunately consistent w CTC coached Marquette teams who averaged <1 for Assist/TO ratio

  • Anonymous

    I am nearly at my breaking point with this team, scratch that, this coach. However, to your point Daburns I would have to come to Crean’s defense in that a healthy Mo Creek would have been option #1 leaving Watford and Hulls as 2 and 3. The problem is not the players here folks. Players are like chess pieces, you could have a board filled with “queens” but if you don’t know how to use them then they are as useful as pawns.

  • Anonymous

    Cody Zeller will not make a 4 win impact to next year’s team. 2012 will not be what everyone is hoping for because we will be in the same boat as we were last year in putting our hopes and faith into a bunch of freshmen.

  • USNavyHoosier

    Jerry, I would like to hear your opinion on a point I have brought up here before. I notice a lot of open shots, around the rim, from the outside, everywhere that kill not only Jordys but everyone else’s assist opportunities. How much are you willing to attribute just poor scoring ability for this team to the low assist numbers? After all if the person you pass to does not make the shot there is a zero percent chance at picking up an assist. I have watched every game this year and I cannot tell you how many wide open bunnies, mid-range, and 3 pointers were missed off of good finds by Jordy, Verdell, and Rivers, and that just destroys team assist ratios.

  • JerryCT

    OK Navy I tried to shed some light on this. It appears we shoot 46.5% on 2 pt shots and 36% on 3’s and avg 12+ assists per game.

    For comparison PU shoots 45% and 38% but avg 16+ assists per game, WIsky shoots 45% and 37% from 3 with 12+ assists per game.

    SO I guess the answer is that missed shots are not a great factor in our assists since our shooting competes with the conference leaders ( not so much lately however ).

    So far I am feeling our losses are due to defensive issues and the high risk “read & react” offense that is generating turnovers and ball pressure on our handlers

  • JerryCT

    Also NU is a good passing team in a passing scheme . They shoot only slightly better from 3 but have nearly 17 assists per game.

  • Anonymous

    You can’t be serious. Even Mo Creek on a good team is a 2nd option type player. I think you miss understood my comment. No team that has a legitimate chance of making the NCAA tournament would have any of these guys as a 1st option. Most of our starters are skilled to be 3rd options. I heard a quote the other day that coach Knight made in the 90s, “It takes three factors to win those banners. Coaching, the system and players. I have been here for a majority of those, and I can tell you that the system and the coaches haven’t changed. So you better go home and think real hard about that, because we only have 2.5 of the 3.” Even Knight realized that it takes quality players to win.

  • USNavyHoosier

    Fair enough. That stat also shows that most of our field goals come from “one-on-one” offense. That being said our percentage probably looks better because we normally turn the ball over which means we don’t even get the opportunity to shoot thus not hurting our fg %.