Film Session: Sheehey’s career night

  • 02/10/2011 7:51 pm in

Freshman Will Sheehey scored a career-high 14 points in Tuesday’s loss to Purdue.

A look at three of his buckets in the latest edition of Film Session.


Sheehey posts up down low while Jordan Hulls peers in:

Hulls opts to pass to Derek Elston at the top of the key:

Elston passes out to Hulls, who’s way out by half court:

With the shot clock winding down, Hulls make a move on Terone Johnson, but John Hart comes to meet him:

Sheehey slips in behind Hart:

And puts it in for two:

Nice awareness from Sheehey on what was turning into a broken possession.



Daniel Moore passes the ball to Sheehey:

Sheehey takes Kelsey Barlow right:

But then spins left to free himself:

Patrick Bade comes to meet Sheehey, but he jump stops past him:

And knifes in for a bucket:

As Dan Dakich notes, this is just a pretty, athletic move.



Off an E’Twuan Moore free-throw miss, Victor Oladipo snags the board and passes to Hulls:

Hulls passes up to Jeremiah Rivers on the left wing:

Rivers draws Johnson, who tries to take a charge. But Rivers passes to an open Sheehey:

Who slams it home:

Sheehey was hustling from the start of this one, and it paid off in the end.


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  • Uncle Joey

    Pretty good stuff from an (almost) unranked, unknown, under-the-radar 3 star kid from Florida.

    It’s pretty funny… I went back and looked at the very first news topic on ITH about Sheehey (the one where IU offered him a scholarship) and about 80% of the replies regarding Sheehey are all negative; questioning what our staff was thinking, anticipating an early transfer from Sheehey, etc.

    The moral of the story here? Trust in Crean. He just may know a thing or two about basketball, after all.

  • Anonymous

    First clip: Although it ended in a nice high percentage shot it was just as close to a badly broken play with a tough shot. Would like for our guards to start looking and passing more to the inside when a capable player has posted up in good position which is what it looked like WS had done in the very first picture of this one. As our inside game becomes manned by more and better talent, looking for this type of play and making that kind of pass becomes even more important.

    Second clip: Will, see what happens when you can go to the left as well as to your right. Work on that left hand the rest of this season and this off season big guy. Do this and you will find yourself showing the guys on the other team what the bottom of your shoes look like even more than you have this year.

    Third clip: This is a good example of someone (WS) doing a good job of running the floor and us advancing the ball quickly and with the pass instead of leisurely dribbling it to our end of the court and then standing around dribbling it some more halfiway between the top of the key and halfcourt.

  • MillaRed

    And then there is Bawa and Capo. I’m just sayin’. Win some lose some. I’m thinking Will is surprising Coach as well as everyone else.

  • Anonymous

    Love the energy that both Will and Victor bring. I think they will both be solid players here over the next 4 years and I am excite to see how they develop. You can just feel the excitement they have about playing and how much they want to contribute.

    Not sure if they are roommates but if so, does Sheeladipo ever sleep? That’s just a lot of energy in one place. Maybe someone comes in and tranqs them at night so they can get some rest 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Can you really compare Crean’s recruiting for the 2010 class to the 2009 class? He had to restock a team, still. I’d also say there’s a difference between recruits that everyone thought were decent (Bawa and his Rivals ranking/other high-major offers, and to some extent Capo, who played for Indiana Elite, right?) including people here, who haven’t panned out, that happens all the time. But recruits that most on here were skeptical of from the start that have panned out, that definitely deserves praise. Without looking it up, I think the ITH headline or the lead from the post was something like “Crean can’t seem to visit the state of Florida without offering a scholarship”. I’ll gladly take that recruiting eye to go along with the ability to land high-major, top-ranked talent (which we’ve also seen.) If a few of those don’t work out, it happens.

    I guess my point so far with Crean is that it hasn’t been win some/lose some. It’s been win most. That’s the difference between good recruiters and great recruiters.

  • Anonymous

    On the second clip, the start of that set is just hideously painful to watch. Jones just pounds it into the floor without going anywhere, or trying to do anything with the ball. And everyone stands around watching. But it seems like they were just waiting for him to start the set, and it never happened. Ugh.

  • Anonymous

    Sheehey has consistently been in the right place and making the right cuts without the ball for the last half of the season. It’s very encouraging watching him begin to understand the offense and find his spots to exploit the defense within the offense.

  • Luke72

    Looking forward to watching both Sheehey and Victor develop. Think going forward that Coach Crean will be bringing more players with these abilities into the program, They are both examples of how looking at long range potential and not the number of stars are the way to find players to upgrade the program!

