• Marsh21

    Does CTC understand how many times his statements discount each other in a typical press conference? He stated “running a zone isn’t a bad way to approach a team like NW”, then he turns around and says, “NW always puts 5 shooters on the floor”. How do you play a zone against a team that puts 5 shooters on the floor?

    I also wish he would stop cutting questions off before the press can ask the question.

    Man he looks beat at the end of this presser. Guess what gents? This same team is coming back next year>

  • Anonymous

    He’s as disappointed as we are…if not more. I think you are missing a point when he is referring to the use of the zone and then the reference to the 5 shooters on the floor….NW uses middle penetration via a drive or an insertion to a big to collapse the defense down and then kick it out…they did it all day to Illinois…thats why we were in the Zone..to deny the insertion/drive…but its only a good D if the defenders move consistently…and to make any attempts to say they did (especially in the 1st half) is reaching. NW is more than just a weave/back door cut offense nowadays. Totally disagree with the assertion that this will be the same team next year. Every team grows…regardless of who or how many comes back…teams are different from year to year. I am disappointed as anyone….but I am from Indiana…I grew up in Bloomington..and was around for 3 titles….I will not bail on this team or any other IU team.