• Adam B

    He said the right things. He needs to be more aggressive and work on his shot. Once he gets a better feel for the game, I think he’ll be a great player. Now though, he still has a lot to work on.

  • Anonymous

    He definitely played lost. The guard play didn’t do him or the other 7’0 teammate of Hanner’s by not feeding the post more aggressively either. South’s tallest player was 6’5. Fouls were also called at an alarming rate.

  • Luke72

    Hope that he’s getting enough help with his developement! Being able to jump out of the building can’t be taught! He’s got another year and hopefully the AAU play this summer will help as well!

  • Sjgreybar

    dee davis stole the show. The refs came close.

  • A Train

    The good news: recruits positng 4 and 6 don’t leave early

    The bad news: He is posting 4 and 6 statlines, given his athleticism that seems hard to believe

  • Anonymous

    I’m in total agreement. NBA level talent…but he’ll need a few years of seasoning in the college ranks before going. so I think he’ll be here multiple years. the good news is offensively, he probably won’t need to be the main option at IU. it’s also tough to get looks when you’re getting 4 and 6 in college, nevertheless high school. but everyones allowed a few games like that here and there…

  • rhit87

    No doubt. He’s the best point guard in Bloomington – IU’s roster included.

  • stonaroni

    I agree 100%; he was their best PG in 2009 as well when Hulls was a SR; Xavier got a gem!