  • JerryCT

    He had the ball for virtually 12 + seconds ( not counting the brief touch to TP ) while 3 players stood and watched on the left side. Personally I did not see the reason for doing this.

    Nitpicky too but VO fails to block out on his rebound in #3

  • MillaRed

    I think this is a longer version of my same answer. Wasn’t really
    criticizing anyone. Recruiting is not an exact science. And I have given CTC
    very high praise for doing well in this area.

  • If Bawa or Capo were still in high school right now, maybe in the 2012 or 2013 class, do you think Crean would even visit them? I’m with Jayrig here, Crean wanted/needed bodies, so I think he took a chance that he needed to take (even though it didn’t work out).

    But more than a statement on Crean, this is yet another example of Rivals/Scout missing the boat. Sheehey should’ve been four stars, no doubt (and I think I’d say the same for Oladipo).

  • JerryCT

    Also based on a challenge from another ITH guy I counted the time Jones vs Hulls spent with the ball dribbling it.

    Results showed VJ3 averaging 2 sec longer but he also had some very long periods compared to Hulls who is also no slouch at pounding the pine

  • MillaRed

    Guys I am not sure this is worth debating. I really don’t feel strongly
    about it.

    They were all 3-star recruits.

    Bawa was offered by Auburn, Louisville, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State and looked
    at by Kentucky.

    Bobby was offered by Marquette and West Va.

    These schools are not too shabby.

    Would Coach have done that this year or done this last year? None of us will
    ever know.

    I am happy we have Will. That is for sure.

  • MillaRed

    I think more than anything they really love the game and it shows on the court.

  • MillaRed

    I agree, the last two years we have struggled moving without the ball. When we were able to break down a defender (which was not often), everyone was standing around. Will feels his way around and understands the angles. He will get a ton of hustle/garbage points as a result.

  • MillaRed

    If we are ever able to put 5 guys on the floor with this kind of athleticism I will have a flippin heart attack! This might be the cause –

    PG – Yogi
    SG – Buss
    SF – Will/VO
    F – Hanner
    F – Cody

    I am looking forward to my coronary.

  • Anonymous

    What I like about VO and Will is they are program building players. They didn’t get a ton of national attention, but CTC saw that they would be great guys to help develop needed depth within the program. They both give a ton of effort and have improved continually all season. We really couldn’t ask anything more of them.

    If we want to regain our national standing as a program, getting studs like Zeller are obviously important. But we cannot overlook the contributions of the “3-star” recruits like VO and Will. I am of the opinion that Will could steal a starting spot next year if he continues to improve, but I like VO and Will as our 6th and 7th men. Great recruiting job, CTC.

  • Anonymous

    This will/should come in handy once we have a PG that can get into the lane and dish at will. It would be even more beneficial now if CW and VJIII didn’t drop their heads every time they drove towards the lane. There are a lot of times that Will is wide open cutting to the rim.

  • Anonymous

    This will/should come in handy once we have a PG that can get into the lane and dish at will. It would be even more beneficial now if CW and VJIII didn’t drop their heads every time they drove towards the lane. There are a lot of times that Will is wide open cutting to the rim.

  • Aceman_Mujezinovic_07

    Yeah, I think it’s the design of the offense and we just don’t have a guard who can get into it quickly and by someone. Hulls is just now starting to develop the confidence to try and go by his man. I don’t think VJ has the confidence that he can go by them so he relies on leaning on his man to go around him. This is probably why it seems like they stand and dribble the ball so long, because they don’t feel confident about blowing by their guy and would rather see if someone else will do it instead. That should change as Hulls gets more confident and then when we bring in Buss and Yogi in 2012! I have a feeling the time per possession will drastically drop that year!

  • Aceman_Mujezinovic_07

    Yes, program building players! Exactly! They are going to stay for four years and get better both individually and as the players around them get better. I could see these guys being the Hummel/Moore type players (obviously without the Johnson in that class) of the Hoosiers. Both could be All-Conference type performers by their Junior/Senior years.

  • The only thing I’ll say against this, and don’t get me wrong I love what Sheehey has brought to the team and think he has the potential to be a very good player, but my criticism of his signing was more based on his position than his skill or him personally.

    I’ll stand by the fact that we needed a big and/or a point guard in the 2010 class more than we needed 2 wings. One wing and a big or point would have made more sense. Of course landing a big/wing is easier said than done, they’re the hardest positions to recruit and we needed talent. I get that part too.

    So, much of the criticism IMO really didn’t have to do with Sheehey as much as IU bringing in two similar wing players when the wing was already our strength.